335 Protect Daddy!

    Just half a mile from the boundary wall, on one particular street, the pursuing mob were completely aghast. The words spoken by the twins ringed in their minds like a clap of thunder, leaving them stunned.

    The men in the mob looked at Madison and Lillian with eyes wide open.

    Madison was wearing a black V-neck blouse shirt and black jeans. Lillian, on the other hand, was clad in a loose t-shirt blouse and high-waisted jean shorts. The clothes did little to conceal their drool-worthy sexy figures.

    Just their silhouette was enough to even give life to a dead man. So it wasn't hard to imagine the effect on living.

    After the statements spoken by the twins, the men on the street felt their blood pumping more vigorously.

    They instantly realized what the statements of those two women denoted.

    The twins were pure! They were untouched!!

    They were virgins!!!

    From centuries, it has been said that men always want to be a woman's first love. What no one openly mentioned is that this love was not romantic love, rather intimacy.

    The knowledge of a woman's status as 'pure and untouched' or 'virgin' was no less than an intoxicant. It was more powerful than the strongest aphrodisiac.

    So it was no wonder that almost every man in the mob was drooling, their eyes flashing with naked lust. They were like a pack of wolves sighting two helpless lambs.

    One look at their expressions and it wouldn't be hard to tell what types of thoughts were running in their minds.

    Some distance away, Madison and Lillian continued to ask questions to Kiba.

    "Does the wicked dragon wants to pierce through the seals?" Madison asked while pressing her firm breasts on his chest.

    "It wants to explore our sweet little caves, right?" Lillian spoke in his ear while she rubbed his hardon through pants.

    Kiba was dumbstruck, more by their actions rather than questions. It was the first time he was meeting someone far more deviant than him.

    As for virginity, it didn't really matter to him. He was not the type to equate virginity with personal purity, honor, and worth.

    As for taking advantage of them... He has learned a bit from his last night experience.

    Kiba tried his best to ignore their questions and continued to dash forward. Sadly this broke the heart of his lil' girls.


    Hearing no response from her loving daddy, Madison's eyes turned misty.

    "You love us, right?" Madison asked while wiping tears.

    "Of course," Kiba nodded with a smile.

    He really didn't know what to do with these twins.

    Madison wiped her tears with the back of a hand and showed her appreciation with a kiss.

    "Then what about the evil dragon? Does it want to ravage our sweet, little holes?" Lillian continued to soar alongside him.


    Kiba didn't answer but continued to rush ahead. He internally wondered if the twins had some screws loose in their brains.

    "Daddy! You need to answer!" Lillian demanded answers.

    "Hehe," Kiba smiled.

    Madison opened her lips to speak, but just then, her eyes turned icy. Not only her, but Kiba and Madison responded with same expressions.

    Golden radiance erupted below his feet and he raised a hand towards left. Streams of golden light shot out of his palm and converged into a shield.

    At the same time, a white pulse boomed through the air like a bolt of lightning before crashing on the shield.

    In the end, whether it was the physical manifestation of energy or even formless form of energy, it consisted of particles, or to be more precise, molecules.


    Rather than atoms, it wouldn't be wrong to say molecules were a foundation block of any substance, living or not.

    As soon as the white pulse struck on the shield, the golden molecules forming the shield turned volatile.

    The molecules accelerated to such an extent that kinetic energy inside them combusted.


    From the golden shield, a shocking explosion erupted. It was like a golden tornado has erupted in the middle of a street.

    Kiba, Madison, and Lillian somersaulted through air and landed in a distance.

    Chaotic explosive waves swept out, wreaking havoc in all directions. The shops in the vicinity crumbled to tiniest specks of dust.

    The chasing mob behind stopped their pursuit and leaped back. A few unlucky ones in the front were struck by the fires of explosion; instantly melting like a golden wax.

    The guardsman and other survivors were appalled. Veins pulsed in their neck from absolute fear.

    They had seen the white pulse crashing into the golden shield so they had some faint idea on what happened.

    "If I was struck by that white pulse then..." A guardsman's body froze in horror at the thought.

