319 Bidding War

    Both young and old elites felt equal envy. They glanced in the direction of the private booth while wondering just who was this crazy-rich young miss.

    They could not see inside but the soft voice from before gave them an idea of her age. This factored along with a reservation in the private booth made them know for sure she was from a powerful background.

    In the first seating row across the stage, Anamarie and Mendel were sitting. They looked at each other and smiled. For them and others in the front seating rows, Seven-petal Golden Rose was precious but not worth enough to contest.

    Besides, Anamarie and Mendel were not here for participating in the auction. They were here just to represent Dark Stars.

    Still, they felt great to see Kiba in the current predicament.

    "$500000, Dustless Yarrow, Three-colored Cherrymist, Echinacea, and Ice Essence Lotus," Kiba made another bid.

    "Why are you being so cheap by bidding such a low amount?" Sophia asked from her booth. "I'm doubling the money."

    People in both private booths and other seating zones felt their lips twitching.


    Miss! You have no idea what that word means!!

    If he was bidding low then what about us less mortals who only spent less than $10000?!

    Are we beggars?!

    Most bitterly realized they could compete with anyone but not this young miss who would double the bid without any thinking. She was just too dangerous!

    Kiba glanced at the stage and noticed the excitement in Wassily's eyes as the bidding proceeded. He could bid higher but he knew this was a lost cause that would only benefit the auction house and no one else.

    "You can have the rose," Kiba said.

    "Huh? You are admitting defeat?" Sophia asked with a satisfied smile.

    "Yeap," Kiba said with a smile. He made a reminder for himself to teach this miss a lesson later on.

    Ashlyn turned towards him. She was back to her usual self, the serene smile has faded after the auction started.

    "You can borrow from me," Ashlyn said. She knew he wanted the rose as he has shared the list of items he needed.

    "Naa," Kiba thanked her for her offer. "I can purchase the rose if I use those fruits we acquired but then only the auction house would get rich. And don't worry, my luck is usually good at getting what I want so this loss is not really a loss."

    Ashlyn looked at him for a moment and nodded her head.

    Wassily was abit dejected that Kiba didn't continue to bid further.

    "Oh well, I have already made a good amount," Wassily was happy by the result.

    He looked at the audience, and said, " Here is the next item."

    Yasmine showcased a small metallic cube of dimensions 10*10*10 cm. Its black surface was engraved with strange runic designs.

    Wassily snapped his fingers and on the virtual screens alongside the stage, a video started playing.

    The video showcased a lonely desert upon which an individual was standing. This person has placed the cube in a hand and pressed the surface.

    The same moment, the top surface of the cube started opening in a mechanical fashion. The runic design on the cube flashed brightly as the top surface parted.

    The very next moment, rays of light swept out from the open portion like a vortex. The vortex was akin to the mouth of a humongous beast and it devoured everything in diameter of one mile. The area in one mile was no longer a desert...entire sand was sucked inside.

    The cube closed and the video ended.

    "This device is known as Devouring Sky Cube," Wassily proceeded ahead to explain. "It was retrieved from some forbidden ruins that were remnants of the Celestial Elysian Plane."

    The crowd nodded in understanding but they were also confused. The name of the cube sounded so mighty and its ability was deathly as well.

    So why would the auction house sell it? Wouldn't one of the Dark Stars be more interested in it?"

    Did the owner want it to be auctioned in exchange for some treasure?

    Or was the cube damaged?

    "I'm sure you have doubts," Wassily said with a friendly smile. "We don't understand the workings of the cube properly and during its use, well, let's say, the cube lost most of its functions. As of now, it could be used once for an area of half a mile. In the hands of its rightful master, I'm sure the cube would regain the might that suits its name. I pray for the cube to find its true master here."

    The top experts in the audience instantly lost interest. They knew it better than to trust Wassily's words and fall for his illusion of grandeur. Who was to say the cube would even work for once after the words he has spoken on how it lost most of its function?

    If any problem occurred, the auction house could easily pass the blame to the customer. They could reason how they have explained about the possible defects.

    The level I and level II mutants, on the other hand, wanted to acquire the cube as its one use was a powerful trump card.

    Sadly, they were worried about the price. Gritting their teeth, they decided to bid and see if their luck was good enough.

    In the meantime, Kiba's eyes zoomed on the cube.

    Everything else disappeared from his sight as his vision passed through the layers of the top surface. He found an unknown obstacle restricting his enhanced vision.

    More strength coursed through his pupils, and finally, he was able to see the mystic mechanism.

    "Ah!" Kiba checked the cube more carefully. The technology could not have been any familiar to him as he has witnessed in BSE79.

    "It is a real offensive treasure," Kiba thought. "But a type I'm in no need of."

    He glanced at Ashlyn and thought for a bit.

    "It isn't suitable for either," Kiba decided to not participate but then suddenly, he thought of something.

    "$100000 and 20 grade I Energy Gems," Kiba made a bid.

    "Damn! He is participating again!!" People cursed in their hearts.

    Those who thought they had a chance were no longer confident. Their hearts bleed as they thought of Energy Gems. They were rare gemstones that could be used to restore stamina and escape from exhaustion.

    "He is going to get it so no use of trying."

    The other bidders gave up.

    Just then, from one of the private booths, Sophia's voice came out, "You are bidding so low for a rare artifact. I'm increasing the amount twice."

