306 To Do Or No

    Kiba looked at the scene in the restaurant for a minute. The happy families, the romantic couples and the listless singles.

    He turned his head back towards the street and resumed the journey back to the inn.

    Kiba and Ashlyn walked alongside and just like before, there was no conversation. He has already got used to her silent personality and didn't felt any strange. There was something alluring in her silence that made her more enticing.

    The sun faded on the horizon and darkness shrouded the sky as the night arrived. The faint light from the glittering stars offered little visibility.

    A few minutes later, Kiba and Ashlyn arrived in Garrick Angel Inn. They returned to their respective rooms to freshen up. He picked a towel and stepped into a shower.

    "Tomorrow is the auction," Kiba thought under the warm shower. "My last day in the fair."

    As per his schedule, after the fair, he would check the Guardian Spit Village he has heard about. By the time he was done, the core region would open up and he could complete his main mission.


    Kiba raised his head and the water sprinkled over his face...

    Half an hour later.

    Kiba joined Ashlyn and they started walking to the dining hall. As he arrived in the corridor, his eyes brightened as he saw a familiar face.

    for visiting.

    "So can I do it?" Kiba asked her. Chapter 297
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