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    The guards were still dashing towards the stage as they saw Kiba standing there but only after they arrived, did they noticed it was just a shadowy spectre, created by terrifying speed fluctuations. The spectre slowly faded into thin air...

    Both the guards and guests have a blank look for a long time.

    "Did you see what I see?"

    "I just witnessed a robbery..."

    "So my brain is not messed up... The auction house was really robbed in front of two Dark Stars and top experts!!"

    "Why would he do it?"

    "Well, he said needed that crystalline liquid so he robbed it?"

    "He could have purchased it... Did he not have resources?!"

    "Obviously not! Besides, that's not the issue!!"

    Most people here have attended auctions around the globe, but they never witnessed an auction house being robbed so openly.

    No, they never heard about an auction house being robbed at all. Till now, their idea of a robbery was usually restricted to banks and houses.

    Today, their horizons were truly expanded after witnessing a truly unique event.

    In the future, when history would be chronicled, they would be remembered as witnesses of this grand event. It was something to be proud of.

    Many of them would even share today's events as a story with their grandkids...

    Meanwhile, Wassily noticed the white envelope on the column. He remembered what Kiba said about it, so he picked it.

    The attention of others was also taken by the envelope.

    "He said that he can't take the item for free! So maybe this is not a true robbery?!"

    "I don't think that's how it works..."

    "Perhaps it contains some information about core region?"

    "Or a check...seems more plausible."

    "Unlikely after all he has done!"

    The virtual screens around the screen activated back.

    Wassily opened the envelope and took out a letter.

    He looked at the letter carefully but didn't notice anything special. It was a plain letter that can be purchased anywhere with no cost at all.

    "So cheap," Wassily cursed in his heart.

    Suppressing his anger at the thief, he opened the letter and noticed three lines of text. As soon as he read the text, his eyes bulged out. His entire body shook and the anger he was suppressing till now exploded in his bloodstream.

    "Son of a bitch!" Wassily was so incensed that steam was coming out of his ears. His face was flushed red like a tomato and he threw the letter on the floor.

    At the same time, Yasmine returned from backstage. Her face was pale, and she was huffing loudly.

    "Sir! Bad news!" Yasmine said while trying to breathe in.

    "What could be worse than having our main treasure item stolen?" Wassily snapped at her angrily.

    "It isn't that bad," Yasmine agreed though she was sure he wouldn't think the same way after she shared the news.

    "Just tell me what it is," Wassily barked while looking at the letter on the floor.

    "Sir, as you know, the wealth and resources we gained from selling the items were moved backstage," Yasmine was trembling as she continued. "They are now missing."

    "Missing?!" Wassily's expression turned unsightlier.

    "According to the staff members, rays of white light wrapped around the money cards and resources... then they disappeared in thin air," Yasmine gave an explanation. "I think it happened at the same time as the force field broke on stage. The fluctuations from force field storm created enough disturbance for no one to notice..."

    Everything they have gained from the auction was gone. This was very terrible news for the auction house. They have yet to pay the original owners of the items but with everything gone, just how were they supposed to pay?!

    If it was only monetary compensation, the auction house could manage. But the problem was they must pay the original owners with mutated fruits and herbs. Some of the owners had made specific demands before they agreed to auction their items. Like the person who wanted fruit with the ability to boost life force.

    When Wassily thought this, his face turned as white as a paper. He once again looked at the letter on the floor and his eyes turned bloodshot.

    The rage boiling inside him accelerated his blood pressure beyond the capacity of his old heart. His veins snapped and he lost consciousness.

    With a thud sound, he collapsed on the floor...

    Wassily didn't know it now, but when the chronicles of the first auction robbery would be recorded, his name would be forever engraved in the history books.

    He would be fondly remembered as the honest auctioneer who was so angered by the thief that he fell unconscious.

    It was a different matter that Wassily would rather be not remembered at all for this glorious episode. He would prefer to be forgotten as an unknown...

    At the same time, the autofocus of the camera was zoomed on the letter. The crowd didn't hear the conversation between Wassily and Yasmine as their voices were low.

    Rather, the audience looked at the screens. They were overwhelmed when they read the text through the screens.

    They had a hard time believing they were reading it right. Many of them even rubbed their eyes before reading the text again.

    [Thank you for being so generous. In return, you have my heartfelt gratitude. Goodbye and have a nice day :-) ]

    "Shameless!" The crowd erupted into loud curses.

    "Despicable!" Both men and women, young and old, joined in cursing Kiba.

    "He didn't have resources, so he stole the crystalline ore...that was still fine to a certain extent but this...!!"

    "Heartfelt gratitude?! My ass!"

    "How can anyone from the auction house have a nice day after being robbed?!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "No wonder the poor auctioneer collapsed!"

    Yasmine let out a bitter cry as she heard the loud discussion. The audience didn't know he has robbed the entire auction house and not just one item.

    "He is truly something," Yasmine thought of Kiba and sighed. She crouched down to help her master...

    This kind of thing had never happened in the auction. Perhaps, in the several decades of the fair's history, this was the first time that such a robbery has taken place.

    This was the reason the entire auction house fell in chaos and uproar. Everyone madly discussed the events so far while wondering what will happen now.

    "It might be an unpopular opinion," The mercenary named Rashad's words picked everyone attention.

    "But that golden-haired man did no wrong. We are in Desolate Blood Forest... the law of the jungle reigns supreme here."

    "That's true!" Another old-timer agreed. "The Fair is an exception but everywhere else in the forest, people kill each other for their wealth. Even in the cities governed by the world government, stealing is not uncommon. Corrupt officers, corporates... everyone is robbing us!"

    "That man has guts to do what none of us ever could... stealing from lion's den!" Rashad said. "He should be your source of inspiration!"


    "Rob what you can't purchase!"



    In one of the private booths, a beautiful young woman listened to the intense discussion outside.

    Her eyes sparkled as she heard old-timers romanticizing the robbery.

    "A true man takes whatever he wants even if it is by stealing! Only such a man can get a woman's heart!"
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