336 Anamarie Vs Kiba

    "You think you can leave after what you have done?"

    Anamarie asked before leaping from the wall. Her hair twirled into circular motion and she floated down as if carried by a gust of wind.

    "Yeap," Kiba confessed truthfully.

    "You!" Anamarie's eyes flashed.

    The anger she felt for him could not be measured. First, he created a mess with Mirage Thief. Then he fought Mendel before the start of auction and forced her to step back by blackmail materials.

    They were things she could still handle, albeit barely.

    But he didn't stop there.

    In front of thousands, he stole Body Molding Ore, and then even indirectly created a riot in The Fair.

    What's more, he didn't stand by his earlier words and broadcasted the records about the role of electronic sensors at the entrance.

    He was the biggest criminal The Fair has ever seen, and yet he thinks he can leave?!

    At the same time, hundreds of people rushed through the entrance of The Fair. They were comprised of both guards and guests.

    Everyone present was stunned. Kiba has escaped multiple chases despite the intervention of Dark Stars.

    Now, he was out.

    The guards rejoiced knowing this time there was no one to help Kiba. Earlier, if not for twins and Ashlyn, they believed Kiba would have been killed in The Fair itself. Regardless, his fate was set.

    No one could escape much less live after committing such crimes.

    Without any further words, Anamarie stepped into action. Two whips swept forward; their ends parted to reveal rows upon rows of sharp teeth.

    Kiba leaped high in the air and avoided the coming braids. Another braid whipped out at the same time, drawing a full moon in the process.

    A sucking force swept out of the open end but it proved no effect on him. All it did was make his hair float in air.

    Kiba's motions were fluid and he easily ducked the braid. It crashed into a tree and it exploded into splinters.

    Anamarie wielded her braids as an extension of her body similar to a limb, but Kiba avoided them. She sent more whips, and they created a myriad of swings and waves, leaving no place alone.

    Yet, Kiba remained safe. His body would appear in multiple places at once, and when a braid pierced through, only then it would be revealed it was a specter created by speed fluctuations.

    Annoyed, two braids fused into one and curled up before shooting out like a meteor. The air sliced apart and sparks flew out.

    "That's frightening!" Kiba said, his expression filled with fear, and he quickly made a run. The braid rushed after him like a vicious cobra, ready to kill him.

    On the ground, the guards and others laughed.

    "As expected of Dark Star!"

    "No one can match her!"

    "Previously he was just lucky!"

    "I can't wait to see his corpse!"

    The crowd looked happily at Kiba was pursued through the sky to the ground below.

    As Kiba landed on the ground, the braid sliced horizontally like the scythe of a grim reaper.


    Blood and gore splattered out along with a heart-wrenching scream. Surprised gasps emitted from mouths of onlookers as they saw a corpse collapsing on the ground with a thud sound.

    The expression on the face of the corpse was that of shock and horror. It was like he couldn't believe death would come so instantly.

    The death didn't bring a smile on Anamarie's face. Her expression rather turned unsightly.

    The one who was slashed into two halves was not Kiba but one of the guards. Kiba has made his landing near the guards, and when the braid was about to pierce him, he jumped forward and pushed a guard on the braid.

    Before she could react, the sharp end cut through the guard and sliced him two. Since the braid carried terrifying momentum, it was impossible to stop it at a final moment.

    The result was in front of everyone...

    "You are rather cruel for a boss," Kiba sighed in pity as he noticed the look of horror on the guard who has just died.

    The others nearby felt their fine hairs standing up in fright. Just a minute ago, they were looking forward to see Kiba's corpse, but instead, now they were seeing a corpse of one of them.

    The thought of dying with no fault of their own frightened them. They knew just how narrowly they avoided deaths.

    Every single one of them raised their guards up, no wanting to be another casualty in the battle.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Anamarie looked at Kiba with hatred. She gnashed her teeth and shouted, "Domain!"

    Her hair grew further.

    They turned sharp and fierce, piercing through an area of half a mile, imprisoning it from inside out. They branched out like roots within the area, at a rate that could be described only as impossible.

    At the same time, her braids compressed to the limit. They were as thin as a needle, not visible to the eye.

    The space in domain trembled with fluctuations that were like shimmering of lights. It was due to the sharpness of the braids!

    The guards and others were brimming with excitement.


    "We can learn a few things!"

    "This is a great opportunity for us!"

    They only have heard about domain in rumors but now they were getting a chance to witness its might.

    "Hmm..." Kiba was surprised.

    Even he found it a bit difficult to see her braids. He was in the middle of thinking when a needle-thin braid slashed down at him.

    At last moment, he barely dodged it, and it swept past his shoulder. But even before he could react, the same braid moved upwards, ripping through his sleeve.

    Kiba leaped back before the braid could pierce further. Just then from behind, hundreds of braids chopped forward, sealing his back exit.

    The speed and sharpness her braids carried were far too difficult to avoid.

    With equal speed, Kiba reacted. He stretched his hands out and energy waves swept out, transforming into shields.

    Yet, much to his amazement, he witnessed the braids thrusting through the shields. Violent energy splintered off and the braids smashed forward.