    The others were equally scared by similar thoughts.

    At the same time, some hundred two hundred meters away.

    A woman landed on the roof of a shop. She was clad in a white gown while her face was hidden by a veil.

    "Dark Star Myiesha Noach!"

    The onlookers instantly identified her.

    Meanwhile, like a gust of wind, a middle-aged man landed at the end of street. He has white hair and a knife scar that stretched diagonally from his forehead to the face.

    "Dark Star Konnor Gardner!"

    The mob shouted in shock and alarm.

    Two Dark Stars!

    Everyone in the mob was dejected as the involvement of Dark Stars would give them no chance to steal from Kiba.

    "You have no regard for the law," Konnor said while taking a step towards Kiba.

    "Huh? Why would you feel such a thing?" Kiba asked, puzzled.

    "Yes! Why are you accusing daddy?!" Lillian also asked. She leaned close to Kiba and rested her head on his shoulder.

    "............................" Kiba's lips twitched.

    Konnor ignored her and said, "You stole from the auction, and yet dare ask why?"

    "Oh!" Kiba nodded in understanding but asked, "But is it stealing if you steal from thieves?"

    Konnor glared at him a deep scowl. He refused to give in to provocation about the conduct of Dark Stars.

    The onlookers thought of the video projection they saw some time ago. They thought it was false and nothing more than slander, but by the reaction of Konnor, they started having doubts.

    "Regardless," Myiesha's voice broke the silence. "You knew the rules but didn't honor them."

    Kiba brought his eyes on her.

    Before he could respond, Madison chimed in and said," You want to kill our daddy?"

    "Kill?" Lillian's expression turned downcast. "Surely, you wouldn't, right?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Death would be an easy way out," Konnor said, his eyes filled with malice.

    His body turned the same color as the street and in just blink of an eye, he assimilated with both street and buildings nearby.

    Everyone looked with shocked expressions. It was like a giant made of street and buildings was rising on feet. He could fuse with the environment and use like it was his own body.

    "I guess I can finally have some real fun in a fight," Kiba thought with a smile. He was taking a step ahead but before he could fully, the twins jumped in front of him.

    "We wouldn't let our daddy be harmed!" Madison and Lillian declared loudly.

    Their expressions and tones were like Konnor and Myiesha could only harm him over their dead bodies!

    "..............." Kiba was left speechless.

    He didn't even know the twins and yet, they wanted to protect him!?

    The mob, on the other hand, was stunned. They enviously looked at Kiba for having such loving women as partners.

    After all, in today's cynical world, things like love don't matter in the face of life and death crisis. Even star-crossed lovers would betray each other when death comes.

    Yet, not only his lovers were not running away, they wanted to protect him at their own cost!

    That too, not one but two absolutely stunning beauties!

    If looks could kill then Kiba would have died thousands of times by now. Everyone felt a lucky bastard like him didn't deserve to exist much less live!

    "Daddy! Lave this place!" Madison woke Kiba from his thoughts.

    "We will defend family honor!" Lillian further added.


    The corners of his mouth twitched.

    Some distance away, Myiesha felt a slight headache. Most people might not be aware of the identity of the twins but she knew.

    She let out a soft sigh before stepping forward. She slowly walked past the crowd while Konnor rose high above the ground.

    "How frightening!" Madison said with a hand over her lips.

    Myiesha didn't respond. She continued to slowly step ahead.

    At the same time, two men in the crowd quivered. In fractions of a second, their bodies swelled up, resembling a meatball.

    Kiba turned around, his eyebrows knitted together.

    Along with heart-wrenching screams, the internal organs of the two men shattered and they imploded. From the exploding gore, needles of blood shot out, aimed at Myisha.

    The remnants of the corpses fell to the ground. Inside the gore, there was not a single trace of blood. The entire blood was sucked out during the implosion and used to fire the needles.

    Myiesha stretched a hand towards the incoming needles. Ripples swept out and immobilized the molecules forming the needles.

    Then the blood needles stretched out, like rubber, and disintegrated into infinite molecules.

