307 The Best Remedy

    Monica was overwhelmed by his question.

    Wasn't he trying to imply that what he did so far was just answering her, and only now, he wanted to do it again, but this time, for himself?!


    Monica almost forgot to breathe. She has met thick-skinned and cheesy guys but none like him. He was just far too natural with his actions. It made difficult for her to believe it was his first time doing such a thing.

    He seems too nice to be a womanizer though!

    The kiss was tantalizing and pleasant but this was not the issue. She has her rules of no kissing on first dates.

    "I have an early shift in the morning," Monica blurted out. "So I have to leave... good night!"

    She then quickly turned around and left the dance floor without giving him a chance to respond.

    "Haah~" Kiba was disappointed. He realized that he took it too fast and spoiled his chances.

    "This time limit is making me crazy," Kiba thought sadly. He has plans to leave the fair tomorrow so he didn't think much and bet everything.

    Kiba looked around and noticed a few couples kissing and making out. He lowered his head and saw a noticeable bulge in his pants. It wasn't pleasant to be left alone in such a place.

    "I hate this forest," Kiba bitterly remarked to himself.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    For him, the greatest danger was not some powerful mutant, savage beast or fierce alien, but blue balls.

    Kiba could not help but fondly remember Delta City. The city was heaven for him as he has a steady supply of willing female partners. There were no strings attached with most of his relationships as they were simple quid pro quo.

    Desolate Blood Forest, on the other hand, was hell for a guy like him.

    The presence of gorgeous women only made it worse for him. He has been in the forest for around two weeks, and so far, he has only engaged with three women.

    Ruby, Anya, and Denisa.

    He now regretted his decision of making his slave -Ruby- leave with her human trafficking group. If she was here, she could help him with his current problem.

    "Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted," Kiba thought if only it was that easy.

    As Kiba looked around, his eyes brightened while his breathing turned heavy. In a corner of the club, there was a big couch and a glass table.

    On the table, there were bottles of whiskey, rum, and beer.

    That was not what gained Kiba's attention. His eyes were on the couch where two women were sitting.

    They were totally engrossed into each other with no care for the world. It was evident in the way they were kissing and fondling each other.

    They both were in the mid-twenties, and if his eyes were not playing a trick, they were identical twins. Both of them were wearing similar yellow sundresses which did little to hide their incredible bodies.

    Each one of them was blessed with slender legs, perky tits, and tight, little round ass. They were completely identical save for their hair.

    One of them has her hairstyle in short punk style. She has silver blonde hair with beached strands offering both sexiness and a casual coolness.

    Another twin has long punk hair. She has hot pink color hair with sky blue highlights. Her hairstyle was sleek and polished.

    The twins felt his gaze and they turned their heads towards him. A mischievous smile bloomed on their lips.

    Kiba was far too familiar with such smiles.

    They both stretched a hand towards him and beckoned him with their index fingers.

    As an honest and kind-hearted man, he could not refuse the request of the opposite gender. He walked straight towards them.

    "I'm Lillian," The twin with silver-blonde hair introduced herself. She pointed to her sister and said, "She is Madison."

    "Kiba," Kiba gave a single word introduction. Now that he was close, he could make out their measurements.

    The height of the twins was about 5'7" and weight around 130 lb. He felt each twin has measurements of 34A-24-35.

    "Have a seat," Lillian and Madison created space on the big couch. "And treat yourself."

    Madison's hands moved on the glass table in front of them. She opened a bottle of whiskey and poured him a glass.

    Kiba couldn't bring himself to decline their kind intention even though he didn't prefer alcohol after dinner.

    He brought a hand above an ice bucket and with the help of a tong, he picked three ice cubes and added them to his glass.

    Lillian and Madison smiled in unison and showed their perfect white teeth. After Kiba sipped a mouthful of whiskey, Lillian took the glass from him.

    She brought the glass to her lips and emptied it half in a single moment. Madison took the glass from her and sipped the remaining half.

    "Your treat is not for your mouth," Madison said while grinning at him. "But for your eyes."

    She grabbed Lillian's hands and leaned into her. She plastered her lips on Lillian's soft, rosy lips for a sensuous kiss.

    Lillian eagerly kissed her back and their lips melted in the taste of one another. Madison put a hand behind Lillian's to caress her neck as she shared her passion and warmth through the kiss.

    Lillian felt a jolt of pleasure down her spine. She pulled her twin's hair back and started biting her upper lip.

    Madison opened her mouth and pushed her tongue out to lick Lillian's lips. Her tongue rolled from the lower lip to the upper before applying pressure for Lillian to open up.

    Lillian parted her lips and allowed her sister's tongue to slip In.

    Madison devoured her in joy as she pushed her tongue as far as she could. She tasted the spicy, bitter taste of whiskey.

    At the same time, Monica returned back to the club. She felt she has overreacted earlier. After thinking for some time, she judged her actions harshly as she left without giving him another chance. To correct her mistake, she arrived back in the club.

    She checked the dance floor but didn't notice his presence. There were around ten couples dancing so it was rather easy to check.

    She then looked at the bar stools but again no sign of him.

    "Has he left?" She wondered when her eyes moved to a dimly lit corner. She saw him sitting on the end of a couch, dumbstruck.

    "He must be regretting his actions."

    Her lips curled into a smile and she took a step ahead to walk towards him.