    "The sucking force!" Kiba thought why the shields were so easily ripped apart.

    Earlier her braids would emit a sucking force from the mouth-like end, but now in the domain, every part of her hair was sweeping that force.

    "She is different from Myiesha who could devour energy after breaking it into molecules."

    Kiba transformed into a beam of light and shot downwards, barely avoiding streams of attack.

    "So she must be sending energy somewhere, most likely outside the domain."

    Kiba has just moved downward when braids erupted from the ground. Whether it was above or below, everywhere there were braids, swirling.

    "Pay for your impudence with your life," Anamarie said from the center of the domain.

    "You do deserve to be called a Dark Star," Kiba replied, ignoring her threat. "Unlike that companion of yours."

    Anamarie snorted coldly and launched more attacks.

    Her strands of hair were like a sharp sword, backed by piercing momentum. Howling winds swept as the braids swung forward.

    Every single strike of her was not only imperceptible but it carried a power that was hard to imagine.

    Kiba increased his speed and moved through the faint gaps like a bolt of lightning, leaving behind afterimages.

    The braids slashed through afterimages, shedding them to fragments.

    Anamarie gripped her hand and clutched it tightly. Braids converged together and swept horizontally, drawing a perfect arc, speed amplified.

    Kiba pointed a finger and shot a beam of golden lightning. Like before, her braid cut through his attack and moved upward.

    The attacks increased and so did the presence of braids that were now uncountable. From a bird's-eye view, it looked blinding-sharp strings moving throughout the domain. It was like a rainfall of blades that carried might to severe mountains.

    Not only the braids were offensive but they also provided protection. They would transform into shields, barriers, and walls whenever Kiba sent energy beams or force punch towards Anamarie.

    The onlookers were scared out of their wits. Their excitement at witnessing a domain was gone as they found themselves to be target of energy ripples from blade-sharp hair.

    Despite being on guards and using their abilities, the remnant energy passed through their defensive barriers. Blood spilled out like a geyser and they were sent rolling through the air. All they could do was barely stay alive and use priceless defense items as a last resort.

    They knew staying alive was more important than saving these items. The items broke, and prismatic shields of light enveloped them for further protection.

    If not for the domain not targeting them, they would have been shredded to pieces.

    The titanic trees were mashed into a fine powder and the ground was filled with hundreds of crevices.

    In mid-air, Kiba has just avoided a net of braids when a braid swept past his head. He ducked to a side but the sharp end brushed on his cheek.


    A small slash appeared on his cheek and blood splattered out.

    Kiba brought a finger on the wound and cleaned the fresh blood dripping from his face. His eyebrows knitted and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

    Anamarie smiled as she saw the wound, but when she noticed him looking at her, a chill crawled up her senses.

    His gaze was like that of an ancient predator.

    Half of her body instantly paralyzed from an innate fear. Her face went pale and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

    She forcefully bit her tongue to regain her senses.

    "What was that?" Anamarie couldn't believe just a gaze could terrify to her such an extent.

    She sent another set of braids for attack when she heard a loud beeping sound. The sound was coming from the scouting sensors embedded in her watch.

    At the very same time, a violent aura exploded from Kiba's body.

    It ripped the incoming braids like a cyclone. The ground trembled with strong vibrations while light inside the domain dimmed.

    "How is this even possible?!"

    Anamarie couldn't believe her eyes as she observed the reading on her watch. The scouting sensors were giving an unbelievable reading count of Kiba's energy, and with every passing second, the count was increased by hundreds.

    "Impossible! How could he jump from the beginning of Level IV to the ends of Level V?! No! This can't be true! He is reaching Level VI!!"

    Anamarie shuddered and dread swept through her guts.

    The guards and others didn't even hear her gasps.

    Ever since his aura erupted, a massive pressure enveloped them. Their hearts rapidly raced while sweat dripped crazily.

    Anamarie was in no state to be concerned about them.

    "He has already reached the limits of Beta!"

    Under her anxious eyes, the watch started emitting popping sounds. The screen cracked apart and threads of smoke trailed out.

    The sensors were short-circuiting on their own! It was as if Kiba's aura was beyond their handling capacity!

    With cracking sounds, the watch exploded into splinters.

    "How can it be... No! This would mean...!!"

    Anamarie took a step back in alarm and shock.

    She looked at Kiba in pure horror and muttered, "You are Alpha!"


    Even in great states with a population of over a hundred million, it wasn't considered anything shocking to not find a single Alpha.

    They were the rarest of the rare...

    Earth has a population of over ten billion humans, and yet not even a thousand mutants who deserved the title of Alpha.

    As far as Anamarie was concerned, Alpha was no different than an extinct species. Chances of meeting them were non-existent, much less engaging in a battle.

    They were sacred and divine, no less than a god.

    Beings of such terrifying power wouldn't involve themselves in conflicts. They were eccentric and would rarely take matter in their hands.

    All top organizations, including World Government, would indulge them with everything they could ever desire. Their treatment was far better than a noble descendant.

    Yet, a being who deserved this and far more was standing opposite her.

