324 As Expected!

    (A/N: Two chapters combined into one!)

    No one dared trust their ears.

    Maddox was asking for another fruit?! And even saying the extra six months vitality didn't make any difference?!

    Does he think vitality enhancing fruits were some common cabbages?!

    Wassily stared at Maddox for a long time. It wasn't hard for him or others to understand his intentions.

    Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.

    Kiba knitted his eyebrows.

    He only has one such fruit, and even that was acquired due to actions of some fools who wanted to cause trouble.

    As for why he didn't show any hesitation or discomfort, it was rather simple. The fruit has no value for him.

    None compared to what was at stake for him.

    Maddox looked at Kiba with a sly smile. He knew he was asking for a fortune, but he has confidence.

    Ashlyn stretched her left hand out. On her palm, out of nowhere, clusters of light appeared. They converged together to transform into a reddish-green fruit.

    "That's...!" Maddox's breathing turned heavy.

    "A Life Boost Fruit!" Wassily stumbled a step back in shock. He rubbed his eyes and checked the item in her hands.

    "How did such rare fruits become so common?!" Anamarie was having a hard time making sense of things.

    Kiba was also surprised. He wasn't aware of her having such a fruit.

    Without saying anything, she placed the fruit in his hand.

    Maddox and others were stunned. Even though her actions seemed obvious after she retrieved the fruit, the actual act made them dumbfounded.

    "Did I see it right?!"

    "She is giving him such a precious fruit?!"

    "Are they both insane?!"

    A few seats away, Lambert and Pollard looked at each other. They both analyzed Ashlyn's actions and instantly reached to same conclusion:

    Nutcracking Demoness is under complete control of the traitor!

    "Ashlyn," Kiba didn't know what to say.

    He might not find life-extending fruits valuable, but he knew their worth. They were priceless...

    "You can pay me later," Ashlyn said after which she closed her eyes.

    "Yeah," Kiba smiled in response.

    He brought his eyes on Maddox and showed him the two fruits. The one he had could enhance vitality almost by a year while the one Ashlyn gave could boost lifespan by 6-7 months.

    A staff member handed him the winning item while taking away the two fruits. The staff member returned to backstage.

    Maddox was all smiles as he saw the distant silhouette of the staff member. He knew he just must wait for the auction to end and those fruits would be in his hands.

    Just then, a cold voice entered his ears.

    "Greed is so destructive that it destroys everything."

    Startled, he turned back but Kiba ignored his response...

    The auction resumed with more items. Some of them were precious enough to catch the eyes of the representatives of important factions.

    An hour later, the last item was sold.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, the auction is not yet over," Wassily said with a cheerful smile.

    "The auction is not over?"

    Guests from both floors of auditorium wondered aloud.

    "Well, it has but not entirely," Wassily informed his patrons. "Let me show you what I meant."

    A section of the floor opened, and a metallic column rose up. Above it, a glass box was placed, covered by a red cloth that made it impossible for even those with enhanced eyesight to investigate.

    "Is it another item?" The crowd wondered why the secrecy.

    Wassily could have just auctioned it with other items. They looked at him with a questioning look.

    Wassily easily understood the thoughts running in their minds.

    "This item is not for sale," Wassily signalled his assistant. "At least, not for now."

    Yasmine picked the cloth and let everyone see the item inside the glass box. It was a mass of a jelly-like crystalline ore with its dimensions even lesser than a baby's fist.

    The crystalline ore has glowing particles flowing through it, following some principle that was hard to grasp for a human mind. It was completely translucent, colorless despite the glowing particles, and seen-through.

    The ore was beautiful like a mighty ocean and limitless sky...

    As long as one sees it for even once, it was hard to concentrate on anything else. Despite the glass seal and the force field protection, everyone could feel the fluctuations radiated by the crystalline ore.

    "These energy fluctuations are like the life of a new-born! Pure and innocent!"

    "What is it?"