    Kiba's lips curved in a smile but he quickly sported a heavy expression.

    "You win again," Kiba let out a sigh.

    "Obviously I did!" Sophia was pleased. She didn't want to let the shameless villain win for even once.

    The middle-aged woman beside her turned rigid. She felt her young miss was being played...

    Another item came on the stage. It was a strange fruit that aroused much interest.

    Even before the auctioneer could ask for the bidding to start, Kiba opened his lips and said, "$50000 and a grade I crimson mushroom."

    Sophia's bid came the very next moment. Kiba engaged with her in few rounds but ultimately, she won.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    For her, everything she has spent so far didn't really didn't affect her. The real wealth she had was reserved for the core region. Monetary cards or the items acquired for her by her guards didn't mean a thing.

    And she couldn't have been happier to see them being used to teaching the shameless scoundrel a lesson. The more she looked at his heavy expression, the gladder she felt.

    Kiba made a bid for another item and Sophia once again won. The process continued for two more items.

    "Miss, I think he is just unnecessarily provoking you," The middle-aged woman said. "He is not interested in buying those items..."

    "I know!" Sophia might be young and left a closed life but even she realized something amiss. "But it still feels good to win against him!"



    In the meantime.

    The young masters from aristocratic families, in the private booths, looked in Sophia's direction. Her private booth was sealed from their vision but they could visualize her from their memories.

    Many of them were acquainted with her and knew her personality. She was cute and young but she was also crazy fiend.

    Vasco and Maynard were also acquainted with her. Vasco has even tried to court her but was refused point-blank. To please her and get her favor, he was ready to do anything. He could imagine how his standing would rise in his family if he got married to her.

    As he thought of it, he slapped the butt of the female staff in his private booth. He then looked out of his booth and brought his eyes on Kiba.

    Vasco smiled in disdain.

    Kiba was seating in premium seats which were just slightly better than ordinary seats and since he was far from private reserved booths, he most likely has no background to speak of.

    Yet he wanted to compete with a young miss from an aristocrat family!?

    "That commoner is trying to embarrass himself!" Vasco sneered.

    Maynard agreed with his friend...

    The next item on the stage was a set of three seeds. They were of different colors.

    Everyone looked at the seeds carefully and were left disappointed by the texture. The seeds appeared to be decayed and ancient with no vitality inside them.

    "The records we have hints they are seeds of a legendary tree," Wassily shared further details. "In the right environment, they would gain vitality and nourish into legendary trees. They just need nourishment and care."

    The screens on either side of the stage showcased the details about the seeds. Many surprised gasps filled the auditorium.

    Kiba checked the seeds and thought, "He is not wrong about their origin but the seeds are fully dead. There is not even a trace of the essence and as such, no chances of reviving to former glory. They are completely worthless."

    With a smile, he made a bid of $50000 and two grade I fruits and said, "Please let me have them!"

    Sophia doubled the price and said, "In your dreams unless you apologize."

    With a heavy expression, Kiba increased the bid by half.

    At the same time, in Sophia's private booth.

    "Miss, you are not winning," The middle-aged woman explained. "He is having fun by seeing how you believe you are winning and wasting your money. So it is him who is actually winning and not you."

    Sophia's eyebrows knitted. She thought her servant's words made complete sense.

    "That villain!" Sophia was angry as she realized how he had fun at her expense.

    She decided to not bid and let that scoundrel win this round. She couldn't wait to see his reaction.

    "Oh well," Kiba let out a soft sigh.

    He has heard the conversation so he knew. He didn't really mind being a loser in this round as everything he has done so far was both for the future and also paying Sophia back.

    In a way, he let Sophia get Sky Devouring Cube for her efforts to intervene when he was facing Mendel. She has tried to 'save' him even though he didn't really need any saving.

    As for the subsequent rounds, it was a bit of payback.

    Also, he knew she would sooner or later realize his scheme, and as such, she wouldn't fight with him for more items. After all, she would be worried that he was just trying to trick her again. This would help him in purchasing the items he wants without worrying about her.

    The auctioneer called out the price twice and saw no increase, so he was about to declare Kiba the winner when a male voice intervened.

    It was Vasco.

    "Sophia, my love, don't worry, I will teach that commoner a lesson," Vasco thought in his heart. He was sure sooner he would be able to share words from his heart with her.

    "I will buy those seeds for her," Vasco said to himself.

    Then, in a loud voice, he increased Kiba's bid by twice.

    Sophia: "....."

    Kiba: "..."

    Both Kiba and Sophia were left speechless for a long time.

    Kiba clearly identified him as the man who was earlier expressing disdain to 'commoners'. He has seen how he behaved before so he has a pretty much good idea on what Vasco was thinking.

    Kiba was amused as he thought of the tone used by Vasco when he made the bid.

    "I'm a commoner now."

    Inside her booth, Sophia also identified the voice and thought, "That pig is here?"

    She recalled Vasco and his friend. They have met in the State of Avalon a few times, and every time, those two would try to court her.

    She followed her mother's words and showed no interest as she was truly not interested. She clearly remembered the way Vasco treated female servants so his impression further fell.

    Sophia facepalmed as she thought why he was intervening.

    "But he is actually helping that villain!" Sophia was incensed. "Now, that villain would have more fun."
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