    The crowd, on the other hand, was left trembling. They didn't even realize how two among them suddenly imploded.

    They froze in fear and despair.

    "She is scary," Madison pushed her tongue out and licked her lips.

    "That monster uncle as well," Lillian pointed towards Konnor. "We are meeting a lot of monsters lately."

    "Thank god we have a daddy to protect us," Madison giggled.

    "............................" Kiba looked at the twins in amazement.

    Only now he felt the fluctuations of their strength.

    "They are...!" Kiba was surprised.

    Meanwhile, the crowd started backing away. They didn't want to be casualties in the upcoming battle.

    "Bad uncles, you wouldn't leave two girls on their own, right?" Madison's voice ringed in their ears.

    The crowd felt their guts twirl by her words. They instantly regretted having nefarious intentions against the twins.

    Without wasting time, they started running away.

    "Bad things happen to those who leave poor girls alone," Madison said with a downcast expression. "If you don't believe me, you can ask those from my orphanage."

    At the same time, everyone in the crowd trembled and swelled up like a balloon.

    "Stop," Myiesha's body blurred and she appeared before Madison. She pushed a palm on Madison's chest, but the latter's lips curled up in a sweet smile.

    "Don't be so hasty," Madison was suddenly enveloped by a crimson glow and she faded.

    Behind, over a hundred mutants exploded in a rain of gore. Through the monstrous gore, crimson rings of light flew out.

    Above one ring, Madison appeared, surrounded by blood mist.

    "This is going to be troublesome," Myiesha let out a long sigh. "I should have asked brother to come in my stead."

    Meanwhile, Lillian closed her eyes tight. As the enormous fist of Konnor punched down, she smiled.

    Konnor's eyes knitted and wrinkles appeared over his head. The punch perfectly landed but there was no damage.

    Neither Kiba nor others have formed a shield, and yet, no destruction. It was like his fist was made of paper, carrying no destructive force.

    The next moment, Lillian blew out an air kiss to Konnor.

    "No way!"

    He sensed the force in his former punch repelled back at him like a cannonball. He became the target of his own strength!

    "Daddy! Please leave!" Madison shouted while pointing at Myiehsa. "This sister is scary but I would be all right!"

    "Me as well!" Lillian also added. "Leave everything to your lil' girls!"


    Kiba wanted to cry. He has created chaos for his own enjoyment, but now, the twins were having fun.


    Kiba turned around and transformed into a stream of light. He shot off in the distance.

    A minute later.

    The battles were going strong when Annamarie appeared. She was startled to see her fellow Dark Stars facing the crazy twins.

    While startled, she wasn't worried about their safety especially when she saw Myiesha. She has confidence in the latter's ability.

    "Where is he?" Anamarie asked. It has taken her a lot more time than she wanted to control the mess Kiba created.

    "He has just left," Myiesha pointed a finger to the wall. "You can still catch him."

    "Ok," Anamarie nodded. Her braids rotated in fast movements and she disappeared.

    "Daddy is pursued by a witch!" Madison remarked aloud.

    "Daddy! Be safe!" Lillian prayed with a smile.

    Myeisha sighed once again. She has read a bit about twins, and as such, she was aware of their nature. Still, she was surprised by their actions.


    Kiba speeded out through one of the metallic doors that served as the entrance of The Fair. He smiled as he saw emerald cover coming in sight.

    Under rosy clouds, gentle winds rustled through leaves. The ground was filled with patches of grass along with faint marks of track that connected to the road leading to The Fair.

    Autumn leaves floated in the air and brushed past him.

    He stopped for a moment to admire the scenery. The Fair was more like a city despite it being in a forest but now, he was back in real wild.

    Just then, a sharp whistling sound came from behind, and a braid of hair smashed down at him. His eyes flickered and he darted to a side.


    The ground exploded into pieces as if it was pressed down by a mountain.

    Kiba turned around and brought his eyes on the top of the wall. Anamarie was looking right at him, her hair fluttering upwards.

    "You think you can leave after what you have done?" Anamarie asked before leaping from the wall.
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