313 Temporary Peace

    Inside one of the entrance zone, there was a pin drop silence as Mendel collapsed down after taking a slap.

    The onlookers were stunned. The energy explosion from before has made them weaker even though they were protected by their own abilities and the preventive shields of guards and drones.

    When the explosive energy disappeared, they wondered who has won. They felt it was obvious that "Dark Star" Mendel would be winning, but still, it was terrible that they would not be witnessing the golden-haired man into obliterating out of existence.

    Now, when they finally gained their senses back, the reality was far too different. It was neither to their liking nor it made sense to them.

    Everything took place so quickly that most of them did not see what had happened. All they saw was the final result of Mendel lying among broken pillars and wires. The development was the last thing they ever expected to see in the fair.


    "What's going on with my eyes...I'm seeing something impossible!"

    "Are you also seeing what I'm seeing?!"

    "A Dark Star was defeated?!"

    "Just like that?!"

    "This is not possible!"

    "We are talking about one of the Five Dark Stars here! There is no way that the golden-haired man could be this powerful!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Mendel is almost in mid-stage of Level IV! That would mean...!!"

    The crowd was into an uproar as they discussed the present situation. Many opposite views were shared including Kiba using despicable methods.

    Out of the entire crowd, the guards had the most dejected expression. They looked at their leader in utter shock and horror.

    Mendel was someone they looked upto and admired from their hearts. They knew they lacked both the potential and resources to catch upto him, but they still had this dream.

    Now, their subject of fascination was lying in a pool of his own blood and sweat. His jawline was broken and teeth were falling with blood.

    "Mendel was defeated because he was holding back!" A guard said loudly. He was a devoted follower of Mendel and he refused to believe the outcome.

    "Haven't you seen how he didn't summon the entire dragon?!" Another guard pointed out. They recalled how only a small part of the dragon has turned life-like.


    "If the entire dragon body has materialised then the auditorium would have collapsed!"

    Many of the onlookers readily agreed. The internal seating zones were strongly reinforced but they doubted it could handle the might of Mendel's full power.

    "He was restricting the damage just to this entrance zone! He didn't want the auction to be hindered!" The guard from before added further. He fully believed his own words and the crowd could feel his confidence.

    "That golden-haired took advantage of Mendel's predicament!" Another guard joined in.

    There was no way the guards would allow their hero to fall in the graces of masses. The Dark Stars were sacred existence whose reputation ran the fair. Their fall would lead to massive destruction. So any sign of their weakness has to be prevented and shown as strength.

    "How despicable of that golden-haired man!"

    "He paid mercy in such a way!"

    Kiba didn't care about the discussion. He looked at Mendel who was lying among a mass of debris.

    "You should have stepped back while you still had the chance," Kiba slowly walked forward. "But you didn't and here we are now."

    Veins bulged out of Mendels' neck as Kiba repeated words similar to what he said a few minutes ago.

    Kiba aimed a finger towards him. On his fingertip, golden sparks emerged out of which an intense flash bloomed out.

    A golden beam shot out like a bolt of lightning, carrying a terrifying destructive might as it rushed forward.


    An enormous braid of hair whipped out towards Kiba from above. He leaned sidewards and avoided the drill-like braid that directly slammed into the ground and created an enormous hole.

    It didn't stop as two more braids smashed from both front and back. Kiba leaped in the air and the two braids collided against each other, creating turbulent vibrations that were no less than a quake.

    "Ugly duck...Anamarie!" Kiba identified the master of prehensile hair ability.

    At the same time, dozens of braids appeared before Mendel and fused together in the form of a shield. The sharp end of the braid opened up to expose monstrous-looking fangs and a tunnel-like mouth.

    As the golden beam struck the hair shield, the energy particles from the beam faced a sucking force. They were devoured by the end of the braids.

    Anamarie landed in front of Mendel and the hair shield retraced back to her head. Her hair was like of a banshee, flowing in the air. Her every single hair was no weaker than a reinforced metal.

    "Lady Anamarie!"

    "She is here!"

    "We are saved!"

    The guards instantly rejoiced and cheered up. The crowd, on the other hand, was shocked to see another Dark Star.

    "You have got nerves!" Anamarie raised her hands towards Kiba and ten braids shot out like nails.

    They were thicker in size and the sharp ends were open, emitting a strong devouring force.


    Just then, a loud screeching sound rang in the air, and a blue disc came in sight. Even before anyone could register its movement, it left behind steam of blue ripples.

    The air in front parted as if it was penetrated through as the disc rushed forward. Its sharp edges let out glaring blue sparks as it appeared before the braids.


    It cut right through the braids as if they were made of straws. The broken hair fell on the floor, listless.

    "Urgh" Anamarie cried out in pain.

    She looked up and saw the disc making a sudden curve in the air. At blinding speed, it flew back to a woman clad in a black suit.


    Kiba smiled and stepped towards her. He knew why she intervened now so he decided to end it here.

    After all, killing anyone now would ruin their chances of participating in the auction. Most importantly, Kiba has a use for Dark Stars so he suppressed his murderous intent for now and decided to leave.

    "Unless you want everyone to learn your dirty secrets, I advise you to back off," Kiba's voice entered directly into Anamarie and Mendel's ears. "I still have an auction to attend so goodbye."

    Their expressions turned ugly as they remembered how he blackmailed them a few days ago.

    "Bastard!" Anamarie cursed in her heart. She wished she could strangle him with her hair and throw his corpse among wolves.

    The newly arrived guards looked at her for her orders. They have barricaded the entrance to stop anyone from entering or leaving.

    "Let them go," Anamarie's voice was filled with resentment as she continued. "They are our guests and we should not let things accelerate due to a misunderstanding."

    The guards and crowd were dumbfounded by her words. It was totally against her earlier actions.

    "You are an excellent host, Anamarie," Kiba waved her goodbye. "The world needs more people like you."

    Sophia was startled by such a sudden end of the conflict. She didn't care much so she didn't ask but when she saw Kiba disappearing into the exit, she recalled her goal.

    "Shameless villain! Stop right there and apologize!" Sophia shouted and rushed towards him. "Get ready to punished!"

    Kiba's cheeks twitched as he heard her shout.

    He glanced at Ashlyn and she nodded even before he could propose. Both of them dashed ahead and disappeared in the crowd, out of Sophia's reach.

    Back in the destroyed entrance zone.

    Mendel's hands formed into tight fists while his teeth gritted into each other so roughly that everyone could hear the sharp sound. His right cheek was marked with five red fingers that formed a strange contrast with the left cheek where he has a red tattoo.

    "Don't worry," Anamarie placed a hand over his shoulder. "We will deal with him the moment he leaves the fair."

    Mendel was trembling from anger but he nodded in acknowledgment. He looked forward to taking revenge for today's shame and paying it by countless folds.
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