330 Creating A New Technique!

    Mountain-head Wong was defeated and Kiba speeded off. The earlier mob didn't dare chase him.

    How would they? After all, they reasoned, if he could defeat Mountain-head Wong with such ease, then what would happen to them?

    They didn't dare find out and lost all intentions of getting rich.

    They might have no intention to pursue him but hundreds of more people started following him. They were people who didn't witness his earlier fighting as they were in other locations. It was only now they caught up with him.

    When they looked at him fleeing and then remembering the items he has supposedly stolen, greed flared in their eyes.

    "Catch him!"

    "Don't let him escape!"

    "Seal all his chances of escape!"

    "He would die and give us his wealth!"

    The herd mentality and the chances of acquiring uncountable treasures from Kiba made them determined to chase him.

    Bullets, laser beams, magical lights, shard shots, and energy blasts were used by the new crowd to make Kiba stop but he dodged them all. Mutants with flight based and fast movements abilities tried to catch up but just when they thought he was under their grasp, he would accelerate his speed by a little.

    Whether it was superhuman stamina, extraordinary agility, or enhanced reflexes, no one was able to match up with Kiba.

    They have been chasing him for the last ten minutes and he remained as elusive as before. They were worried strong mutants would intervene and take treasures from him; effectively wasting their efforts.

    Everyone was getting frustrated.

    A female mutant named Gwen opened her mouth and shot out a plasma blast. Kiba's body blurred and he lunged forward, missing the blast by a hairbreadth.

    "If you have got guts, stop!" A mutant named Kala shouted.

    He was a Level III mutant and from Iron Blood Mercenary Corps. He was not there in the auction and the staring chase but he got to know about robbery later on so he participated.

    Kala gripped his hand and punched in the air. A concussive force blasted outward, shredding the path ahead to debris, but just like before, Kiba avoided the attack by conveniently leaping high in air, and then landing back when the force faded.

    "Didn't you hear us mother**er!?" A mutant named Banjo asked. He projected consecutive bolts of air and in response, Kiba either darted to left or right.

    Kiba jumped high in air and landed on a two-storied building. He traversed through walls and the mob continued to follow.


    "Son of a bitch!"


    "Mother**er! Just stop!!"

    The crowd was in the middle of cursing, when much to their amazement, he turned around. He looked at them with a perplexed expression.

    "In the last fifteen minutes, at least half of you have called me mother**er. But I don't remember meeting your moms, much less **ing them."

    The pursuing mob was thrown off balance by his words. For a moment, they were at a loss, not knowing how to respond.

    But it was only a moment, and quickly, they erupted into curses and attacks.

    "How dare you say that?!"


    "You insolent bastard!"

    None of them could believe that while being chased by hundreds, he was at enough ease to make such a scandalous remark about their moms.

    Kiba looked at them with more confusion.

    "Shouldn't you respond with an apology or at least, a promise that you would introduce your moms to me?" Kiba asked while dodging a wind blade and an element blast.

    His expression and tone were like he was saying something obvious and natural.

    After all, they had called him a mother**er without the actual deed happening. So it only made sense for them to make sure they bring their mothers to him. He could perform the deed and earn the title of mother**er. Naturally, after this, they would deserve the right to call him by the title of mother**er.

    Sadly, the mob neither appreciated his frank and honest intention, nor understood them.

    Looks of venom filled their eyes and they attacked him with more deadly abilities.

    For every child, the mother was synonymous with holiness. Mother was the epitome of virtue and kindness. A child wouldn't think of his mother as a woman of desire. Not even with own father.

    This concept hasn't changed in the era of evolution and technology.

    With almost twice increase in lifespan and new genetic treatment, physical aging has considerably slowed down. It would be hard to distinguish between a mature child and mother.

    But even then, the perspective with which a child looked at mother has remained same.

    Now, listening to corrupt and sordid words filled with sleaze, they were obviously agitated.

    "Haah~ You all are bad sons and daughters," Kiba said with a soft sigh.

    In response, a stream of endless waves of bullets, energy blast, and plasma beams greeted him.


    Violent fluctuations surged out from the combined attacks, and the buildings in the vicinity exploded like a shattered mirror.

    When the smoke cleared, Kiba was already some distance away.

    Kala leaped twenty meters high in air and launched multiple punches powered by concussive force.

    "You should learn from Olly on how to be a Good Son," Kiba advised him while dodging the punches.

    "Damn you!" Kala pounced on him like a ferocious tiger. From other side, Gwen opened her mouth and boomed out a stream of plasma energy.

