314 Denisa & Ashlyn

    The auditorium was large with many entrances and exits. There were many other sections besides the seating zones.

    A few minutes later, Kiba and Ashlyn walked through a crowd and arrived in a fairly open space. The auction would be starting in an hour or two, so there was still time.

    "I will check if private booths or premium seats are available," Kiba told her.

    She nodded her head in understanding. He walked towards a booking desk for further enquires.

    Ashlyn silently stood near a pillar. She closed her eyes for temporary rest.

    Just then, a voice came from behind.

    "He is your companion?"

    Ashlyn turned towards the speaker. She saw a woman in either the late thirties or early forties with ivory skin tone, chocolate cherry hair, and a healthy but slender built.

    Ashlyn's eyes focused on the jewelry on her earlobes for a moment. The jewelry was white, star-shaped earrings with red engravings in between.

    "Cult of Asteria," Ashlyn identified what her earrings implied.

    "You are well-informed," The woman smiled and stepped forward. "Forgive my manners. I'm Denisa."

    Ashlyn looked at her for a moment before saying, "Ashlyn."

    "I'm acquainted with Kiba," Denisa said. She was both right or wrong depending on one's definition of being acquainted.

    Two nights ago, she had a one night stand with Kiba. They spent the entire night and a better part of morning together, getting really acquainted.

    Of course, she didn't mention this.

    Ashlyn didn't reply or responded in anyways.

    Denisa let out a bitter smile. She was proud of her ability to read people but now she felt a headache.

    Ashlyn's face was expressionless and cold, or poker to be precise. Denisa hasn't seen any change in her face even before she started a conversation so she knew it was her natural expression.

    "I saw you two close so I wondered if you were companions," Denisa once again said in the hopes of getting a response.

    Ashlyn observed her for a moment before nodding her head.

    "Lovers?" Denisa asked. She has seen traces of warmth in her eyes when she saw Kiba leaving her earlier. Now, that warmth was missing so she asked.

    Ashlyn shook her head.

    "Ah!" Denisa was stunned but she secretly sighed in relief.

    While she was sexually open-minded, even she would have bad if Kiba was cheating on such a gorgeous beauty. Even she felt a desire for Ashlyn, much less a man.

    She believed only a blind man would seek for a one-night stand if he has such a stunning lover with him.

    "That's surprising," Denisa said. "I believe a lovely girl like would not be lacking suitors."

    Ashlyn ignored her comment and turned back.

    Denisa was left in an awkward position. Suppressing her inner embarrassment, she stepped next to her.

    "Please forgive my behavior," Denisa rested her back against the pillar. "I usually don't interfere in the lives of others, much less being so outspoken but..."

    Denisa felt she was going against her own natural personality. She liked people with no strings attached and that's what she admired in Kiba. He didn't ask for any details nor tried to restrict her in anyways when she was leaving after having a wonderful time together.

    "Anyways, I thought you two had something so I came to check," Denisa offered a plausible explanation. "Not like I have any right... I was curious, I guess."

    Ashlyn didn't reply but gave a slight nod of acknowledgment.

    If it was a man, she would have been on guards, and most likely, kneed him in the crotch. She has found most men were only interested in "rocking her world" even though she has no clear idea on whatever it meant. She felt whatever it was, it wasn't anything good given the lewd expression the men would have when they would mutter those words.

    Denisa looked in distance where Kiba was booking seats with a staff member.

    "He is good, no, very good," Denisa remarked with a knowing smile. "If you know what I mean."

    Denisa turned her head towards the twenty-one years old. She was dumbfounded to see a questioning expression on Ashlyn's face.

    "What do you mean?" Ashlyn asked for the first time.

    "..." Denisa was left speechless. She felt sweat rising up on her back as Ashlyn continued to stare at her for an answer.

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    "Don't tell me she is a..." Denisa wondered in her heart with shock.

    She refused to believe no man ever tried to get in her pants. That was just impossible as far as she was concerned.

