328 Familarity?!

    On one particular street, there was a crowd of over a hundred. They all belonged to different ethnicity, caste, and religion but presently, every single one of them was carrying out a same activity in complete sync.

    Their heads would move towards the extreme left and then extreme right. The cycle has repeated over a hundred times.

    The credit for uniting so many people in a common activity belonged to only one person.


    The telekinetic force gripping his body flung him from one wall to another. He would ruthlessly slam into a wall, and even before he could scream to release his internal pain, the telekinetic force would pull him and smash him into another wall.

    Maddox's expression was extremely unsightly. He cursed Kiba but he cursed himself far more. He regretted telling Kiba that he was being pathetic with his use of telekinesis.

    But then again, how was he supposed to know Kiba would try to change his opinion by using him as a rugged doll?

    He has never known a telekinetic mutant using ability in such a way. Alas, he would now forever know about such use, and even others would remember him for this.


    Maddox crashed hard onto a wall in the shape of 'X'. His cheeks hollowed and blood sprayed from his mouth like a geyser.

    The onlookers felt pity for him. Just the sound of him slamming into walls made them realise the pain he must be feeling.

    "Poor Maddox."

    "Never thought I would see someone like him slapped by two walls."


    Many in the crowd were secretly happy as well. It wasn't every day that they got to see a mercenary from Iron Blood Mercenary Corps treated in such a way.

    Some hundred meters away, Kiba has an index finger raised in air. He was curving it from one side to another.

    He has just moved his finger a slight bit and Maddox similarly moved through air, but just then, the sound of wind rustling came behind Kiba.

    A violent force billowed out, slamming the air itself.

    "Hmm?" Kiba quickly turned around and his eyes greeted a fist punching towards him. The fist was like that of a monster with claws and spikes protruding out.

    Kiba raised his eyes a bit and saw a seven feet monster. He didn't identify him but many in the crowd did.

    for visiting.

    Thankfully, back then, he and Liesel had gemstones similar to the one used by Maddox. This was why they were barely able to survive.

    Liesel was same and her face instantly paled when Madison sat on her belly.

    "You even tried to harm daddy now," Madison said with a downcast expression. "Why are you so against our family?"

    Liesel's eyes dramatically bulged out.

    "H-he is your daddy?" Liesel clearly recalled just how excited the twins sounded when they spoke about daddy.

    "Of course! He is our sweet daddy!" Lillian chimed in. She closed her face with her twin sister, and said, "But isn't this rather obvious?"

    Liesel felt her throat turning dry. The words of the twins implied they shared features with their 'daddy', and yet, Liesel could find no familiarity at all.

    Lillian has silver blonde hair with beached strands. Madison has long hot pink color hair with sky blue highlights. They both had punk hairstyles and except for the difference in hair, their bodies were completely identical.

    Same slender frame, flawless rosy-pink skin, vibrant eyes, and a figure worth dying for. They were absolutely gorgeous.

    "And crazy," Liesel reminded herself as she tried to find any familiarity with Kiba.

    "Aunty is muddleheaded," Madison said with a charming smile.

    "Seems so," Lillian agreed with her assessment.

    "But why didn't daddy kill them?" Madison asked her twin with a thoughtful expression.

    "I don't know," Lillian answered, her expression filled with curiosity. "Daddy is just like us with an insatiable appetite for blood and lust, and yet..."

    She trailed off and gave a wink to her twin. Madison happily smiled in response.

    Vast quantities of crimson-colored energy strands surged out of her. They shot upwards and hurtled into the sky.

    Quickly, they fused together to transform into five rotating rings of light. The rings enveloped an area of hundred meters, separating it from the world.

    Liesel shuddered in despair.

    The ground, in the meantime, trembled with intense vibrations. Out of nowhere, blood droplets started appearing on the ground; turning it into a land of blood.


    Like a sticky liquid mass, threads of blood crept up between the rings of light.

    The entire area turned into a crimson prison.

    "Oh well, we will do the job in his stead!" Introduced in Chapter 309
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