344 A Gracious Hos

    In the makeshift treasury at the end of cave.

    Zed placed every gold and diamond item in his storage ring. His face was filled with happiness as if what he has taken was truly precious.

    And indeed, for him, it was precious, far more precious than any materialistic treasure he has ever owned.

    Not because of its physical value, but rather, its emotional value.

    Usually, he would not care about such a thing. This was rather evident from the way his alter ego acted in relationships.

    But today was different.

    He has met someone who was offering everything she has... with no return expectations. In this cynical world, such selflessness was far more precious than some powerful jade or medicinal herb.

    Accepting the gold and diamond items was his way of respecting and honoring her kind intentions.

    Red Tiger has given up trying to change his mind. She felt as long as he was satisfied, it was more than enough for her. And from the feeling she was sensing from him, she was sure that he was both satisfied and happy.

    What more can she ask for?

    Ashlyn didn't bring the matter of Seven-Petals Golden Rose either. He has already made a decision and she decided to respect it.

    "I'm done," Zed jumped back on his feet.

    He stood opposite Red Tiger who looked at him for a long moment before nodding.

    She then guided him and Ashlyn to another part of the cave. It was some distance from the place where the cubs were sleeping.

    After this, she signaled them to have rest while she stepped out of the cave.

    "Take your time," Zed sat down on the floor alongside Ashlyn.

    Neither of them muttered a single word to each other. They just waited for Red Tiger to return.

    Twenty minutes later.

    Red Tiger returned with a lot of materials. Wooden logs, wild chicken, fish, and so on.

    "This..." Zed was a bit surprised.

    Red Tiger was truly a gracious host to make such arrangements for dinner.

    "Let me help."

    Zed joined in preparing the food. He took out a set of spices and utensils from the storage ring.

    Ashlyn continued to sit. She wasn't good at cooking so she allowed Zed to take over.

    A few minutes later.

    Both Ashlyn and Red Tiger observed as Zed used his Fire Element Control to roast chicken and grill fish. The heat emitted was just the right amount needed for cooking.

    Soon, a tempting and wonderful fragrance greeted the senses of everyone.

    "You have a nice ability," Ashlyn made a brief comment when Zed handed her a plate containing chicken legs and fish.


    Zed certainly didn't like this praise. She was basically saying pyrokinesis was good for cooking!

    Red Tiger would eat only raw meat. Both she and the cubs had food long before Zed and Ashlyn arrived.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    As such, Red Tiger allowed her guests to enjoy their dinner in silence.

    Thirty minutes later.

    Red Tiger guided them to a spacious area that was empty and with enough space for 4-5 people.

    Ashlyn has a portable crystal house, but she didn't take it out. She didn't want to disrespect Red Tiger who has been a gracious host.

    Zed retrieved two mats from his storage space and place them on two distant corners of this area.

    Soon, Red Tiger took her leave.

    Ashlyn and Zed laid down on their respective mats. Ashlyn closed her eyes and began her sleep without any goodnight wish.

    Zed looked at the moonstones on the ceiling.

    "This is not bad."

    Zed thought of how the day came to an end.

    Auction, chase, battles, meeting Ashlyn as Zed, and finally Red Tiger.

    He entered sleep while lost in thoughts...

    The next morning.

    Dazzling orange light broke through the night sky.

    Zed and Ashlyn stood outside the cave. They woke up just as the sun rose and witnessed the beautiful sky.

    The ground was hidden by the mist but they could feel the dewdrops as they stepped further. The fresh winds swept through the evergreen trees before brushing past Zed and Ashlyn.

    Some distance ahead, Red Tiger was training her cubs. She taught them how to pounce and retaliate in mid-air while effectively using their claws.

    The cubs tried to catch Red Tiger and strike her with their claws without any success.

    Red Tiger stopped the training as she felt the presence of her guests. Even before she could, the cubs rushed at Zed and leaped on him.

    "Good morning to you as well," Zed greeted the enthusiastic cubs.

    The cubs played with him excitedly for they knew he would leave soon. Something they didn't want.

    An hour later.

    Zed and Ashlyn stood opposite Red Tiger and her children. He noticed their eyes turning misty and it brought a smile on his face.

    As far as he could remember, whenever he (Kiba) visited someone' home, the owner would look forward to seeing him leave.

    His teacher Ryan was a classic example when Kiba made a night visit. Even Olly would cry in joy when Kiba left before his father arrived from work.

    Now, a family of three was on the verge of crying because he was leaving.

    "Humans truly needs to learn from beasts," Zed mused.

    He quickly cleared thoughts that belonged to Kiba and focused back on the present.

    Zed crouched down in front of the cubs. He closed them in for a hug and said, "I know you can't understand my words, but still allow me to say... I'm truly happy to meet you three. Take care."

    He kissed their heads and rubbed their backs.

    Red Tiger sniffed and pressed her head against his shoulder. He smiled in response.

    Rarely has he been at the receiving end of such warmth and pure emotions. He was not the type of person to desire such things, much less seek them, but nevertheless, when he received them, he truly felt happy.

    He wrapped an arm around Red Tiger's head and said, "You are the second one to break through my prejudice... And I'm thankful for that."

    A minute later, he got back on his feet. He thought for a moment before retrieving a bottle containing pills.

    Red Tiger was startled as soon as she smelled the medicinal scent. The aroma was more powerful than the medicinal herbs and materials she owned. Just from sniffing, she felt her blood energy boosted.

    But quickly, Red Tiger shook her head.

    "Well, you wouldn't be rude enough to deny a request from your guest, right?"

    Zed knew she wanted to refuse.

    "Besides, I have plenty of them."

    Claudia has given him various types of pills. Quantity of each variety was enough to last for a year even if he used them freely.

    Claudia firmly believed in 'hope for the best but prepare for the worst.' Naturally, she prepared for the worst-case scenario.

    Before he left Delta City, Claudia used the lab equipment to their full capacity. As for the raw materials needed for the pills, well, let's say, they were "borrowed" from some kind souls in Delta City.

    Kind souls who were now on the brink of bankruptcy...

    "The people who contributed for these pills wanted them to be used without any thought," Zed placed the bottle next to the cubs. "So feel free to use them."

    Red Tiger ignored the pill bottle and instead, wrapped her front legs around him for a final hug.

    As Ashlyn witnessed this, she once again compared him with Kiba.

    A few minutes later, they left the habitant of Red Tiger and resumed their journey to the village.

    Red Tiger looked on as Zed's silhouette started blurring among distant trees. As his silhouette faded, she saw him waving at her for the final time.


    Contrary to their expectations, this was not the final meeting...
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