    Most people were completely clueless about the identity of the core. They just continued to stare but those in the front rows and VIP booths were shell-shocked. Their expression instantly changed into shock and disbelief as soon as they felt the fluctuations.

    "Body Molding Ore!" Abbasov exclaimed. "One can use it to create a new body!"

    "What?!" The auditorium went into a frenzy. Discussion started with everyone's eyes still glued on the stage.

    "Creation of a new body is different than cloning," A knowledgeable middle-aged shared information. "The Body Molding Ore offers more of symbiosis function along with a strong ability to adaptability. But unlike most symbiosis' genetic material, this crystalline ore has no instinct of its own. So, by borrowing principles from both hybridization and cloning, it is possible to have a perfect body of own without the usual side effects of cloning..."

    "A new body!"

    "In the long run, it is better than those vitality fruits!"

    "I need to purchase it!"

    "My old man is at his life's end! He needs it!"

    "My mother is in a coma and she can only awaken if her physical body's condition improves... I'm going to purchase it!"

    "Fuck your senile parents, you dimwits! I need to have a trump card when death comes for me...And this core sounds like a very good option for me!"

    "Damn you! Even if you have the core, you would need to hire top scientists! No genetic scientist would help an idiot like you!"

    "I have money and resources so I will get what I want!"

    On the stage, Wassily was smiling from ear to ear as he listened to the chatter. He knew the effect of this new item would have on people. Some would desire it for their loved ones as they approached their life's end. While most of them wanted it for themselves. After all, the greatest fear in the world was death. People would jump on any chance to delay it even if it was just by an hour.

    "Ladies and gentlemen," Wassily clapped his hands to get the crowd's attention back.

    "This item would be sold in the next auction, i.e. after the closing of the core region. Many of you would be exploring the core region when it opens, and in the process, you would acquire priceless treasures. But remember, nothing is as precious as life! And this Body Molding Ore is another chance for life! So make sure you attend the next auction 50 days later! If you acquire a treasured item from the core region, it wouldn't be impossible for you to purchase this ore!"

    The patrons erupted into another discussion.

    Not many attended the first auction as it was before the core region opened. As such, the items were not that precious. But it would be obviously different in the second auction.

    Kiba didn't listen to the chatter and discussion. He didn't care for the words spoken by Wassily either.

    As soon as he saw the crystalline ore, he has only one thought: "I must get it now!"

    He didn't need it to create a body of his own. He knew that was impossible for him as his body was different than others.

    In his highly advanced lab where every equipment was high-tech, he has tried to clone parts of his body but only achieved failure. This was not due to lack of skills or knowledge but rather lack of data on cosmic genetic material. Cosmic Spark would mask his genetic material from the technology of humans, and as such, it was impossible to duplicate his body.

    Kiba neither needed it for him or for even Felicity. For Felicity, it was no option due to the nature of damage the nanites did it in the genetic functions linked with consciousness. If he created a new body, it would still have the same problem as her original.

    He needed this ore for the most important entity in his life.

    The one who has given total support to him whether he was Kiba or Zed.

    Who could it be if not Claudia?

    She was an advanced Artificial Intelligence and not a biological organism. As such, she has no physical body except for the core that served as her source and brain.

    She has personality, intelligence, and self-awareness. And just like any human being, she was constantly learning and changing from experience.

    Could she still be called just a machine?

    Claudia might not be a living being from a traditional point of view, but for him, she was no less than a human.

    She only lacked a physical body...

    While she hasn't expressed any wish to have a real body, he was sure she would love to have one.

    Body of a human and not that of a robot or cyborg.

    If it was a few days ago, he would lack both the confidence and ability to construct a human body. The presence of this crystalline ore wouldn't have made any difference. After all, the ore contained life energy that would only match with the consciousness of a living organism.

    Even now, this problem existed but thanks to his meeting with Pythia, he has some possible solution in mind.

