310 Auction

    The next morning.

    Room No. 121, Garrick Angel Inn.

    As the first ray of sunlight crack through the night sky, Kiba was still sleeping. He was intoxicated and now sleeping without any care in the world.

    A minute later, the chirping of the birds entered his ears. The brilliant beams of sunlight passed through the open windows and fell on his face. He unconsciously placed a hand over his eyes but more sunlight basked his face.

    Having no choice, Kiba rose up. He stretched his hands while feeling the effects of a slight hangover. His powers wouldn't stop him from getting drunk if it was his own choice and will. This was why he felt such effects otherwise for someone of his strength, alcohol would be no better than water.

    Kiba left the bed and walked towards the window. A gentle gust of cool breeze greeted his face as he looked out.

    The chunk of lights in the sky expanded in size and sparkle. The beams were cool and rather soothing to the eyes.

    He lowered his head to see the plants and trees outside the inn. The dew drops were glistening on the leaves and they sparkled under the sunlight.

    He looked ahead and noticed many groups of people on the streets. Stalls were being set and shops opened for work. There were peace and tranquility in this land.

    "Last day here," Kiba thought with a smile.

    He brought his eyes on the emerald cover outside the boundary walls of the fair. He could feel the presence of the ominous beasts, ferocious birds, and the most dangerous of all - unrestrained, self-serving humans.

    Kiba closed the windows and turned around. He took a step ahead and his body vanished in a puff of smoke.

    His speed was second to none and he used his lightning-fast movements to freshen up.

    If an outsider looks into the room, he would see Kiba at several places at once. Kiba in the bathroom taking out a toothbrush; on the bed picking a towel; Opening the tap above the sink; switching on the geyser; adjusting the shower, and more...

    A few minutes later.

    Kiba knocked on a room opposite to his. The door opened up and Ashlyn stepped out.

    She was clad in her trademark black suit from neck to toe. On her shoulders and ankles, the suit has small nozzles.

    The suit was made of special materials which even Kiba didn't know about. There were four crystalline blue liquid strips on the suit that ran horizontally from top to bottom. The strips were bright and glinting as if a radiant energy source was flowing through them.

    Kiba has a few guesses which relied on her existence as a cursed one.

    "Good morning," Kiba handed her a cup of hot coffee. He has brought coffee from downstairs after getting ready.

    Ashlyn nodded while taking the cup. She entered back into the room without closing the door.

    Kiba knew what it meant and he followed her into the living section. Her entire room was clean and almost untouched as if she didn't use any of the facilities available.

    Kiba couldn't help but sigh. He sat down on a chair across her while thinking about how she didn't enjoy her life at all.

    "Shawn and Amy hinted that her adopted parents are well-off," Kiba recalled the conversations he heard. "And they also said she came to the forest to prove her devotion to them... At the very least, the last statement shows she loves her adopted parents.

    "But what about her adopted parents' love for her? Why didn't they taught her about enjoying the simple pleasures of life?"

    Shawn has mentioned about her being discarded by her birth parents soon after her birth. She then grew up in an orphanage before adopted.

    "Shawn said they gave her everything despite her being a cursed one... It doesn't really seem true."

    Kiba might have grown up alone without the support of his family but that didn't mean he didn't know the responsibilities of parents.

    He has seen the way Felicity was treated by her parents. They spoiled her with love and she grew up into a cheerful person.

    Even parents from a poor background would do their best to ensure their children have a joyful life.

    Sure, there were exceptions with some parents not deserving to be parents but Shawn's words implied Ashlyn's parents were not those exception types.

    Kiba didn't want to judge them without having the entire details. But so far, his impression of them was even worse than his own parents.

    Kiba drank his coffee while glancing at her from time to time. Her expression was the usual cold as she sipped coffee from her cup.

    Kiba wished he could change her. When he first met her, he didn't have any feelings for her except for lust.

    She was the most gorgeous woman he was ever attracted to. He was no different from almost every other male in the forest who desired her spellbinding body.