    Kiba, in the meantime, didn't care much about attacks. He waved a hand and a golden force field erupted. It slammed into the incoming attacks and nullified them.

    Kala was pushed back by a few steps and he angrily looked ahead.

    Kiba thought of something and his eyes instantly brightened. He observed the demented crowd and smiled.

    "You guys gave me a really good idea," Kiba slightly bowed down to express his gratitude. "Now it is time for me to create my first original technique!"

    Psychic energy rippled from his body and surged towards the mob.

    Psionic mutants were startled as they felt the intensity of psychic force.

    "This is not just plain psychic energy! It even contains faint elements of reality-warp---!!"

    "How is this even possible?!"

    "Just what is he doing?!"

    They quickly formed psionic shields within their minds to guard their consciousness from telepathic assault.

    Alas, as psychic energy barged in their minds, the shields cracked apart. Mental bolts penetrated their consciousness...


    When Kala opened his eyes, he found himself outside his family farmhouse. He felt a slight headache as if he was suddenly awakened from a long sleep. He shook his head and looked at the sky.

    The morning sunlight glittered through the sky while birds chirped in sweet notes. The familiar fragrance of air and soil greeted his senses.

    "I was dreaming about some forest?" Kala wondered as he walked among fields.

    "Presently I'm on vacation, free from duties of a mercenary."

    He enjoyed the scenery and the fragrant air. The farm his family owned was vast but they didn't have servants. It was pretty isolated and far away from the chaos of cities.

    "Son, you are early," A voice came from a distance. "Had a good sleep?"

    Kala turned around and noticed his father operating a Combine Harvester. Kala recalled this was wheat harvesting time, and his family has continued the glorious tradition of family farming.

    "Yeah," Kala replied to his father. He remembered his father as a loving but very strict man.

    "Good," His father laughed while continuing harvesting. "Do your old man a favor and bring him breakfast here."

    "Sure, pops," Kala nodded and then walked towards the one-storied house.

    He opened a music app on his phone and played one of his favorite songs.

    Kala sang the song while stepping into the hall. He was shaking his hands and turning his head as per the music tempo when he heard a scream.

    Startled, his body tensed up and he held his breath. He was familiar with the owner of the scream and continuous screams shocked him.


    Kala tossed the phone away and dashed ahead to save his mother. He wrapped his hands with concussive force; ready to attack at a moment's notice.

    Just as he entered into the kitchen, the force on his hands disappeared and he clenched them into fists. He instantly broke into a cold sweat while his face turned as white as a sheet.

    He stared ahead without blinking.

    Some thirty steps away, he saw his mother on a table, droplets of sweat running down her face.

    Her apron was tossed on the floor and her legs were spread wide. She was constantly screaming but by her facial reactions, it was evident the screams were of ecstatic happiness.

    Happiness she never knew was possible.


    Kala looked at her source of happiness.

    A golden-haired man, standing between her open legs, his hands gripping her waist. He pressed into her with long strokes and Kala noticed her muscles contracting in spasms.

    Her head snapped back and she squealed like there was no tomorrow. A few minutes later, the golden-haired man freed her and she instantly kneeled down.

    Like a slave kneeling in front of her king, she opened her lips and took the royal scepter in her mouth. White, sticky juices exploded through the corners of her mouth but she continued to accept her reward, happily.

    Her actions, for Kala, were like cold winds from an abyss of hell. He felt goosebumps rising on his back.

    A moment later, as the royal scepter left her mouth, she noticed her son standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

    "Ah! Son!" She was stunned but with a smile, she said. "I was having my protein shake!"

    After which, she licked her lips and chin to make sure she didn't waste a single drop of her nutritious breakfast.

    Kala's heart bumped like a violent drum. It was like his heart was being sliced by a sharp knife.

    "Kala," A voice came from outside the kitchen. "Just what's taking you so long for getting breakfast?"

    Kala was terrified. He remembered his father asking him for breakfast, but from the last twenty minutes, he was busy staring at his mother as she received ultimate happiness.

    "Love, wait a minute," Kala's mother shouted to her husband. "Your breakfast is coming."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "It better be," Her husband replied in a grumpy tone.

    Kala's mother smiled and turned towards her son.

    "Honey, why don't you have a chat with your father outside?" She suggested in a sweet voice reserved for her loving son.

    He might be a powerful mercenary outside, but for her, he was always her sweet child.

    "But...I..." Kala was tongue-tied, not knowing how to react.