    As she looked in front, Anamarie gulped down saliva. Her throat turned dry and hoarse, and no matter how she tried, no words would come out.

    The ground around her was rupturing and even air was on verge of collapse. Leaves and twigs floated in air before ripping to pieces under the violent aura.

    "Domain, huh?" Kiba said, his voice filled with disdain. "In a true domain, the Will of its caster is absolute. Let's see if it is true."

    Kiba raised a hand towards the sky before abruptly bringing it down.

    "Gravity Cage."

    As soon as the two words were spoken, the very formless concept of gravity was twisted.


    The space distorted and a horrifying force of gravity enveloped the hair domain from all sides, like a cage, with no escapes.

    From outside, it was like an incorporeal barrier has surrounded the hair domain.

    The ground served as a home to many species of insects. Mutated ants and termites, that were no smaller than an adult human, lived thousands of feet underground. A few of them were the human equivalent of Gamma and the chief amoing them was a Beta.

    They peacefully lived in their colonies, separated from the activities on the surface. But this was about to change.

    As soon as the gravity field superimposed through this piece of land, these insects felt their bodies tighten by a stifling force, and in less than a fraction of a second, they were smashed into pieces that were even smaller than dust.

    At the same time, the entire domain ground caved by hundreds of feet, turning it into a crater.

    The guards and others didn't even get time to be terrified. The prismatic shields of energy protecting them shattered in less than a millisecond.

    Much less mobility, they couldn't even breathe. They were abruptly crashed into the caving ground.

    It was if the weight of a mountain was placed on their backs. Veins popped throughout their bodies like worms were crawling, giving them unsightly appearance.

    Skin splintered off, veins shattered, organs ripped apart, bones rammed into powder, and blood compressed into nothingness.

    Meanwhile, the needle-thin hair braids, that were earlier free from gravity, were instantaneously pulled into the ground before crumbling and fading from existence.

    Under such strong gravitation pull, there was neither sound of rumbling nor any dust cloud. There was absolutely nothing, not even the presence of energy particles.

    So far, it has barely been one second since Gravity Cage was summoned, and yet, over a hundred humans died, leaving no trace of existence.

    The domain instantly collapsed.

    Anamarie's entire body froze and her heart palpitated like crazy. She has only blinked once and by the time she opened her eyes, her entire concept of reality was destroyed.

    "This is the might of Alpha!?"

    Her face lost color and turned as white as a paper.

    The Gravity Cage didn't affect her intentionally and this was the only reason she was still living.

    What truly needs to mentioned is that Gravity Cage didn't even display 1% of its potential. The mutants were far too weak for them to warrant its true might.

    Had Gravity Cage showed its real power, the very concept of time and space would be affected.

    "For a domain, that was pretty useless," Kiba waved a hand into the air, and Gravity Cage disappeared.

    Anamarie was too lost in despair to reply. If she could respond, it would be about the unfairness of situation.

    How can a Beta even face Alpha in the first place?

    Much less her, even if a Level V or Level VI mutant has tried, they would have suffered instant defeat. There were some things set in stone that no one could defy.

    Meanwhile, a team of twenty guards rushed out of the gate leading to The Fair. As soon as they came out, they sighted the crater and depressed Anamarie.

    Their eyes instantly turned wide with disbelief.


    That was the only word that ran through their minds. Their bodies were struck on one spot, not daring to move the slightest bit.

    Kiba brought his eyes on Anamarie. Rays of white light enveloped his body and he vanished like a puff of smoke.

    "Teleportation?!" Anamarie was greatly alarmed.

    There were no speed fluctuations so teleportation was her obvious guess. But she refused to believe he possessed this power.

    Otherwise, there was no reason for him to not use it before.

    "Unless...!" She didn't get much time to think as a cold feeling spread through her body. Her pupils shrunk, as small as the tip of a needle.

    Space before her eyes blurred and Kiba appeared like a ghost. Frightened and almost instinctively, she closed her eyes and surrounded her with a hair barrier.

    At the same time, passing through hair barrier, he pressed a hand over her throat and clutched it tightly.

    An intense pain swept through her neck, and her breathing turned heavy. She felt whistling of air as if she was flying through air and just as she opened her eyes, a sharp pain followed from her head and back.

    The sound of bone cracking ringed out, while her throat was filled with a metallic taste of blood and vile. It was as if she has crashed into a hard mass that sent a chilling agony through the depths of her body.

    On the ground, the guards were scared out of wits. They looked at an upper portion of the wall where Anamarie was slammed into, like a ragged doll.

    Their eyes were filled with horror as they saw crack lines erupting in the wall.

    They knew how durable the boundary wall was given it served to protect from beasts, and yet, it was now cracking.

    Just the thought of how much force Anamarie must have faced from such collision made their knees quiver.

    Anamarie suppressed the tormenting sensation inside her and then looked at the hand that was still clutching her throat. Her eyes turned misty and her face paled further but she was barely able to register Kiba's face.

    "You are living because I want you to, "Kiba's voice filled with heavy murderous intention entered her ears. "So appreciate the time you have."

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