304 Technical Difficulties

    "Why would you desire for the Wish Gemstone to transform into that card?"

    Shawn was shocked by Sheena's question.

    It was a logical question but for him, it was humiliation. His eyes moved on the crystal card and he thought of everything that he and others experienced.

    The other members of his team looked at him for an answer. And so did everyone else in the store. Their full attention was on him, studying him.

    Shawn was rather fairly handsome. Whether it was his slick red hair or sharp jawline, he was attractive on all counts.

    This was why everyone really wanted to know why such a precious gemstone would transform into a business card that offered a truly special service. A service that enticed women and made men feel incensed.

    When people got no response from him for almost a minute, a discussion started on its own. Everyone tried to guess the reasons and started sharing their own guesses.

    "Maybe he didn't desire it but he needed it," A young companion of Shawn said while glancing at Amy. "Wish Gemstone fulfill not only desire but also needs."

    Amy was startled by the glance and the double meaning in the tone. Even before she could react and chide him, more people started looking at her.

    "She is his fiancée," Another man unrelated to their group chimed in. He has met the group before arriving at the fair and they didn't share a good rapport. "Perhaps, he knew his own capabilities so he desired something special for his future wife."

    "You mean he is a wham bam thank you ma'am type?" Riolo wondered aloud. "A one-minute-wonder?"

    Theresa has earlier insulted Riolo by calling him faster than a bullet so he knew how hurtful his words were. But now that he got an opportunity to insult someone else on the same lines, he didn't miss the chance.

    Misery loves company.

    Riolo was more than happy to have a handsome man join him. He didn't want to be the only guy women think was bad in bed!

    He was more than happy to share the tag with another man and allow him to experience the honor.

    "Poor girl," A middle-aged woman commented while looking at Amy. "A lifetime of bad sex."

    "His tool might be short," Another rumor-friendly woman made an assumption. "I wonder just how short."

    "Or maybe the tool doesn't work," A man in early forties commented with a smirk.

    "Haha, that might be not wrong," Another man agreed. He was a patron at Garrick Angel Inn. "I saw him in the sauna bath and well, let's say, he is not gifted down there."

    For a man, there was nothing more gratifying than making another man feel down sexually. This was a matter of ego.

    Most men were now using Shawn for venting the annoyance they felt thanks to the beach episode. Insulting Shawn was a way of telling themselves that they were at least better than one person sexually.

    Shawn's face turned red as a tomato while smoke shot out of his ears. Veins protruded out from his neck and forehead as he heard the discussion.

    Not a single individual was trying to be secretive. They were all busy making up wild theories and guesses.

    Even many members from his own group were doing the same. They were not at all subtle in their guesses.

    Shawn obviously knew it was due to jealousy and inner competition. But knowing the reason didn't make the insulting remarks any less hurtful. No one could understand the hurt the sexual insults felt unless they were at the receiving end.

    Shawn knew there was a type of men who got their rocks off from humiliation but he was sure, he didn't belong to that type. He hated the insults and wished there was a way for him to return the favor.

    "Fuck! Bitches, I'm good in bed!" Shawn wanted to scream loudly and shut them up but he could not.

    He was helpless as he could not prove the allegations were baseless. After all, the only way of proving them wrong was by having sex with a willing woman.

    So far, Amy has refused his sexual advances. There was no way she would now have sex with him just to prove others wrong.

    As for having another woman as a partner, would she agree to let their activity be recorded for the voyeuristic pleasure of the world?

    And even if he could get a woman to agree to such a bold request, that was not a guaranteed method to refute the allegations. After all, spreading rumors regarding his bad performance in bed was easier compared to proving them wrong.

    Just how many people would be interested in seeing a poorly made porno?

    Shawn knew the answer, and so he was fully aware of how badly his reputation was screwed by one question. He hated Sheena for asking the question even though he knew she has no bad intentions when she asked.

    "Hey, why are you not thinking of his good qualities?" Dixon interjected in the heated discussion. His voice and expression were solemn and everyone turned silent.

    Shawn's eyes brightened. He was happy to see someone taking his side.

    "There is still good in this world!" Shawn thought in his heart. He was not acquainted with Dixon but he decided to give him a treat.

    Shawn took a step ahead and walked towards Dixon to thank him with a smile. But just then, Dixon said something that made his smile stiff.

    "That woman in bikini spoke about true love," Dixon's voice was serious but there was obvious fun in his eyes as he repeated Theresa's words.

    Love without jealousy and you will know true happiness... A strong relationship based on true love would allow your partner to experience all her fantasies and joys. Support her and allow her to experience the ultimate pleasure.

    "He is a guy in true love and the crystal card is his proof," Dixon completed his remarks.

    Shawn's eyes turned bloodshot. How could he not realize he was insulting him by associating the bead with true love. Everyone knew in what context Theresa spoke those words.

