308 Daddy!

    Lillian sat on the couch with her legs stretched apart. Her enticing, pert breasts were fascinating and hard to resist. This was especially true given her pink nipples were hard and erect now.

    But the truly spellbinding sight was far down. It was not her flat belly or her neatly trimmed bush but something delicious and remedying for a dry mouth.

    Madison's eyes were savoring the same.

    Lillian's fingers parted her delicate foldings below to allow Madison to feast on the wet, pink flesh. The heat from her warm flesh seared Madison's cheeks.

    Madison brushed her lips on the vaginal foldings and breathe in the intoxicating, musky scent of her arousal. She shoved her tongue out and slithered on the vaginal foldings.

    She then gave a long lick from up to down before arriving on the flesh between the pussy lips. Her slippery tongue slowly moved along the wet slit before tickling the clit.

    Every movement of her tongue made Lillian writhe in ecstasy. She was slowly building to an orgasm.

    "Only a woman knows what a woman truly wants!" Kiba thought, his eyes hypnotized.

    At the same time, Madison raised her hands and brought them on Lillian's breasts. She started to maul the firm tits to the obvious delight of Lillian.

    Madison cupped and kneaded them gently while continuing to lick.

    Lillian wrapped her thighs around her twin's ears as desire devoured her senses.

    Madison showed her proficiency to carry two tasks at one time. She pressed Lillian's nipples between her fingertips, making the latter groan in pleasure.

    The wetness in her pussy became more vibrant and Madison licked with more intensity. She freed her hands from her breasts and brought them down.

    She took the clit between her lips and gave it a gentle squeeze. After which, she pressed a finger into the wet entrance. Her finger slowly eased inside the slippery passage. She pressed deeper and deeper while twisting the fingertip.


    Lillian moaned in delight and signaled to continue.

    Madison slipped another finger inside and she started fingering her pussy with great intensity. She didn't stop with two fingers and added another finger into the slippery nest.

    Lillian trembled and gasped as the flush of sexual excitement spread across her body like ripples.

    Madison's mouth and fingers worked in unison. Fingering followed by licking and vice-versa, sometimes both together with no clear patterns.

    Lillian's hands ran wildly in Madison's hair as the latter continued to lick her. Madison treated the wetness in her twin's slit as chocolate icing on a delicious cake. She licked slowly from top to bottom and then suddenly increased the pace as she moved upwards again.

    Madison's tongue moved to the clit after which she flicked it. She then gave a deep lick onto the swollen foldings which were now glistening from the inner moisture.

    Her movements were filled with eagerness and excitement as she tried to make her twin reach climax. She wanted to retrieve her sweet juices and extinguish the dryness of her own mouth.

    Lillian lifted her hips up and pushed her pussy on her sister's tongue. Her staccato gasps and the violent spasms made Madison realize her sister was close to release.

    Madison took her twin's clit between glossy lips and tugged on it. Lillian's breathing turned heavy and she lifted her hips further.

    Her back arched and spasmed as blasts of orgasmic delight exploded all over her body. Her senses were engulfed by the intense sensation assaulting her body.

    Her glistening flesh quivered and a gush of juice flood out in the waiting mouth of Madison.

    "Clean me up!" Lillian requested while she still shuddered and squeaked.

    Madison did as requested and continue to lick and suck. Her entire mouth was glistening in juices...

    Kiba has left the couch and was standing some steps away from it. His eyes were staring at the two women.

    The incredibly erotic scene playing before his eyes was too seductive and arousing. The heavy breathing, intense moaning and the sounds of licking made his boner hard to control.

    He wanted to open his pants and shove his hardon down the wet entrance of Lillian but he didn't. He resisted the impulse and restricted his actions to only feasting on their bodies from a distance.

    Madison and Lillian have not forgotten him. They rose up from their positions and looked at him.

    "Daddy likes his little girls being naughty," Lillian said, grinning, as she noticed him adjusting his pants.

    Daddy!? Little girls?!

    Kiba gulped down. He realized they were more deviant than he gave them credit for.

    He didn't mind though.

    A dirty mind was a wonderful thing, especially in a woman. And there's nothing sexier than a woman who knows how to misbehave.

    "Daddy, you are thirsty, right?" Madison asked with a wink. Glistening juices were dripping from her chin as she continued, "Want me to wet your dry mouth?"

    Even before he could answer, Madison jumped on him and wrapped her legs around his hips. Her breasts squished against his chest through the thin fabric of her dress. She closed her arms around his neck and closed her mouth onto him.

    Kiba felt her soft lips brushing on his for a wet kiss.

    "Taste her, daddy!" Lillian stood behind his back. "Please!"

    Kiba didn't have the time or opportunity to nod or reply.

    Even without her encouragement, he was eagerly kissing Madison back with passion. He couldn't believe how deliciously sweet her lips felt as they kissed. parted my lips and brushed her lips with my tongue

    Madison parted her lips and rolled her wet tongue out. As she brushed his lips with her tongue, she felt his throbbing boner twitching against her ass.

    "Daddy is so excited!" Madison thought.

    She closed her eyes and pushed her tongue into his lips with more force. His mouth opened for her tongue and allowed it to probe. Their tongues curled in the erotic dance of ecstasy and both felt shivers through their bodies.