    Pythia has acquired a Legacy Orb dealing with the life of Asmodeus Freyr Burislav. She has used this Legacy Orb to explain Kiba about various branches of immortality.

    He was not interested in immortality but now, he was glad she explained to him in details. Thanks to that, he has some ideas on using the principles of immortality to construct a body for Claudia.

    Specifically, he planned to use the basic concept from Parasitic Immortality and use it to construct neuron receptors that could resonate with processors constructed to Claudia's orb.

    Of course, so far, everything was just in theory. He would need more resources and even after that, success was not guaranteed.

    But for now, the faint hope was more than enough.

    Kiba opened his eyes and smiled. Ashlyn noticed his expression and wondered if he was also interested in buying that item.

    On the stage, Yasmine put the red cloth back on the glass box. Wassily was ready to end the auction when he saw Kiba standing up from his seat.

    "What?" Wassily enquired as he saw Kiba taking a step towards the stage.

    "I have a schedule to keep," Kiba's steps were slow and relaxed as he continued. "Due to which, I would be in time constraints and most likely, I won't get the chance to attend the second auction."

    He has given his words to Agatha to return in two months. So far, it has been a little over two weeks. and by the time the core region opened, and his exploration ended, he would be close to the deadline. At that time, he couldn't afford to wait for a week or two just for the second auction to start.

    "You are a valued patron, but I can't change the rules for you," Wassily internally snorted in disdain. If Kiba couldn't attend the second auction, then he has lost his value as a patron now.

    "There must be a way," Kiba pressed for leniency.

    "There is," Wassily thought for a moment before continuing. "If you have a truly precious item whose worth is no less than a treasure from the core region."

    "Oh!" Kiba nodded with a pondering expression. "I understand."

    "So do you still want Body Molding Ore?" Wassily asked.

    "Yes," Kiba continued to step slowly towards the stage.

    Everyone looked at him and wondered what he has to offer. They wondered if he has some supreme treasure or precious resource if he wants to exchange such a valuable item.

    "He must be really confident if he thinks he could purchase it," A young master from an aristocrat family said.

    "It is definitely not vitality extending items! They are precious but not as precious as this ore!"

    "What item do you think he has?" A female miss asked her friends.

    "Maybe some treasure map of the core region? After all, any information about that region is truly precious."

    "Naa! A map is not an equal exchange! There is no way the auction house would give him the crystalline ore for that."

    "Maybe some key or an alien relic carrying secrets of Celestial Elysian Plane?"

    "It is possible."

    Anamarie, Mendel, and a dozen of others on the front rows wondered what he has to offer.

    Wassily looked at Kiba with a curious expression while wondering the same. He inwardly thought he would not let Kiba scam him with any item that was even 1% less precious than the crystalline body molding ore.

    "What do you have to offer, kid?" Mendel asked loudly. He didn't want to drag time if the item Kiba wants to exchange was useless.

    Kiba didn't reply but his eyes flickered.

    With a speed that eyes could not register, Kiba smashed a palm on the transparent force field surrounding the stage. Golden ripples cascaded out of his palm surface and crashed into the force field.

    The ripples carried intense vibrations that spread throughout the force field. Every object has a weaker point and the golden ripples swept towards the weak points.

    In the case of this force field, this weakness was its power source. Over a hundred pod-like discs implanted below the stage were the power source.

    The golden ripples rampaged through them and they started emitting a buzzing sound. The devices responsible for a force field that was strong enough to handle a few attacks from a strength-type Level IV mutant was malfunctioning from inside.


    The entire stage shook with heavy noises, and under the shocked stares of everyone, the force field began to crack apart into brilliant sparks. It has not been even two seconds from the time Kiba smashed his palm to the present rumbling.


    The force field exploded like an eggshell.


    A massive storm of force field fragments erupted in all directions, carrying deadly force.

    A small fragment crashed into a power circuit nearby, and the lights above the stage instantly dimmed. The virtual screens alongside disappeared with strong buzzing sound.

