315 VIPs

    Kiba was not able to book a private booth as they were already booked by others. As for the front row seats opposite to the stage, they were also booked or reserved as they were in equal demands as private booths. Both equally costly.

    His only choice was either the premium seats on the first floor or the ordinary seats. It wasn't really a much choice so he purchased two premium seats for him and Ashlyn.

    Their seats were towards the end of the first floor. Since the floor was raised, it offered a nice arrangement. The seats were not bad as they were sofas with total comfort. It more felt a movie theatre when he saw staff taking orders for food and other arrangements. Of course, one has to pay from own pocket.

    Everyone has to deposit an amount to the auction house in good faith. It would be returned after the end of the auction as long as the amount wasn't used.

    Kiba brought his eyes on the auction stage.

    The stage was large. Currently, it was curtained by red drapes. On either side of the stage, there were large virtual screens. They would activate the moment the auction began and show the items on the stage so that everyone could witness them without any difficulty.

    Kiba looked around and noticed a few familiar faces from the inn and shops he has earlier visited. He wondered if he would see Pythia here.

    "Given her status, the auction house would beg her to have a private booth," Kiba mused with a smile. "But since she has the power of time, it is unlikely she would come unless she finds an irresistible item for sale."

    He then thought of Denisa who was having a conversation with Ashlyn before. He was really curious about what she said for Ashlyn to have such a beautiful smile.

    Kiba took a glance at her. She has her eyes closed and there was a serene expression on her face.

    "As long as she is happy... it is fine," Kiba relaxed and made himself comfortable in his seat.

    More people entered the auditorium.

    The guests from the nine aristocratic families and other powerful factions were personally escorted by staff members. The male patrons were greeted by pretty women who were dressed in revealing outfits that left little to the imagination.

    The owners of the auction house demanded the female staff to serve the rich patrons in every possible way. For the auction house, it meant happy guests which in turn would result in more profit. It was a win-win for the auction house so they spent a fortune in hiring beautiful staff. The fact that the fair wasn't governed by the government also helped. They could openly practice slavery - a right that was exclusive to very few factions in the world, unknown to the masses.

    The men on ordinary seats looked at the VIPs and the female escort staff with strong jealousy. They desired to be treated the same guy.

    The young male VIPs from important factions felt the gazes from ordinary seats. Their lips curled up in disdainful smiles and they hauntingly grabbed the ass of the female escort team. They even cupped the breasts of women staff while looking towards the common seats. A minute later, they turned around and walked towards their booths.

    As the VIP patrons entered the private booths, the ordinary patrons couldn't help but wonder what type of services the VIPs enjoyed. When they saw the attractive female staff carrying trays of fruits and juices inside the booths, their minds instantly imagined an erotic scenario.

    In the scene, the alluring female would personally feed the fruits to their patrons. The male patrons would ask for more and the women would open their robes to expose two tasty watermelons and a strawberry pie. The men then would ravish the sweetest fruits in existence...

    The male onlookers outside the booths felt their blood boiling in excitement. Many of them started bleeding from their noses as they daydreamed about the exclusive service.

    They wished their families had a strong heritage and then, even they could have beauties fawning over them.

    Inside one of the VIP booths, the two guests laughed. They were seated on comfortable sofas while on the armrests, there was female staff. The females were all smiles as they gave a gentle massage to their patrons.

    "Did you see that?" A twenty-something male named Maynard asked his friend. The transparent glass walls allowed them to see both the stage and the seats on the lower floor.

    "Haha, yes," His friend named Vasco nodded. "They were so jealous that they were bleeding."

    "They don't even realize the difference in status!" Maynard scornfully said. "They are only servants to our nine families."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    He was aware of the workings of the government so he knew the image of democracy was created to deceive the masses. Neither the senators nor the president of the government had real powers.

    All power resided with the World Council; among which nine seats were permanently reserved for the nine aristocrat families. It wouldn't be wrong to say the descendants of the nine families were any less than royal offsprings of the previous era.

    "Had they begged me, I could have let them experience this," Vasco said while fondling the ass of a woman. "They could never feel such a cute ass anyways."

    The woman named Marita smiled but deep in her eyes, there was helplessness and despair. She secretly reminded herself to not slack off and ensure her guests had the best time.

    Vasco felt her ass cheeks more and pressed them tightly.

    She was well-versed in the art of ego-stroking so she let out soft moans of pleasure.

    "Ohhh! Young master, this feels so good," Marita said while biting her lips.

    "You haven't experienced the real good," Vasco pointed to his pants. There was a barely noticeable bulge on his crotch area. "Soon, you would be screaming so loud that those commoners would hear you!"

    "I couldn't wait, young master," Marita said excitedly while inwardly completing the sentence, "To get this boring ** finished."
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