    He wanted to be angry and shout at her, call her names. He wanted to vent the tempest of rage that was rampaging inside him. A part of him even wanted to strangle her as a punishment.

    But just then, his mind buzzed with memories of her.

    How she nourished him, taken care of him when he was sick, saved him whenever his father was angry, and made him the man he was.

    If he got angry now and his father listened then...

    Such thoughts instinctively occupied his mind as if they were innate concerns of a son about his mother.

    He was horrified at how he could even think of hurting his mother. The thoughts of punishment instantly died but his mind was still in a mess.

    "Honey, you want your mom to be happy, right?" She asked him.

    "O-of course," Kala answered.

    "Then trust me, I'm very happy to have a son like you," She said with a motherly smile. "A son who would protect me from the negativity, including his own father's. A son who would allow me to have the best happiness."

    Kala slapped his ears as if to ensure he was hearing right. He was completely dazzled.

    "Now go."

    Kala barely nodded.

    With his trembling body, he left the kitchen and entered into the hall. His father said a few things but Kala didn't hear them at all, it was as if he has turned deaf.

    Despair and a wrenching feeling were twisting his guts from inside out. He looked at his father and thought of all the happy times they had spend together.

    "I can't betray him... He has been good to me even though he was strict."

    He gritted his teeth and decided to tell his father.

    He didn't want to hide such a terrible secret. He was a mercenary and trust was utmost to him, no matter how much he loved his mother.

    But just as he thought of revealing about his mother's infidelity to his father, a spark of rationality flashed in his brain.

    "If the secret is disclosed then many would learn about mom. Not only will they call mom names, but they would also mock dad and me... How would my mercenary brothers talk about behind my back? Could anyone still treat me with genuine respect?!"

    The scenes of the family's destruction and shame ran before his eyes.

    "Sometimes ignorance is bliss."

    Kala shuddered and he lost his resolve.

    He was still lost in thoughts when he heard the stepping sounds of his mother entering the hall.

    "Woman, you are finally here?" Kala's father asked.

    She nodded and then placed down a tray of breakfast on a table.

    "Love, breakfast is ready," She said before kissing her husband on his lips.

    Kala's face turned from healthy brown to a stark white as he saw them kissing. When he saw his mother pushing her tongue into her husband's... Kala's entire body lost his strength and he almost collapsed.

    It was like every droplet of blood was sucked out of his body.

    "Woman, you taste really good these days," Kala's eccentric father said after their kiss broke.

    "It is the result of new protein shake," She was humble enough to not take the entire credit.

    Her husband nodded and started his breakfast. A few moments later, while munching on a dish, he said, "I have got the best wife and a really good son."

    "Agree, my love," Kala's mother looked at her son with a loving expression. "We are blessed to have a Good Son."

    "No! I'm not a Good Son!" Kala fell down, sobbing.

    "But you are," His mother disagreed.

    In a motherly tone, she further said, "I pray you get a Good Son as well."

    As soon as these words left her lips, the entire world started shaking. Cracks appeared on it like a mirror and rays of light swept out that sent Kala tumbling out.


    In the real world.

    Kala opened his eyes.

    The moment he did, the last conversation between his mother and father flashed in his mind along with everything else.

    He howled in agony as despair surged in depths of him. Tears streamed down his cheeks and he let out one tragic cry after another.

    His body turned numb from the indescribable despair and he collapsed on his knees. There was truly no strength in him.

    He shuddered as he watched the time on his watch. He made a guess and realised it has been ten seconds!

    "Only 10 second?!" Kala's pupils dilated from shock. He felt it has been hours!

    "Welcome back to reality," Kiba's voice entered his ears.

    Kala raised his head and looked at Kiba.

    "What was that?!" Kala didn't dare believe it was just a nightmare induced by some psychic attack.

    Nightmares have limitations and so does psychic torment. He has never known a psychic who could create such effects on the physical body.

    "My first Holy Technique," Kiba answered with a smile. "I call it Happy Moments."

    He was satisfied as he noticed the effects of technique on Kala.

    "It is in the elementary stage so it is still greatly lacking," Kiba mused with a thoughtful expression.

    "For it to show its full potential and reach the advanced stage, I need to learn Reality-warping."

    Kiba couldn't help but laugh. So far, he has always followed ancient practices of seduction to get women in bed. This naturally has its limitations.

    But he reasoned, it was time for him to evolve his practices.

    "Oh well, it would take a while."

    Kiba looked at others in the crowd and he smiled kindly.

    "True happiness is in contributing to Happy Moments of others."
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