329 Mountain-head Wong

    On the roof of a two-storied building, Denisa watched over the region that formed The Fair. Birds flew in the sky while fresh winds swept through the emerald evergreen outside.

    There was beauty and serenity in The Fair but now it was being disturbed with smoke and screams coming from one part.

    In one street connected to that disturbing part, Kiba was rushing ahead like a stream of golden light followed by a hysterical mob.

    There were shouts and demands for him to stop but Kiba just smiled and didn't slow down.

    "He is really something."

    Denisa chuckled as she looked at the distant figure of Kiba.

    "I think this is the first time I'm seeing someone so happy after being chased."

    She then brought her eyes on Ashlyn who was fighting Mendel. Their fighting was turning intense by every moment and it was difficult to say who would win.

    "Live for yourself, Ashlyn."

    A smile bloomed on her face. Then, a field of glinting light points resembling stars appeared around her. It enveloped her like a cocoon and she disappeared in the twinkling of stars.


    Kiba was dashing ahead when he felt something. His eyes flickered and his eyes zoomed a kilometer ahead. A rather obese and enormous figure suddenly burst out of a street.

    His entire body was overly muscular, but it was his head that picked attention. It was like a mountain was implanted on the body of a human.

    "Mountain-head Wong!" Many in the chasing mob were startled. "

    He was one of the strongest mutants among Gamma. His extraordinary superhuman strength knew no introduction and neither did his resistance to physical injuries. Whether it was gunfire or missiles, he was immune to thanks to his indestructible body.

    As per rumours, he worked in a military facility but due to some reasons, he went berserk and crushed the entire facility. Ever since then he has been living the life of a criminal. He would only be seen in forbidden regions where the government influence was at a minimum.

    Those who tried to hunt him were turned into a bloody paste by his infamous head-slam.

    Currently, the infamous Mountain-head Wong was looking at Kiba like a predator eyeing its prey.

    Some minutes ago, he was informed about the robbery and the resulting commotion. At that time, he was resting in Garrick Angel Inn just like many strong mutants.

    Most of the powerful mutants were not interested in pre-core region auction. They just wanted to spend their time so the fair and the village served as relaxation spots.

    When Mountain-head Wong learned of Kiba having Body Molding Ore, his interest was aroused.

    He wanted to have a new body; a body that was different than his present form. He wanted to create a perfect body with perfect attributes.

    And Kiba carried ticket to that body.

    His figure blurred, enveloped by a surging force, and he ran in Kiba's direction.

    His momentum was like a rocket, backed by a terrifying power, as he charged straight. The concrete pavement disintegrated into tiniest specks of dust while buildings shook with every step he took.

    The mob stopped in their track and held their breath. They desired Kiba's treasures, but they were not even the slightest bit interested in becoming casualties of Mountain-head Wong's rampage.

    Kiba didn't stop and he continued to dash forward. Mountain-head Wong's lips curved up in a mocking smile as he rushed ahead, with his head aimed at Kiba.

    Even before the actual collision, explosive shock wave boomed out. Building faraway started showing cracks like growing spider webs.

    Like a meteor, Mountain-head Wong slammed his head on Kiba. A head that carried staggering strength of over a thousand ton.

    Just as his head was about to contact Kiba's chest, Kiba lifted a hand and pushed it down onto Mountain-head Wong's forehead.

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    Violent waves erupted along with an explosive sound as Mountain-head Wong's head made a contact with Kiba. The ground shattered like frail glass while more than half the mob tumbled backward like a kite with its string cut.

    Dust and bits of stone drew into the air, creating a thick dust cloud.

    Much less Gama-rank mutants, not even Beta-rank mutants would be confident of escaping unscathed.

    Out of nowhere, a gust of cold wind swept through the dust cloud, ripping it apart. As the scene inside the dust cloud became visible, everyone's face turned pale from shock and alarm.

    "Impossible! This was impossible!"

    Mountain-head Wong's eyes bulged out in disbelief. He gnashed his teeth and transferred more strength into his indestructible head, and yet, the condition remained the same.

    He was struck on a crater and no matter how he tried; he couldn't move.

    Everything just because of a hand!

    A hand that was on his forehead.

