333 Wrongly Blamed!

    Pooja didn't even dare take a breath as his words registered in her mind.

    Kiba saw the tears streaming down her face. He traced a thumb over her soft cheeks and wiped the tears.

    "No need to cry," Kiba pacified her in a gentle tone.

    His handsome face, kind smile, and soothing tone could have made any woman willing to discard clothes for him. But for her, it made the fine hairs on her body stood up with a tingling sensation.

    "Wasn't it you who asked for this?" Kiba asked, puzzled by her reaction.

    Her pupils dilated and she thought of the events that lead to her slamming on a wall.

    She realised the first punch he pulled back was very weak. It was only after she said what she said, did he slammed her with a terrifying force. Even in her worst nightmare, she never expected a statement on chivalry would result in her present state.

    The horrifying pain from every single organ inside her body couldn't have been any stronger. It was even worse than death.

    She instantly hated the very idea of true feminism.

    Kiba could easily guess her thoughts. He lifted her chin up and said, "From ages, women have been oppressed in name of culture, religion, and decency. It has become a tradition of sort.

    "A tradition that has been broken in the last two centuries, but it still exists in our society.

    "So feminism is necessary to give women their due, but true feminism was never about male-bashing or making women victims. Women never needed that nor they desired it. All they needed is equality and freedom to do as they please just like men."

    Kiba gazed in her eyes, and said, "So don't insult your gender by having such negative views."

    All she could do was give a slight nod.

    How could she dare disagree after what he has done?

    "Good," Kiba jumped back on his feet.

    He observed her face and slender figure for a moment.

    "If not for the circumstances, you are definitely a woman I would like to invite for dinner, and eat as a dessert."

    Pooja was once again caught off guard by his words.

    Eat as a dessert...

    The last words stuck in her mind, like a bolt of lightning, making her pale face flushed. She was thinking of a response when he turned around and dashed off.

    Pooja looked at his blurring figure and a frenzied mob that once again pursued him doggedly.

    "Damn! What he said was good for ego boost but it still hurts like hell!"


    Kiba smiled as he heard her shout. He gave a glance back and saw over a hundred men and women chasing after him.

    "Delta City was so good," Kiba couldn't help but think of his hometown.

    Even when he stole wives and girlfriends of others, the men wouldn't pursue him like the mob behind.

    Kiba sighed before retrieving a digital remote from his storage dimension. He pressed a red switch before tossing it away.

    At the same time.

    All the streets, on which he has been ever since he left auction house, started emitting a buzzing sound.

    The people on those streets were startled. Even outside the auction house, people were surprised as they heard same buzzing sound from above the auction auditorium.


    "What's that?"

    Quickly, orb-like mechanical devices came in sight. It was most likely they were hidden among ruins or places that no one cared during the chase.

    These mechanical orbs floated in the air and opened up, revealing lenses. Through these lenses, streams of projection light shout out.

    On one street, Anamarie has just handled law and order situation. The violence was over, and she was thinking of completing her original mission when she saw two orbs in the sky.

    As soon as she saw them, her expression turned unsightly.

    "That **ing bastard!" Anamarie's eyes flashed with anger.

    A braid whipped up and destroyed the orbs before they could activate.

    Alas, there were over ten orbs in different locations. They had activated and streamed out audio-sound projection.

    Mutants from all over the streets raised their heads and looked at the projection with interest.  for visiting.

    The crowd gaped in surprise.

    Indeed, with technological advancement, it was rather easy to create fake videos. Besides, these projection orbs were sent by a thief.

    Just how trustable his words were?!

    Many in the crowd reminded how he was responsible for the present law crisis in The Fair. The doubtful thoughts about the conduct of Dark Stars started dying but not entirely.

    The faint suspicion would forever remain.

    Anamarie knew many would distrust Dark Stars. Those with rare treasures would be wary of entering The Fair.

    The seeds of suspicion were implanted...

    In the future, even an isolated incident of stealing would act as a fertilizer to the seeds of suspicion.

    Annamarie's body quivered as she thought of this. Her anger was perhaps only matched by what other Dark Stars were feeling.

    In a particularly isolated street.

    Mendel was so angry that veins were popping his neck. He ripped apart the mechanical orb while thinking of the losses he and others would suffer.