    Shawn wanted to bring his eyes on Dixon's neck and snap it, but he didn't dare. The last bit of rationality reminded him of the laws of the fair so he tried to calm himself.

    Corners of Dixon's mouth raised up in a smile. He was feeling angry by Theresa's words so he was more than happy to vent his frustration on Shawn.

    Dixon didn't care if Shawn felt bitter and abused. If anything, it gave him more pleasure.

    People loved to kick others when they are down. Schadenfreude was a very complex emotion and the joy it gave was sweet like a toxicant.

    There were many in the store who were doubtful of the Wish Gemstone theory. But they didn't air their doubts and allow things to proceed.

    They were getting a free dose of entertainment thanks to Shawn's plight so why ruin the fun?

    Shawn clenched his fists tightly. He did everything he could to not snap out and do something that he would regret.

    Shawn brought his eyes back on the crystal card lying on the floor.

    He walked ahead and picked the card from the ground. He placed the card between his thumb and index finger of both hands and applied pressure to destroy it.

    The men were happy by his actions while the women were dejected. After all, they didn't get contact details of Maiden's Love Circle.

    Shawn didn't care about the thoughts of the women. Streams of energy swept out from his fingers and passed through the card.

    Sadly, today was not his lucky day. No matter how much pressure he applied, the card didn't break. He was hoping for the sound of a crack but he got something else.

    There was sound but not the type of sound he wanted.


    Rays of light swept out from the surface and turned into a holographic projection of the woman he hated the most.

    "Thank you for showing interest in our noble service," Theresa said with a loving smile. "Sadly, we are having connectivity issue so please contact in the future."

    Everyone knew the forest restricted outside communication. So they guessed the message was just a generic recording that activated when Shawn selected 'Contact Us' option by mistake.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "While you wait for an opportunity to establish contact and book our service," Theresa continued with professional etiquette. "Why don't you spread the vision of our organization to others?"

    Everyone was shell-shocked and struck on their spot.

    Mother**er! Even generic notification of this business has advertisements?!

    Just what type of bastard founded this Maiden Love Circle?!

    Everyone was shell-shocked and struck on their spot.

    "If you are a man, you will get monetary rewards and genetic resources," Theresa offered incentives. "So please let your sister or your friend's girlfriend know about Maiden's Love Circle. Spread happiness around the globe and make it a better place."

    [email protected]#$%

    Bitch! What the ** are you saying?!

    Just what do you think we are?! Are you thinking us to be some assholes?!

    Do you think we would sell out our sisters to your cult for some rewards?!

    Almost every male in the store cursed loudly. A few moments ago, they were taking pleasure in Shawn's predicament, but Theresa has an ability to provoke them. Their blood was boiling with her every sentence.

    "My best friend's girlfriend..." Riolo secretly contemplated in his heart. "Just how much reward would I get?"

    Riolo didn't have a girlfriend so he wanted his best friend to lose his girlfriend. He believed when his best friend got a girlfriend, he betrayed their friendship.

    His friend was now giving more time to his girlfriend and was always busy. This was driving a wedge between their friendship.

    His friend would think of excuses to stay with her so that he could make out with her. What's more, his friend didn't even join him for the expedition in the forest after giving non-plausible excuses.

    Riolo didn't like this.

    Here, he has to rely on five sisters for relief while his friend has an actual girl. This was just completely unfair.

    He even recalled how his friend would get offensive and rude at him. He remembered the instances properly.

    Riolo would often admire the assets of his friend's girlfriend when she was in shorts or sports bra. He seldom missed the opportunities when they presented during jogging in parks or night-outs in camps.

    When his friend noticed, he would lose all his cool. His best friend would act as if he has killed his father in cold blood. It wasn't like he was making out with his girlfriend; he was just observing the cute, tight ass and those heavy breasts! That's it!

    Besides, shouldn't friends share everything?!

    Yet, his friend didn't. His friend only turned more distant, greedy, and selfish.

    "If I don't have a girlfriend, the same should apply to my best friend! This is only fair and just! Everything is for turning my friendship stronger!!"

    Riolo felt now was the time to make the world a better place. He was ready to do it for free without any need for monetary support. Of course, he wouldn't refuse the reward.

    As he looked at Theresa's virtual projection, he now felt she was pleasing to both eyes and ears. He started thinking of a method to gain contact details of Maiden's Love Circle.

    Riolo was not alone in such kind thoughts. Many single fellows were thinking along Riolo's lines. Very

    A twenty-three-years old youth named Quain thought, "That bastard Robert got the girl I like... He never misses a chance to show-off with her. As a well-wisher of her, I should introduce her to Maiden's Love Circle."

    Quain felt he was really a good guy with honest intentions. There were many from Forever Single Faction who shared his honest intentions.

    They were looking forward to seeing more recruits in their faction...
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