    Wassily's complexion changed instantly. He wasn't particularly strong, and this was why he only managed auctions.

    Chi~ Chi~

    Wassily stepped back from the glass treasure chest as dozens of glass-like energy fragments swept towards him.

    He pressed on a specially manufactured protective charm and rays of light swept out to surround him with a barrier. Yasmine did the same and she ran backstage to save her life.

    At the same time, the guests on the front rows jumped from their chairs and leaped back. A few of them, who were not fast enough, were sent flying back as the fragments struck into them. They released terrible shrieks as the blood inside them tumbled like a rampaging beast.

    For most, the exclusive seats in the front became a source of absolute misery.

    Anamarie gave a light snort as the force field fragments drew towards her. Her hair rose into the air and two braids whipped forward, their open ends emitting a devouring force. The fragments disappeared among her hair.

    More braids swept out and sucked the fragments of force field. Her quick action saved a lot of lives, but she wasn't the least bit happy.

    "What do you think you are doing?!" Anamarie knitted her brows tightly as her eyes fell on the stage.

    While everyone was busy saving themselves from the force field storm, Kiba leisurely walked on the stage and arrived before the column above which the most precious item of the auction was placed. He threw away the unnecessary red cloth and brought his eyes on the crystalline liquid.

    With a smile that could make women drop their skirts, he grabbed the treasure box in his hands. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Anamarie's expression turned ugly. It could not be any more obvious to her what his intentions were.

    He was carrying out a robbery in broad daylight!

    "I'm really in need of this," Kiba said cheerfully. "So I hope you don't mind me having it."

    As Wassily heard Kiba's words, his breathing turned heavy and he gripped his fists so tight that they turned white. Earlier, Kiba has nodded when he explained about equal exchange but now, the attitude he displayed was in complete contrast.


    Are you kidding?!

    Obviously we would mind!

    This is an auction and not some charity gala where a needy person can take anything he wants!

    Wassily's eyes lit up as he saw the guards and droids rushed towards the stage. He didn't want to risk his life facing a guy like Kiba, so he was happy to see the incoming guards.

    Wassily was sure of Kiba's fate. He decided to ask the guards not to kill Kiba as his living body could be sold for a good price.

    Kiba, on the other hand, didn't seem worried about the guards nor about Anamarie and others who were getting ready to act.

    His eyes sparkled as he ran a hand over the glass box.

    "Every single of you is so generous to help a needy person," Kiba placed the glass box under his one arm and then turned towards the seating audience. "But I can't take it for free so..."

    With his other hand, he took out an envelope from his shirt pocket. He placed it down on the column.

    Kiba turned towards the audience where everyone was looking at him in shock.

    Anamarie's two braids rushed out like poisonous snakes. They penetrated through air and whizzing sound of rushing wind ringed throughout the auditorium.

    In less than a moment, they appeared before his chest, ready to pierce him.

    Kiba's lips curled up in a smile. Then like a bolt of lightning, he rushed through the short gap between braids.

    A sonic boom reverberated, and he transformed into a stream of light that brushed past the incoming guards.

    His speed was too fast for most people to even detect his movements. All they felt was a gust of air passing by and nothing else.

    "You are courting death!" Anamarie's eyes blazed with fury she has never known.

    Her braids twirled behind her like a turbo motor and her speed exploded. She rushed to capture the source of this absolute humiliation along with Mendel and a few mercenary friends.

    Ashlyn was still seating in the premium zone. She looked on as Kiba rushed out through a door followed by Anamarie and others.

    Despite her personality, she couldn't help but smile.

    "I should have known this is what he would do."

    She rose to her feet. Blue current erupted below her feet and she speeded out...

    In one of the private booths.

    Sophia was seating on a sofa. She placed down a glass of juice on a table and said, "As expected, he has finally shown his true colors! Villains don't pay, they just rob!"
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