    He has just tossed the wreckage of the orb when he heard a strong whooshing sound from behind. It was as if the air was sliced apart.

    Startled, he turned around.

    Just as he did, a loud cracking sound ringed out along with a miserable shriek.

    His chest instantly bent forward while his legs went limp. A sensation of spinning around and losing balance shrouded his senses.


    Mendel collapsed on all fours. His face went through a combination of myriad colors before settling on deathly pale.

    Cold sweat dripped through every pore in his body. An indescribable pain, that was no less than a raging volcano, erupted in every fiber of his body.

    His heart tightened as if it was being squeezed and he found even breathing difficult. He opened his mouth to intake air, but instead, he vomited.

    A few steps away, Ashlyn lowered her right leg. Her leg was covered with blue strands of energy that quickly faded away.

    Some hundred meters away, the phantom of the red dragon shattered apart like an exploding glass.

    The lightheadedness of Mendel has disrupted his concentration which resulted in phantom disappearing.

    The blue discs, cascading streams of energy, made a curve in the air and returned to Ashlyn. She didn't have to do much work even though she has opened one of her seals.

    The credit for the same went to her opponent.


    Mendel was at a lost of words. He has been only distracted for around 30 seconds due to the mechanical orb, and yet, those seconds brought his destruction.

    But then again, he felt the entire development unfair.

    How was he supposed to know she would use his distraction as an opportunity to kick him in the crotch?!

    It wasn't like the red dragon wasn't fighting her! The red dragon was smashing a claw on her while her two discs slashed at his tail, but she was slippery like a fish.

    She ran through streams of attacks just so that she could land a violent kick.

    The reason was simple.

    "Work smart, not hard!"

    The first lesson Kiba taught her.

    Why should she waste both time and stamina when such a better alternative was available for overpowering the enemy?

    Even the prismatic shield of light protecting Mendel didn't make a difference. She has always ensured that her Nutcracking Art is backed by a powerful momentum.

    This was her way of showing respect to her opponent.

    Sadly, Mendel wasn't aware of Nutcracking Demoness till now. He might not be aware, but there were two others who were fully aware.

    They were none other than Pollard and Lambert! A few hours ago, Lambert has wanted to make a conversation with Ashlyn in the auction house, but he was stopped by Pollard.

    Presently, they both were some five hundred meters away from the battle zone. They were hiding inside a shop while looking at Ashlyn and Mendel.

    "So horrifying!"

    Lambert instinctively covered his crotch with his hands. His throat turned dry as he sighted a mighty Dark Star on knees.

    The crunchy sound of nuts cracking was still ringing in his mind.

    Even though he was wearing Treasured Jewels Guard, he has a feeling it would have served no role against that sinister kick.

    "Just hours ago, I could have been feeling what Mendel is feeling!" Lambert shuddered with dread. He glanced at his "smart" friend who was lost in thoughts.

    Lambert couldn't help but enquire on what he was thinking.

    "I'm trying to make a sense of this situation," Pollard answered while still pondering. "We were here when the traitor left this place, allowing the demoness to handle that Dark Star."

    "Yes?" Lambert obviously recalled the developments from some twenty minutes ago.

    He didn't dare chase after the traitor as Pollard has helped him realize how malevolent Kiba was. Not like he wanted to steal anything from the demoness either. He was just here to witness the battle without any greed or lust.

    "Don't you think this is too much of a coincidence?" Pollard once again went to his smart mode.

    He reminded his friend about the projection of the orbs and the subsequent developments.

    "You mean the traitor planned everything?!" Lambert froze in spot, his entire body paralyzed.

    "Of course," Pollard's expression was serious as he gave a nod. "He planned everything so that the demoness could get a chance to crush nuts."

    Pollard's words carried enlightenment that made his friend see reason.

    "That traitor! As expected, he is truly sinister!!" Lambert was terrified of Kiba.

    "You are stating the obvious," Pollard said in a nonchalant tone. "The traitor is the brains. He is always looking for opportunities to help demoness."

    On some other street, Kiba was rushing forward when a thought suddenly flashed in his mind.

    "Why do I feel that I'm being wrongly blamed?"Chapter 276Chapter 316
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