    Just then, a flash of light fell on the entire couch and her eyes registered the presence of two women making out.

    Her smile turned stiff and her expression fell. She felt a complex of emotions among which anger was the weakest.

    Mostly, she was frightened and scared as her brain identified the two women.

    "Psycho sisters!"

    Monica started shivering in horror. The fine hairs on her body stood up and she felt weak in her knees.

    From what she knew, the twins grew up in a government-funded orphanage. At the age of fourteen, they awakened their mutant abilities. The first thing they did was wrecking the orphanage into ruins after which they killed the staff and fellow orphans.

    Not even the pets were spared.

    At that time, media reportage on this incident was explosive. Yet the government authorities failed to catch the twins.

    What none expected at that time was that the identical twins have just started the killing spree. Over the years, they murdered more than a thousand all around the world.

    The World Government was obviously not pleased and they showed it by putting a bounty of $500 millions on them. Not only that, but the government also offered special privileges such as access to advanced genetic resources, a resident permit in the State of Avalon, and so on. The government believed this would be enough to make sure that the sisters live in fear before meeting their end.

    Alas, the government has underestimated the sisters.

    No bounty hunter, mercenary or an officer of the law even came close to getting the bounty. The twins always ensured their hunter becomes the hunted.

    Not only that, two years ago, they participated in the exploration of the core region. They had allied themselves with a group of mutants whom they ultimately murdered in cold blood.

    Monica has been working at the fair for a long time so she knew some details. If she didn't remember it wrong, they have killed over a hundred people in the core region.

    Monica brought a hand over her forehead and realized she was soaking with cold sweat. She glanced at the twins for a final time and remembered the words associated with them.

    Unpredictable, insane and dangerous.

    The Fair was a safe zone in the forest thanks to its iron-clad rules. But Monica didn't dare count on the rules. So she decided to act smart by not interfering with the twins.

    As for Kiba, she felt bad for him but she reasoned it wasn't her fault. She did find him attractive and interesting, and she felt he has a nice and caring personality. Sure, he did try to take advantage but that was a weakness applicable to all men.

    "If only men didn't think with their lower head..." Monica thought with a sigh. She didn't fault Kiba for not knowing about the insane sisters. After all, the world was vast, divided into states and cities. The population was all-time high and people didn't even know entirely about crimes in their own towns much less what was taking place thousands of miles away.

    "Poor Kiba. A nice man like him is now under the mercy of sociopaths."

    Monica was conflicted but she wasn't willing to risk her future for the sake of a man she has just met today, no matter how handsome he was. She quickly turned around and left the club...

    Meanwhile, on the couch.

    Lillian continued to kiss her twin. She tasted alcohol from her sister's soft tongue.

    The pleasant sound of their intense kissing was music to Kiba's ears. He has always been attentive towards the opposite gender and he made sure to not miss out a single detail.

    Madison wrapped her arms Lillian's neck as the kiss turned more passionate. Their tongues sparred in each other's mouth in delight while they pulled each other closer.

    Their breasts pressed into each other as they lost into lust.

    Madison gave a tight squeeze her twin's ass and broke the kiss. She moved her lips from her sister's and leaned further. She caught Lillian's left lobe with her teeth and gave it a gentle nipping.

    Lillian shivered in excitement and she knotted her hands in her sister's pink hair. Madison's sweet lips kissed her ears before moving down on her smooth neck. She pecked her soft skin after which she nipped at her collarbone.

    As she moved down, warm breaths trailed with warm lips over the glossy body of Lillian.

    Madison's lips finally stopped after arriving on the swells of Lillian's breasts. The yellow sundress highlighted the swells perfectly and she started teasing her with a flicker of her tongue. Her hands arrived on the firm breasts to cup them as she played with her tongue.

    Every flick and touch of her tongue sent an electrical pulse over Lillian's soft, vibrant skin.


    Madison stopped her teasing and raised her head. She flicked her tongue out to lick her lips.

    "My mouth is dry," Madison coyly complained.

    As a perfect gentleman, Kiba was always read to help a woman in need. He quickly poured a glass of whiskey but when he tried to hand it over, Lillian slapped his hand away.

    "Don't you know the basics of medication?" Lillian pulled off her dress and tossed it on the floor. She was not wearing anything else and as such, she was completely exposed.

    Her nicely trimmed bush was visible and so was everything else. The lights in this part of the area were faint so not many could see the artwork of god.

    Kiba was stunned into disbelief. He felt his own mouth turning dry as his eyes feasted on the spellbinding body in front of him.

    Lillian has perfect nipples on her small, alluring breasts. Below her trimmed bush, he could take glimpses of bright pink flesh concealed behind her fleshy folds.

    Every part of her body was a sight to behold and worship.

    Kiba stared at her pussy with his eyes wide open. The hidden slash of crimson was slightly glistening and emitting an intoxicating scent that was impossible to resist.

    In just a second, an undeniable thirst developed in Kiba.

    Madison kneeled down on the floor. Lillian stretched her gorgeously proportioned legs apart and raised them in the air.

    Lillian then brought her hands around her vaginal foldings. Her fingers opened the veil of her slippery lips and exposed the wet, pink flesh.

    Both Madison and Kiba looked at the flawless art of god and gulped down. Madison leaned ahead and buried her face between the thighs of her sister.

    "The best remedy for a dry mouth is a wet pussy."
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