309 Crazy Twins

    "Goodbye, daddy!" Madison and Lillian said in unison. Madison placed an arm around Lillian's naked waist and rested her head on her shoulder.

    Kiba was shell-shocked by their decision. Even before he could respond, a plethora of rings appeared above the two women.


    The rings were made of bright red light. They moved down and enveloped the twins from head to toe.

    Madison and Lillian waved their hands and gave Kiba air kisses.

    "Love you, daddy!"

    The rings of light flashed with blinding crimson radiance that completely wrapped the twins. The dazzling radiance broke into countless sparks that almost looked like cherry blossoms.

    Kiba helplessly stared at the fading sparks. The twins have left the club, leaving a poor man behind.

    The only proof of their activities was his erection and the sundress of Lillian which was still lying on the floor.

    "Today is definitely not my lucky day!"

    Kiba collapsed on the couch and let out a deep sigh. He could smell Lillian's scent of arousal from the couch but he ignored it.

    There was no use in crying over spilled milk.

    He grabbed a whiskey bottle from the nearby table and opened it.

    "Life is always like this," Kiba mused while drinking directly from the bottle. "You can't always win."

    Kiba was disappointed by today's events but he wasn't dejected.

    Loosing and winning is a part of life and you can't always get what you want. Besides, it wasn't a total loss. He got to witness wonderful twins in action.

    He thought of their deviant nature and he couldn't help but smile.

    "They sure are interesting."

    Kiba rose to his feet and walked out of the club...


    Meanwhile, on the second floor of the inn.

    Room 209.

    Above a king-size bed, out of nowhere, rings of light appeared in the thin air. The rings blurred into two radiant cocoons of light which then transformed into Madison and Lillian.

    The twins jumped on the bed.

    Madison took a pillow and placed it against the headboard. She rested her back on it and looked at her twin.

    Lillian's hands wandered inside her dress to trace her thighs.

    "What do you think?" Madison asked while opening her dress.

    Lillian feasted her eyes on Madison's exposed skin and said, "He is going to be a lot of fun."

    "I can't wait!" Madison replied excitedly but then her eyes flickered. She turned around and looked at the balcony connecting to the bedroom.

    Lillian did the same and said, "Seems like we have uninvited guests."

    The sliding glass door opened.

    A man and a woman stepped into the room with their hands wielding laser guns. Each gun was specially modified with reinforced energy particles that boosted its strength enough to instantly kill even a Level III mutant with an enhanced physique.

    "Guns!" Madison screamed. "Are you here to take advantage of two helpless women?"

    "Just take what you want," Lillian pulled a white blanket and wrapped it around her body. "You can even have me but please spare my innocent sister."

    "Lillian!" Madison exclaimed before turning towards the intruders. She undid the straps of her dress and exposed her breasts.

    "Please don't do anything to her," Madison begged. "Just vent your lust on me."

    The newly arrived man and woman duo were left speechless. Their lips were quivering with every word uttered by the twins.

    The woman who was named Liesel said, "Stop this nonsense, you evil bitches."

    She aimed at her gun at Madison. Her companion named Rees stepped ahead, his gun pointed at Lillian.

    "The night is so frightening," Lillian hugged her sister tightly. "We should have stayed in daddy's embrace."

    "Right! He would have protected his little girls!" Madison readily agreed.

    "Shut up!" Liesel was getting angry by twin's behavior. "If you make another move, I swear we will blast your heads!"

    "How scary!" Madison wrapped her arms closer to her twin. "If our heads are blasted, then daddy would not be able to identify our corpses."

    "True," Lillian said with a thoughtful expression. "Please don't fire at our heads, okay?"

    Rees felt a severe headache.

    He and Liesel were mercenaries from the famous Iron Blood Mercenary Corps.

    Earlier in the day, they noticed the twins in the lounge of the inn. The two instantly identified the twins as the infamous psycho sisters.

    Since they were a part of Iron Blood Mercenary Corps, they knew the sisters and their bounty. Their minds were filled with the $500 million monetary reward and the special privileges offered by World Government.

    The couple instantly decided to hunt the twins and collect the rewards. They were tired of working for the corps and the continuous exploration in the forest.

    The twins were a perfect retirement plan. They couldn't wait to live the rest of their days in the State of Avalon.

    Currently, their targets were on the bed but they were not showing the reaction they expected.

    "No wonder their profiles said they are insane," Rees muttered to himself. "No sane person would act like this."

    "Who is this daddy of yours?" Liesel asked.

    She was sure the profile said the twins were orphans with no relatives.

    "You don't know daddy?" Lillian asked in a puzzled voice.

    "No," Liesel answered. "And I'm the one asking the question here!"

    At the same time, she looked at her partner and gave him a nod.

    Rees' understood her intention. His muscles started expanding while his height increased and his skin color changing.


    His clothes tore apart as he transformed further. His limbs turned as thick as water barrels with his skin changing to yellow upon which black fur.

    In no time, he morphed into a seven feet monster with sharp claws and spikes protruding out of his wrists. The end of the laser gun opened up into fine wires that wrapped around his right wrist. The barrel of the gun was now above his claw.