    Lillian's juices were coated on Madison's tongue and Kiba found them exotic and addicting.

    The kissing turned frantic and ecstatic with every passing moment. Kiba greedily sucked her tongue in his mouth and enjoyed the succulent taste. She retraced her tongue and he pushed his tongue into her delicious mouth.

    Their tongues continuously sparred in each other's mouths.

    From behind, Lillian's hands wandered over his body and she let out a surprised gasp as she felt the bulge in the pants.

    She slowly traced his raging hardon with each hand through the fibers of his pants. She smiled as she confirmed the length and hardness.

    "Oh my! Daddy, a violent dragon is trying to break out of its confines! It is enormous and fat!" Lillian remarked aloud.

    She rested her head on his right collarbone and muttered in his ear, "Does it wants to barge in our sweet, little caves?"

    Her warm breath on his ear was soothing and intensifying like a bolt of current. A tremor ran through Kiba's body as her words registered in his mind.

    It was the first time he was meeting such sleazy women. They were dirty-minded just like him and for him, that was a positive and admirable trait.

    He continued to kiss Madison with more lust than ever before.

    Lillian smiled by his response.

    She flicked her tongue out and rolled it over his earlobe. She opened her lips a little bit and took the earlobe between her teeth.

    Kiba was overwhelmed with sensuous kisses and touches.

    He parted his mouth from Madison's and gasped for breath. Both their faces were flushed with warm blood.

    "Answer her, daddy!" Madison requested with a seductive yet innocent smile. "Does this evil dragon want to violate our sweet holes?"

    "Yes," Kiba answered honestly.

    Madison jumped back on her feet and turned his head towards Lillian.

    "Does it also want to tunnel between my soft melons?" Lillian cupped her breasts and brushed them against each other.

    Kiba's mouth watered at this sight. He lowered his head and kissed the swells of her soft tits. Her skin was a pure delight from the post-orgasmic glow. She was sensitive and respondent to his tender butterfly kisses.

    He then moved downwards and buried his face between her breasts. His fingers, in the meantime, traced the flatness of her belly. She has nice and smooth skin, and he made sure he showed enough appreciation.


    Kiba kissed and licked her breasts. She placed her hands on the back of his head and shoved him further into her breasts.

    His mouth moved from one breast to another while his hands moved up on her breasts. He kneaded them in his palms for a gentle squeeze. and slowly, he started fondling the soft flesh between his fingertips.

    She gasped in delight and obvious excitement. His fingers made circular movements on the areola before pinching the nipples between his fingers. He continued to pinch and caress in a cyclic movement for almost a minute.

    He then started giving her nipples the attention of his tongue. His tongue licked first one nipple then the other; giving equal love and caring to each breast.

    Lillian's back arched as he started sucking her hard nipples between his lips. She felt the remaining hot pulses of earlier orgasm reviving in her most intimate places.

    "Daddy is like a little baby!" Lillian remarked with her eyes closed. "A little baby sucks on tits for nourishment but daddy is definitely not little!"

    From behind, Madison ran her hands up and down his back before moving towards his pants. Along with the enormous bulge, she felt an intense heat.

    "Daddy! We are talking about the violent dragon in your pants and not your mouth!" Madison reminded sternly. "Stop acting like a spoiled child and answer her question!"

    Lillian's eyes cleared and her hands left his head. Kiba forcefully parted his lips from the soft breasts and answered, "Yes."

    Madison caressed his hardon from top to bottom through the soft fabric that was on verge of breaking. She opened the hook of his pants and lowered the zip a little.

    "Does this sinister dragon wants to fire its seed in our fertile wombs?" Lillian asked another question. She joined her hands with her sister above his raging erection.

    Kiba gave another affirmative.

    "The dragon has such wicked intentions and yet, you are in its support!" Madison said in her cute voice.

    "Daddy is really evil," Lillian zoomed her lips on his chin. "Just the way we like."

    "But it is getting late though," Madison added with a smile. "And while my throat got the perfect remedy, my sister didn't. That's a bit unfair, right?"

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    "Yes, very unfair," Kiba agreed with her assessment.

    Even his throat was getting dry by their actions and he knew the perfect remedy.

    "Daddy can share my burden and help me in quenching my thirst," Lillian asked in a teenage voice. "You wouldn't refuse your little girl, right?"

    Kiba was always ready to help the opposite gender so he eagerly nodded. Only a cruel, heartless man could refuse in sharing the burden of such innocent twins.

    "We are afraid of the sinister dragon though," Madison chimed in. "What if it gets violent and harms your two girls?"

    Lillian took the soft skin of his neck between her lips and sucked on it. A chill of pure ecstasy ran through his skin.

    "We can allow you to help us as long as your dragon earns its right of passage," Madison completed.

    Kiba was now ready to cross a sea of fire. The continuous teasing from them was making him so hard that it was painful.

    "Goodnight, daddy," Lillian jumped back.

    "What?!" Kiba was startled.

    Surely they are not planning to leave now?!

    Madison giggled merrily. She could feel the throbbing from his raging hardon and guess the difficulty he must be undergoing through.

    "You can have both your girls after you earn the right of passage," Lillian explained with a wink. "But since it would take a while, we have to leave."

    "Don't forget us!" Lillian covered her mouth to hide her smile. "Goodbye!"
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