321 Just Wait!

    Vasco showcased Marita and said, "This bitch couldn't get enough of my cock!"

    "That's another indication you have a short cock," Kiba said as a matter of factly.


    Vasco was left fuming. He has wanted to prove Kiba's earlier statements wrong, which is why he made this declaration about Marita. He firmly believed the humiliation he suffered would be washed by his declaration, and yet the situation only got worse.

    Vasco started at Kiba with a ferocious expression. If looks could kill, Kiba would have died god knows how many times.

    The entire auditorium was completely silent.

    Almost everyone in the auditorium was having fun in one way or the other. The way they giggled and snickered couldn't have made it more obvious.

    Even the experts and old-timers were amused.

    Perhaps, the happiest people were those in ordinary seating zones.

    When Vasco and Maynard first arrived in the auditorium, those in the ordinary seating zones became a subject of humiliation. The way the two young masters showed-off their special reception made the ordinary masses felt doubtful of their existence.

    Now, the same ordinary masses got to witness Vasco becoming a joke.

    Earlier, no one would have believed words could hurt more than a physical attack. But seeing the flushed and angered face of Vasco, they no longer doubted the might of words.

    Vasco was trembling from anger, his body on verge of explosion. He looked out from his open booth to the floor below where Kiba was present.

    There was such a high difference in status, and yet, he found himself to be on the receiving end of the worst type of humiliation a man could ever face. Steam continued to draw out of his ears and his eyes flashed with rage as he looked at Kiba.

    "This noble-blooded young master first gave me permission to state my guest without worries, but then he got angry," Kiba wondered aloud. "And now he is looking at me like some fierce dog just because I pointed out a few facts. He is really strange."

    "Commoner!" Vasco shouted. "I can hear you!"

    Kiba looked confused.

    He brought his eyes on Vasco and said, "Of course, you can. No one said your ears were defective unlike...well, nevermind."

    Kiba didn't complete his words. But for the audience, it wasn't hard to guess what he wanted to imply.

    Vasco was having a hard time restraining himself. He was verge on passing out just from anger.

    It was the first time that thousands of people were doubting his manhood and even he started feeling same.

    No! There is no way this is true!!

    No woman has ever complained! They all squealed when I swept inside!!

    Vasco reasoned to self and yet, he couldn't help but remember all his bed companions so far were hired.

    Not conquered or courted.

    Vasco glanced at Marita and then clawed his hand on her wrist. Marita grimaced with tears bubbling up in her eyes.

    "Surely you are not going to show how big of a man you are by harming some poor servant girl, right?" Kiba asked, his tone changed.

    She has done no wrong to him so he wouldn't let her hurt because of him.

    "Besides, shouldn't you be grateful to her?" Kiba put a hand over his chin and asked.

    "Grateful?!" Vasco was dumbfounded.

    "Yes," Kiba gave a slight nod and said. "She is obliged to make you feel great, so she let you believe you are not some pencil dick."

    As soon as he completed his sentence, almost everyone started laughing loudly.

    "Commoner!" Vasco pushed Marita away and focused on Kiba. "Learn your place!"

    Vasco's pupils brightened with a cyan glow that wrapped the entire eyes. Then, two optic beams shot down with incredible speed. They rushed straight as Kiba's chest, to destroy his vitals.

    The ripples from the blazing optic blasts made people close their eyes.

    At the same time, in the front seating row, Mendel and Anamarie jumped on their feet. They charged towards Kiba; not to save him but save Vasco for they know his strength.

    "That idiot doesn't know he is kicking an iron sheet!" Mendel cursed Vasco in his heart. "Why do these youths have to be so brained dead?!"

    Vasco was just a Level I mutant and from Mendel's perspective, no different than an ordinary human. As a Dark Star, he didn't want a descendant of an aristocrat family to die here and impact the working of the fair.

    Meanwhile, with great ease, Kiba leaned back as the optic beams rushed at him.

    The two bright cyan energy beams swept past and slammed on a chair some distance away. The chair blasted into pieces and the person sitting on it crashed onto the floor, heavily injured.

    Mendel and Anamarie were just twenty steps away when a strange event occurred.

    Vasco felt a strange but stifling gravitational force enveloping him. It was like he was a metallic pin pulled down by an enormous magnet.


    Vasco let out a miserable shriek. His body smashed through the railing as it shot downwards like a meteorite.

    Vasco crashed into the smooth floor. The tiles underneath his body cracked like a growing spider web.

    "You are really hard to understand," Kiba arrived before him. "You first harm some poor individual and then try to commit suicide."

    Kiba grabbed Vasco by his wrist to pull him up.

    Vasco wanted to curse but he was far too overwhelmed. His face turned deathly pale as he felt energy waves erupting on his wrist that phased into his bloodstream. Tears streamed down his cheeks and he screamed loudly.

    "It would be all right," Kiba tried to pacify him. "The pain from such a falling is intense but you will overcome."

    Vasco's scream died in his throat. He wanted to scream and shout, but he was helpless.

    Just then, Mendel arrived, a few steps away. He was about to ask Kiba to leave Vasco, when suddenly, Kiba tossed Vasco like a human sack.

    With a thud sound, Vasco collapsed into Mendel.

    "No matter your background, the law enforcement here is truly strict, " Kiba sat back in his chair. "Two Dark Stars have come to punish an offender. What a great example."

    Mendel's face sunk. He checked vitals of Vasco and found his meridians were destroyed into a broken mess by some rampaging force.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "But please, be humane," Kiba requested with a smile. "He has suffered grave injuries from fall so help him recover. You can punish him later."

    Bastard! There is no way this internal mess is from falling!

    Mendel wanted to curse but he restrained himself.

    Anamarie glanced at Kiba but ultimately didn't say anything. She turned around and left along with Mendel.

    "Just let this auction be over and you will learn your place," Anamarie swore in her heart.
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