    Earlier, he couldn't transform outside as the sensors of the inn would have picked energy signals. Now, they were completely inside the room and the devices they planted outside would obstruct the sensors.

    They didn't dare defy the rules of The Fair openly. Only after making certain arrangements, did they arrived here. So far, they were only bidding for time, and now they could carry out their plan fully.

    Madison and Lillian looked at Rees' new form with amusement in their eyes. Their expression was of a curious child observing a new toy.

    "Didn't you hear me!" Liesel brought her eyes back on them. "Who is this daddy you spoke about?!"

    "Daddy is daddy," Lillian answered in an obvious tone. "His violent dragon would exploit our sweet, little holes."

    "Yeap! Daddy's dragon is enormous," Madison added. "Would you like to join us with daddy?"

    "I don't think daddy would like her though," Lillian interrupted her sister.

    "Guess so," Madison nodded after pondering for a bit. "Daddy likes naughty women."

    "What?!" Liesel was having a hard time making sense of things.

    Are they really talking about what I'm thinking?! Damn! These twisted little bitches!!

    Madison ignored her and she leaned her mouth into Lillian's for a kiss. Lillian eagerly responded and she trembled as Madison's hands arrived on her breasts.

    "What the **?!" Rees was dumbstruck with his eyes wide open.

    Here, he was standing in a transformed state which he considered scary, and yet, the twins were making out.

    Don't they realize their life is at stake?!

    "Bitch! I said no movement!" Liesel was tired of the psycho twins. She gripped the gun properly and aimed at Madison.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    She pulled the trigger and the gun fired off. An intense flash appeared in the barrel which shot out in the form of a laser beam. Its speed was so fast that it could not be described as it was penetrating the very space.

    The laser beam left a trail of heatwaves in its path as it hit Madison's right arm.

    Her creamy skin tore apart while her bone cracked and the blood veins snapped. The recoil dislocated her arm by a few centimeters. Black smoke swept out from her injured portion.

    Madison broke the kiss and retraced her arm from her twin's body.

    She didn't show any discomfort from the injury. She looked at the wound and then at Liesel without making a single grunt.

    Liesel and Rees were dumbfounded and shocked. At the very least, they expected her entire arm to implode into a rain of gore.

    "Have you lowered the gun's power?" Rees asked.

    "No," Liesel answered in disbelief. She was trying to think of a reason to explain this development when her eyes turned wide.

    The wound on Madison's arm was filling up with new tissue and skin. Liesel could see the cells rapidly regrowing at a rate she has never known.

    "High-speed regeneration?!" Rees muttered aloud.

    "This was not in her profile!" Liesel was taken aback.

    Madison stepped her feet on the floor and rose up from the bed.

    Her lips curled up into a crazy smile while her eyes glinted with madness. There was a look of complete insanity of her face.

    Rees felt a cold chill crawling up his spine.

    Madison brought her eyes on Liesel and her smile bloomed further.

    A surge of crimson energy swept out from the depths of her very existence and engulfed her entire body.

    "You dare harm daddy's Lil girl?" Madison's pupils radiated a crimson glow.

    A tremendous amount of energy was coating her body. From this, streams of crimson energy swept out and transformed into five rings of light.

    Each ring was four feet wide; emitting a smell that eerily resembled blood. The rings of light rotated behind her like the scythe of the grim reaper.

    "You either have evolved or you hide your capabilities well, "Liesel's expression turned grim.

    Her eyebrows creased as she saw dark red liquid creeping in between the rings of crimson light. The rings were now more like halos of blood.

    Liesel gripped the laser gun tightly in her right hand. Around her left arm, a large amount of water appeared out of nowhere. The water droplets sizzled with blue current as they wrapped around her arm like a vortex.

    Meanwhile, Rees charged at Lillian. His speed was very fast as if his new transformation has enhanced it further instead of reducing it.

    His claws shot out of his arms like sharp nails. Two of them exploded into a blast of slime resembling a spider web.

    At the same time, the laser gun fired a beam.

    The simultaneous launch of multiple attacks happened in an instant. Rees didn't want any complications to arise so he went offensive from the start. Even if she was smashed into a million pieces, it was fine. The government has means to identify the genetic source and the rewards would still be theirs.

    Lillian sported a perfect happy smile and closed her eyes. She brought her right hand over her lips and kissed the fingertips. She then pointed the fingertips towards Liesel and blew a kiss to him.

    A formless wave of wild energy surged out. The slim webs and crystalline claws scattered apart as if they were leaves caught in a storm. The laser beam merged with the wild energy and swept back.

    Rees' pupils dilated. His breathing stalled and he felt an ominous feeling building up in his heart.

    Even before he could blink, a rampaging force struck him and he was sent flying to a wall behind. The wall instantly shattered into pieces and he slammed right into the bathroom.

    His body smashed into the sink and mirror after which he sprawled on the floor with his limbs spread out. Large pieces of mirror, tiles, and sink collapsed on him.

    "Energy manipulation... Ergokinesis! An Alpha-class ability!" Rees muttered after coughing up a mouthful of blood. "Nothing like this was mentioned in her profile... No wonder why!"

    Lillian continued to smile with her eyes shut.

    "Monster Uncle, please don't violate me!"
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