350 Same Destination

    "Is there anything more on the tablet?" Aileen asked.

    Carmen broke out of the trance and locked his senses on Zed. He owned the tablet and as such, his thirst for information was far greater than others.

    It was a matter of his future!

    The lines earlier translated by Zed were far too profound and vague for his understanding. Yet, he was sure they were precious beyond limit based on the radiance that surged out of the tablet surface.

    Now, if there was more content, then his awards would be doubled. He could imagine the type of reception he would receive from the elders.

    Carmen was confident that if this happened, then he could compete with the ten Chosen from the younger generation of his family.

    Zed glanced at the tablet before saying, "There is more but to know that, you would have to unlock the seal over the tablet."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Seal?" Carmen was startled.

    He has checked the tablet multiple times but found no seal. The only thing he knew for sure was that the tablet was made from unknown materials with a technology that was vastly different from Earth's.

    "How do we unseal it?" Aileen enquired about the important question.

    "The tablet is incomplete so the information regarding that is missing," Zed pointed at the cracks and the borderline edges.


    Carmen and Aileen were instantly dejected. They knew the tablet was just a part but were still praying for more information.

    "The elders would know!" Carmen placed his hopes on the family.

    Sophia grabbed the tablet in her hands and observed the ever-changing, circular ripple-like runes and patterns. She wondered how can a human even understand this language without getting a headache.

    With a frown, she asked, "What language is this?"

    "Aazigmathi - One of the languages created during Aeon of Havoc," Zed replied, his voice filled with barely noticeable bitterness.

    "It is derived from Estrari - The language widely popular in the Destiny Aeon."

    "No wonder why it is painful to look!" Sophia nodded in understanding.

    She knew a bit about the aeons in Celestial Elysian Plane so she understood his explanation.

    "He knows this much so he is definitely well-connected!" Aileen thought as she analysed Zed's words. "He must be either connected to aristocrat family or some organization dedicated to studying the meteorites!"

    What she didn't know was that she couldn't have been any more wrong about the source of his knowledge. The reason he knew so much was Castor Damon!

    Castor Damon was the greatest scientist the World Government has ever seen. The depth of his knowledge was bottomless. He has spent decades studying alien materials before he started the expedition of BSE79.

    Sadly for him, the benefactor of his schemes and the heir of his knowledge was someone he never expected.


    Ashlyn pushed her chair back and rose to her feet. Zed understood her intentions so he too stood up.

    "We shall be taking our leave," Zed said, his voice polite. "Once again thanks for the lunch."

    "Why leave? Our destination is the same," Aileen quickly said before they could leave.

    She wanted to know more about Zed and plan accordingly for the core region. If he was trustable, she could even ask him and Ashlyn to form a team with her master.

    Sophia was surprised by her middle-aged servant's response. Still, she decided to respect her servant's wish, and said, "She is right. Proceed with us."

    Carmen's face fell.

    First, Sophia invited Zed for lunch and now even asking him to continue the journey alongside her. This made Carmen's blood boil in anger and resentment.

    'Why would she care about him so much?! Just why?!'

    Under the table, Carmen clenched his fists tightly. She has never ever shown such affection to him; never.

    As far as he could, she didn't give this much attention to anyone from the opposite gender. So what was so special about this guy named Zed?

    Yes, he was handsome, ok more than handsome, but that didn't mean anything.

    Carmen wished he could strangle Zed and show Sophia her real place. He has enough of being a good guy.

    Zed, in the meantime, eyed Ashlyn who thought for a moment before nodding.

    "Sure. We would love to join you," Zed said to Sophia.

    Internally, he sighed. He was finding it more difficult to find a chance to leave Ashlyn and transform back into Kiba without worrying her.

    "Good," Sophia left her chair. "Then we should leave."

    Carmen suppressed the rage he felt and smiled. He didn't want her to not allow him to follow her, so all he could do was agree with her in the hopes she would allow him to accompany her as a friend.

    Twenty minutes later.

    The camp house was retrieved by Sophia's retinues. Alongside the servants, Sophia, Aileen, Zed, Ashlyn, and Carmen proceeded ahead.

    They had crossed a mile ahead when Carmen and Sophia noticed familiar acquaintances.

    A storm was building up and it would lead to havoc in a way that none could imagine...
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