334 Audacious!

    Kiba was a little over a mile from the wall that formed the boundary of The Fair. He was running straight, pursued by hundreds.

    The chasing mob was worried that if he escaped then he could disappear in the vast forest. So they increased their speed to catch him.

    Many with long-range offensive abilities launched attacks on him, which much to their annoyance, he avoided.

    Drones also participated in the chase. They shot out laser beams and nets to catch him.

    Kiba was rather at ease, much to the anger of his pursuers.

    How can someone be so relaxed while being chased?!

    "Has Ashlyn defeated Mendel?" Kiba wondered in his heart.

    He wasn't worried about her safety as he knew a bit about her seals.

    "The rest of the Dark Stars should notice the chaos by now. And then there are others..."

    Kiba was running when suddenly his pupils dilated in shock. Much to his disbelief, two hands went behind his back while legs wrapped on his hips from the front.

    Soft lips pressed on him for a tight kiss.

    An electric current ran through his senses as he found himself responding to the kiss. The familiar sweet, rosy taste of lips was far too difficult for him to resist.

    "That's unfair," A voice came from above. "I need to greet him as well."

    The soft lips parted from him, and a smile appeared on the face in front of him.

    "Of course, he would never be unfair," The face in front of Kiba said with a smile that made him gulp. "Right, daddy?"

    Who could the new arrivals be, if not for the twins?

    Madison was hugging from the front while above his head, the other twin was floating. His eyes moved up and saw Madison's twin.

    Lillian's figure was inverse, almost similar to head over heels, but she was soaring.

    Before Kiba could answer, Lillian's face appeared before him. Madison has created enough distance for Lillian.

    Lillian's lips zoomed into his for a passionate kiss.

    A few hundred meters away, the pursuing mob was shell-shocked and struck on the spot in disbelief.

    Almost every single one of them has either been chased, participated in a chase, or witnessed a chase.

    In every chase, the chased party is afraid and running for life. Exhaustion, despair, and anger should be the emotions displayed by the chase party.

    Yet, they never realized they would be part of a completely unique chase.

    Their eyes blazed with fury as they looked at Kiba.

    They are chasing him, and yet he is relaxed enough to kiss?!

    They could grudgingly accept if he was kissing only one, but he was kissing two!!

    Damn it!

    Doesn't he understand his behavior is completely against the norms of chase?!

    They looked with wide eyes as Lillian floated in the air, her face closed with his. Madison continued to hug him, her legs wrapped on his hips.

    The three couldn't have been more open with display of affection!

    "Fucking bastard!"

    "Stop making out in open!"

    "Don't you have any shame?!"

    "You are being chased!"

    The loud curses from behind brought Kiba back to reality. He broke the kiss, but before he could get a chance to speak, Madison pushed his head from behind. His lips once again touched Lillian's.

    "Daddy, don't give her a chance to complain," Madison brought her lips next to his right ear. "Shower her with love."

    Kiba wanted to speak but the moment he opened his mouth, Lillian pushed her tongue into his mouth.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "That's good, daddy!" Madison was happy to see her sister receiving love. She curled her tongue out, and the tip of her tongue poked on his earlobe.

    A tingling sensation ran through him.

    While happy to be at the receiving end of such affection, he was stunned as well.

    Just then, a sharp sound of air being sliced apart came from behind.

    Kiba leaped high in the air but Lillian didn't stop kissing him. She just soared along with him, her hands on his face.

    In his former place, a plasma beam exploded, sending stones and rocks all around.

    "Hehe, daddy is really fair," Lillian broke the kiss and said.

    "I said so!" Madison reminded her twin.

    Kiba ignored their comments and landed on the ground. Neither of the twins showed any sign of leaving him, so all he could do was rush forward.

    Madison hugged him tightly and looked at the pursuing crowd.

    "Daddy! Bad guys are chasing us!" Madison said with a gasp.

    Lillian, in the air, spun around. She observed the mob and their twisted expression. When she saw their bloodshot eyes, in a loud voice, she said, "Daddy won't allow you to take advantage of us!"

    Madison also joined her sister and said, "So stop having nefarious thought about me and my sister!"

    Kiba: ".........."

    Chasing mob: "........."

    The crowd wanted to scream. They had no such intent, and yet they were wrongly accused.

    Many of them even wanted to shout and say, "Don't give us ideas!"

    Kiba, on the other hand, just remained silent.

    Hearing no response from him, Madison arched her back and said, "Daddy, you would protect your little girls, right?"

    Kiba's lips twitched. He was thick-skinned but even he felt embarrassed by their statements.

    "Of course, he would!" Lillian defended her daddy's honor. "He is very kind to his girls!"

    Just then, she lowered her body, and her left hand wandered over his pants. She rubbed slowly and felt him growing harder. In no time, she could feel the outline of his raging hardon.

    He was running but it was impossible to be not excited. After all, two of the hottest women in existence were showering him with affection.

    One was hugging him tightly, her breasts pressed on his chest. While another was rubbing his hardon.

    "Daddy! The violent dragon is trying to break out!" Lillian said in her loving voice. His pant could barely contain his erection.

    "I can feel it as well!" Madison chimed in. "Daddy! The evil dragon still wants to violate our sweet holes!!"

    Their voices were loud enough for the chasing mob to hear. Shocked and angry gasps came from the pursuers.


    "Did I heard it right?!"

    "Dragon... violate...hole...damn!"

    "Don't tell me....!!"

    "Fuck! That bastard!"

    The pursuers were left fuming in anger. Here, they were trying to catch him and launching attacks, and yet, he has enough energy to spare on lust?!

    This was just too insulting for them.


    Kiba made a soft coughing sound. Warm blood flushed his face into a deep crimson. He was truly embarrassed like never before.

    Kiba couldn't help but recall his first meeting with the twins yesterday night. He remembered their conduct and final teasing before they vanished. He would be lying if he said he didn't want to meet them again, but it was definitely not in this manner!

    The twins were far too audacious!

    "Daddy! You are coughing but the dragon is growing more powerful!" Lillian said, her face radiating a sweet smile.

    Many considered Kiba as brazen and bold but compared to the twins, he felt he was timid and shy.

    "Daddy!" Madison brushed a finger on his lips to gain his attention.

    "Yes?" Kiba tried to cover his embarrassment.

    Madison closed her lips to his ear and said, "Our little caves have never been explored!"

    At the same time, Lillian twirled through the air and brought her lips close to his other ear. Her cool breath fell on his skin, and made his senses buzz with a pleasing sensation.

    "Does the sinister dragon want to unseal our caves?"
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