    The destruction all around was frightening but if one looked at Kiba and Mountain0head Wong, it would seem different.

    It was like Kiba was a beast tamer patting the head of a bull.

    "How is this even possible?! Mountain-head Wong is known for his unstoppable momentum!" No one was able to trust the scene playing in front of their eyes.

    "Not even battle tanks can survive his head assault!"

    "I have seen it with my own eyes when he wrecked a military establishment!"

    "Just how powerful that Kiba guy is?!"

    "No wonder he didn't stop after seeing Mountain-head Wong!"

    "This is just like how Kiba fought with that young miss!" A few people from the mob remembered his short conflict with Sophia.

    Mountain-head Wong was doing everything he could to overpower the hand on him but found no success.

    Just as despair was about to take over him, he felt the hand freeing his forehead. His eyes brightened and he was ready to launch another attack.

    As his mood lit up, he noticed something amiss. The hand has freed his head, but it was just 5-6 centimetres away.

    Kiba pulled his middle finger back and tapped it on the thumb. A dazzling current mass formed between his fingertips, and it struck on the tip of his middle finger.

    He then snapped the middle finger towards the indestructible head.

    Mountain-head Wang felt an intense sense of crisis. He wanted to move but everything happened so quickly that he didn't even get time to react.

    Kiba's finger flicked on Mountain-head Wong's head. A tiny crack line appeared, exposing crimson flesh. The moment flesh was exposed, the current mass blew open like a cobweb. Hundreds of bright current strands drew out, and they seeped into the tiny crack.

    Like a rampaging beast, the current strands began creating utmost chaos throughout his body. His veins shattered, bones cracked and organs split.

    Mountain-head Wong felt like he was slammed by a torrential sea wave. He was sent flying hundreds of meters away, vomiting an arrow of dark blood.

    He slammed hard into a large wall which instantly collapsed. Ripples surged fiercely out of him and crashed into buildings nearby.

    With a loud bang sound, the shops and stalls in the vicinity completely toppled.

    The famous Mountain-head Wong lay among the ruins. His once indestructible body couldn't be any more mortal as blood seeped through heavy wounds.

    Far away, the crowd was shocked out of their wits.

    Their faces were as white as a sheet and their pupils dilated. Every single one of them was cowering in fear, their eyes unable to believe the impossible scene.

    Stopping a strong attack without being pushed a single step was impossible enough, but retaliating in such a way was beyond their scope of understanding.

    Mountain-head Wong was famous even among Beta-rank mutants due to his supernatural strength and extremely durable body. Very few would dare face him head-on, much less have confidence to turn his body into a complete mess.

    The mob wanted to shout and scream at this unbelievable scene, but every sound died right in their throats.

    Kiba lowered his hand and looked at Mountain-head Wong who was barely alive.

    "Apologies but people behind said you were practically indestructible," Kiba said while pointing to the shell-shocked crowd. "So I used a little strength."

    Mountain-head Wong was on verge of passing out but when he heard Kiba's words, his anger inflated. He roared loudly and started at the mob with plain hatred.

    The crowd was taken aback. Many of them wanted to shout it was unfair. They were just being honest and praising him.

    How were they supposed to know his reputed body would be as weak as tofu?

    When they heard Kiba saying 'a little strength,' they firmly believed Mountain-head Wong didn't deserve his reputation at all.

    Yet, he was angry at us? He didn't have the right to. Not after being defeated into such a sorry state!

    Of course, none in the crowd dare say it aloud. None of them wanted to be smashed into a bloody pulp.

    Mountain-head Wong could feel onlookers emotion but he was in no state to speak. He looked at Kiba, afraid of his fate.

    "I'm glad you are alive," Kiba waved a hand towards him. "Goodbye."

    He turned into a stream of golden light and shot off in the distance. He has no qualms in killing, but his plan for the core region depended on people like Mountain-head Wong so he held back.

    History is the best teacher, and Kiba has learned a lot from his experience as Zed. The exploration of BSE79 made him appreciate the value of guinea pigs.

    For Castor Damon, Zed and slum dwellers were the sacrificial pawns. For Kiba, it was mutants who would enter the core region...
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