    She looked back in Kiba's direction and wondered why he didn't try. Recalling how he approached her for one night stand, she was sure he has skills in seduction.

    "How can an irresistible girl like her remain untouched?!" Denisa started doubting the working of the world.

    What she didn't know was that many have tried.

    Even in the forest, more than fifty men tried to get in Ashlyn's pants. They failed but they didn't leave empty-handed. Ashlyn made sure that she smashed their nuts and left them breathless on the ground.

    Her potential suitors were left in such a state, that in the future, they could never enjoy a woman nor have any descendant...

    "There are different ways to live life," Denisa took a deep breath before continuing. "And no way is ever wrong as long as you live."

    "?" Ashlyn stared at her again.

    Denisa felt she was speaking to a teenager instead of a legal adult. She could have understood her clueless personality if it was previous eras, but it was 21 st century and an era of advancement and wonders.

    She felt Ashlyn must have lived a confined lifestyle with restrictions to the outside world.

    "Living is different than simply existing," Denisa explained patiently. "And I might be wrong, but I think, you are just simply existing. So I apologize if I'm overstepping my boundaries."

    Ashlyn didn't reply but she has a thoughtful expression.

    "What I want to say is - live your life. That's it," Ashlyn said with a low sigh. "Everyone has their own meaning of what living means but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say."

    "What does it means for you?" Ashlyn enquired.

    She recalled a few things in her life. Mainly her own cursed existence, her time in the orphanage, and the house of her adopted parents.

    She then remembered the time she has spent with Kiba. She has seen him taking sadistic pleasure while toying with his opponents and wondered if that was also a way of living life.

    "For me?" Denisa thought for a moment before saying further, "Falling in love; growing up; exploring the world, and making mistakes - both big and small. Honestly, it is hard to really explain since my priorities have changed from time to time just like everyone else in the world."

    Ashlyn looked at her.

    "I'm a different person than I was when I was in my twenties," Denisa explained what she meant. "You change with age and experience. At that time, for me, life was more about falling in love and having some fun with people I liked."

    "Love...grow...explore... mistakes... fun," Ashlyn muttered.

    It was the first time she had such a conversation.

    Sure, she has experienced the virtual recording of Maiden's Love Circle, but for her, that changed nothing. She neither understood what Theresa said nor cared enough to know.

    As for Kiba, he has tried to teach her in his small ways about living life, but he didn't get much success.

    In the end, he was a male. Most things were restricted and out of his scope thanks to the barrier of gender and female experience.

    "Live your life before it is too late," Denisa brushed away a strand of hair on Ashlyn's face. "Remember - An adventure is not an adventure if it doesn't concern your own happiness."

    Denisa lowered her hand and looked at the breathtaking face again.

    "See ya~" Denisa took her leave when she noticed Kiba walking in their direction.

    Ashlyn looked at her fading figure in the crowd before saying, "Thanks."

    Denisa was among a stream of people but she heard Ashlyn.

    "As long as you learn something, that would be enough for me," Denisa said before disappearing.

    Kiba arrived before Ashlyn and took a glance in the direction where Denisa disappeared.

    "What did she wanted?" Kiba asked. He was secretly worried if she has said something that would spoil his honest reputation.

    "Nothing," Ashlyn answered with a rare smile. "In fact, she wanted to give something,"

    Her smile was beautiful like a ray of sunlight in cold winter. It carried traces of spring that could melt even the coldest heart.

    Kiba felt his heart thumping loudly. She was truly more beautiful than any scenery he has seen in his life.

    He controlled his emotions and closed his eyes. He didn't want to stare at her and make her feel uncomfortable.

    Kiba was puzzled as well. He wanted to ask further about what she meant, but knowing her, he felt she has already spoken more than she would.

    Ashlyn's smile didn't fade for a long time.

    Sometimes, in life, you meet a stranger who makes the most profound impression on you. The words of that stranger feel more close to heart than that of family or friend.

    Denisa was that stranger in Ashlyn's life.

    Would this impression actually make a difference in her life? That was hard to tell. It is a story for another day...
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