    But now, after spending so many days with her, he has developed a bond with her that transcended his innate lust.

    This was why he wanted her to live, not just exist.

    As of now, it was just wishful thinking. He has tried to change her in his small ways but a large change in her personality and attitude was impossible.

    There were a few changes in her which he wished hasn't taken place. They were mainly related to what he "taught" her.

    When he thought of his teachings, a chill ran down his spine. His mind didn't forget to flash several images of men in unspeakable agony.

    Every image has one common scene: The men were wriggling on the ground while holding their crotch. Every man would throw evil look at him as if he was the perpetrator of their sufferings.

    Kiba's eyes turned moist when he recalled those scenes. He looked at Ashlyn while wondering if she would ever stop. He didn't want to be remembered as the traitor of mankind due to her.

    At the same time, Ashlyn lowered the cup and raised her head. She caught him redhanded when he was taking another glance at her.

    Kiba was startled. He quickly gulped down and said, "How is the coffee?"

    Whenever she caught him in some uncomfortable situation, he would change the topic and divert her attention. She was inexperienced so it wasn't that hard for him.

    "Good," Ashlyn answered. She felt something amiss from his expression but she didn't pursue it.

    "Let's leave," Kiba rose to his feet.

    Ashlyn closed the door and they then walked down the staircase.


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    Monica stood behind the reception desk. She was checking the logs on a virtual screen when she heard her name being called out.

    "Hey," Kiba greeted her. Ashlyn stood next to him.

    Monica was stunned and looked at him in shock. She couldn't help but mutter, "You are fine?"

    Kiba was puzzled by her look and question.

    "Of course, I'm fine," Kiba answered.

    Monica was having a hard time believing him.

    She clearly remembered him sitting on the same couch as Madison and Lillian yesterday night.

    At worst, she expected the insane sisters to murder him, and at best, she thought he would be heavily injured.

    Yet, he was completely fine. There was not a scratch and from his expression, he didn't have any tragic experience.

    "Are the rumors regarding the psycho twins exaggerated?" Monica wondered in her heart. She quickly cleared her thoughts and got her act together.

    With a professional etiquette, she said, "What can I do for you?"

    "We want to check out," Kiba answered.

    He placed down the keycards on the desk.

    "Give me a minute," Monica took the keycards and activated the check out process.


    A few minutes later.

    Kiba and Ashlyn stepped out of the inn and picked a street. The street was filled with streams of people; everyone having a same destination.

    The auction house.

    Kiba could hear frenzy discussion about the auction. He didn't show interest in the loud discussions and instead observed the passing stalls and shops...

    The grand auction was the liveliest event of the fair. It was hosted in a large auditorium that has a capacity of sitting around two thousand people.

    To avoid people who have no interest in purchasing items given the space constraints, the auction house charged a big fee for just entry. As such, not everyone could enter the auditorium.

    Most people just stood outside the auditorium. Some were interested in exchanging items outside directly to avoid a retainer fee while others just wanted to expand their horizons.

    Kiba paid a fee for two and entered through a metallic door. There were guards on each point of the entrance along with drones and droids for assistance. The entire auction house was under strict surveillance though it was not like anyone would dare cause trouble here.

    The auditorium has two floors with the stage on the lower floor.

    Privacy booths were available for VIP members on the second floor. Most of them were already booked by members of nine aristocratic families and other top factions. Besides the exclusive booths, there were premium seats in the auction house that offered a quality view to the auction stage. They were available for purchase for another 'small fee'. Additional services such as food were available so that the guests could have a quality time.

    The auction house left no opportunity to milk its patrons...

    Kiba stepped into an escalator leading to the inside of the auditorium. He was slowly walking up along with Ashlyn when he heard a loud exclamation from above.

    "Shameless villain!"

    The voice and choice of address were very familiar to Kiba. He raised his head and saw an eighteen-year-old girl.

    "Pervert!" Kiba called out with a smile.
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