311 Never Apologise For The Truth!

    "Shameless villain!" A sweet, feminine voice called out from the landing platform above the escalator.

    "Young pervert!" Kiba placed a hand over the moving handrail while responding to the familiar greeting.

    His voice was rather low but when he spoke, the entire area turned silent. Not a single person dared utter a single sound.

    Everyone's eyes fell on him as if he was about to die. Normally, no one would assume such a thing for just saying 'young pervert,' but now it was a different matter.

    The reason was on the landing platform.

    Sophia Neville.

    She was absolutely beautiful as one would expect from a young miss of House of Neville - the second strongest aristocrat family in the World Government. Now though, no one dare admire her striking petite figure, cute face, or her glowing pale skin tone.

    The onlookers gulped down as they saw her innocent, misty-blue eyes flaring with anger.

    "I'm not a pervert and you know it!" Sophia's figure blurred and turned illusory.

    The same moment, her body charged through a stream of people on the escalator. Violent flows of energy surged out of her body and concentrated on her right hand which she gripped into a fist.

    Her movements stirred up terrifying energy waves as she rushed forward.

    The people nearby felt the impact as the energy waves slammed into them like a raging tide. They were thrown out of the escalator with their backs protruding out. Streaks of blood spurted out from their mouths as they crashed into walls and floor like dead pigs.

    The metallic stairs and glass handrail completely shattered apart with strong crackling sounds. The motor-driven chain in the escalator exploded into splinters and black smoke.

    Those who had barely escaped the energy waves now suffered from the collapse of the escalator.

    They weren't a bit surprised by her actions.

    How can a naive and pure miss handle such unfounded allegations?

    While they understood her, they felt it was unfair for them to be a casualty of her anger. They were innocents who had come here to attend the grand auction.

    The young men especially wanted to weep. Most of them would have volunteered to teach Kiba a lesson but now there would be no such opportunity. They felt they even lost the opportunity to impress her as they were slammed by energy currents.

    No one had the time to make a sense of the situation or escape from the destruction. Everything so far happened in less than five seconds!

    Ashlyn pressed a foot on the collapsing stair and leaped high into the air. Others similarly used their abilities to escape from the destruction.

    Kiba was still standing on the shattering escalator as it collapsed down to the floor. His body remained straight despite the rampaging energy ripples flowing towards him.

    "Apologise!" Sophia demanded as she threw a punch straight at his chest.

    The energy concentrated on her fist erupted out like an avalanche.

    "Nope!" Kiba casually raised an index finger. "I never apologize for speaking the truth!"

    Amidst the violent destruction, the onlookers were dumbfounded by his attitude. They wondered if he has some mental issues. Otherwise, why else would he first offend the young miss and then bring a finger to face such a powerful punch?

    The punch was strong enough to pulverize the entire floor!

    Most of the people present in the could not even see what was happening due to the intense turbulence of energy.

    Only a few could see the moment when Sophia's fist landed on his finger.


    Intense rumbling sounds reverberated out along with cascading of an annihilative force. The guards and drones that were rushing into the conflict zone were blasted flying into the distance.

    The drones shattered into metallic pieces while letting out a sound of short circuits. It was like they were ruthlessly smashed by a giant.

    The walls and ceiling started showing cracks while the tiles on the floor split into a fine powder. Everywhere there was nothing but smoke and dust.

    When the dust and smoke cloud parted from the center of the conflict zone, the spectators were taken aback. Many of them stumbled down as they saw the scene ahead.

    Kiba has still his finger raised which was in contact with Sophia's fist. They both were standing into the ruins of the escalator but there was not a single scratch on either of them.

    Even his finger didn't show any sign of recoil or buckling.

    "Monster!" A thirty-five years old woman muttered. She has barely managed to stand up after colliding against a wall from the resulting shockwaves, and yet, the target of the attack was totally fine.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "They both are monsters," Her companion corrected her. "A young girl having such a strong power is not normal."

    "This is the difference in the level of evolution," A middle-aged man said. "Age has no role in it."

    Most of the people on the floor were either level I or level II mutants. They were strong in their own right but now, they felt useless.

    "Bloodline and resources is the main reason," A young man complained. "If I had even half their resources..."

    "Don't complain," The young man's guardian chided him. "Besides, we are in the forest for the same reason. You have to earn them or die in the process."

    Resources for advancing into next level were hard to acquire unless one has a powerful background. For those who didn't, they have no choice but to test their lucks in forbidden regions. Opportunites were always accompanied by danger...

    Meanwhile, Sophia lowered her fist.

    She was a bit surprised but not shocked or anything. She has fought Kiba twice before so she knew his strength. This was why she threw such a powerful punch knowing he won't die. She only wanted an apology from him for his actions.

    "That wasn't the truth and you know it," Sophia gritted her teeth.

    "Really?" Kiba asked doubtfully. "I seem to remember differently."


    Sophia recalled how they met when she was taking a bath in the lake over a week ago.

    The memory of their first meeting made her desire to punish this villain stronger. The words he spoke and the logic he used made her very being frustrated.

    She believed he was the real pervert, but by some twisted logic and god knows how, she became the pervert.

    "Shameless scoundrel!"Chapter 202-205
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