352 Launcelot vs Zed

    Sophia, Jenina, and others were stunned by Launcelot's action. He has separated them from Zed by a cocoon. They couldn't even see what was going inside.

    When Launcelot shot out the layers of threads, they were startled and jumped back. Only later on did they realized it wasn't attacked but to form a cocoon.

    "Miss, don't try to break it, otherwise a stray attack might harm Zed," Aileen stopped Sophia.

    "But..." Sophia wanted to help the kind youth who has helped her.

    Aileen could understand her intentions. Even she felt a kind and respectful youth like Zed were far too rare in existence.

    "Miss, he shouldn't be very weak, at least he should be strong enough to survive," Aileen said while glancing at Ashlyn. "In the meantime, I would think of a way to break the cocoon without harming Zed."

    Ashlyn didn't take any action. After recalling his recent fight, she didn't think he was so weak that he could be defeated so easily.

    Sure he was weak by her standard's but he was still Kiba's brother. He must have some trump cards.

    She reasoned in his fight with her, he was exhausted due to some reasons.

    That's why she didn't intervene and tried to break the cocoon.

    Her inaction stopped Aileen.

    What she didn't know was that Ashlyn was ready to take action. Her senses were locked into the cocoon and if she felt Zed's aura weakening, she would swiftly intervene by breaking her seals to protect Kiba's younger brother!

    "Is he really not that weak?" Aileen wondered in her heart. "Or is her confidence unfounded?"

    Aileen recalled him knowing about alien language and him being in the forest. Anyone who would dare move towards the core region would have some confidence.

    "He might be not weak but his opponent is Launcelot! There is no way it is going to be easy!" Aileen thought.

    Carmen, who was beside her, suppressed a mocking smile. He was thinking of ways to teach Zed a lesson and he was happy to see Launcelot carrying out the task.

    "Sophia would be pissed at Launcelot and this would give me a chance!" Launcelot thought with happiness.

    He looked forward to seeing Zed being defeated or even killed.

    "And it would be so good if both are killed by each other!" Launcelot mused while eyeing Jenina. She was also gorgeous and with a lusty figure.

    "I could console her at the loss! Hahaha!" Carmen was lost in happy dreams.


    Inside the cocoon that has wrapped an area of hundred meters.

    Zed released out a wave of flame that slammed on a web column. A fire explosion boomed out, resulting in heatwaves that rippled through the air. The web column made of liquid substance melted into oblivion under the intense flames.

    The small spiders on the ground, in the meantime, rushed at Zed. Their mouth open to bite him with their poisonous jaws.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Zed jumped backward while swepting a hand at the spiders. Hundreds of flame darts flew out which ruthlessly crashed onto the spiders.

    A few burned but others survived as they quickly rolled to dissipate the flames.

    Dozens of spiders spat out shiny liquid from their abdomens that turned into web threads. Swiftly, the threads shot like silk chains, rushing at Zed, ready to entangle him.

    Zed's body was wrapped by fire and his reflexes amplified. He jumped up, his knees closed to his chest, and a few threads struck on the trees behind. They instantly corroded like paper by acid; dissolving into brown substance. Corrosive smog trailed out...

    Not all threads landed on the trees. The spiders knew he might dodge so the threads were shot throughout, to not give him any space.

    As Zed jumped high in the air, five threads closed into him. They interweaved together into a net and the air seethed with violent sounds.

    In midair, Zed stretched his hands, covered with flames.


    With strong sound, streams of flames shot out, crashing into the toxic net. The threads forming the net turned ablaze; the heat so intense that they evaporated into gases.

    At the same time, as he landed on the ground, he blasted away the spiders with a cluster of fire.

    The spiders spew more webs and blocked all his possible exits. Zed spun his body around, amassed by flames, and the next moment, a whip of flame materialized in his hand.

    He whipped the flame on the webs blocking his path. The webs caught fire, and the corrosive particles started burning with a sizzling and crackling sound.

    The entire cocoon was filled with repulsive smell coming from the venomous sticky mouths of the spiders.

    Zed wielded the whip of flame in his right hand while glancing at Launcelot. The latter signaled his materialised army to attack again.

    As the spider got ready to shot more, Zed quickly acted. The whip of fire lashed out at them before they could spew out.

    Under rippling flames, the spiders were stomping into pieces. In seconds, they faded into mist-like substance.

    Launcelot turned furious by Zed's actions. His face paled a little and his eyes turned bloodshot.

    "I was going easy on you but you really don't know what's good for you!"

    Launcelot roared ferociously. The surviving spiders crawled back on to him. Quickly, they shrouded his body from head to toe before morphing his body into that of a spider with eight legs.

    It was like a savage monster has replaced a human.

    The ends of spider legs were as sharp as spears; capable of tearing through anything. The venomous buds further reinforced the might of the spider legs, making it impossible to survive.

    "Well, why go easy and waste strength in useless attacks?" Zed wanted to ask but Launcelot didn't give him a chance.

    Launcelot's body blurred and he disappeared from his sight.

    From behind, Zed heard a sharp sound that was turning strong with every moment. His eyes flickered and he ducked by stepping forward.

    Just then, a bang sound reverberated as a spider leg stabbed on a boulder where Zed was standing a moment ago. The boulder shattered and turned into powder.

    As the spider leg retraced from the dust, Zed retaliated. He pointed a finger and sparks concentrated on his fingertip. The next moment, a strand of flame struck on the retracing leg. The strand of flame was compressed with violent fire energy that blasted the moment it crashed.

    Instantly, the spider leg ignited into blinding heatwaves.

    A kacha sound emitted from the leg and cracks appeared on its sharp surface. Ghastly liquid, scorched by heatwaves, splashed through the cracks, and in a few seconds, the entire leg burned to ashes.

    Launcelot's spider face turned ugly. Sweat formed on his forehead and cheeks before rolling down.

    But he didn't stop. He summoned more strength, reinforcing his body with a protective glint, and a new leg regenerated.

    At the same time, his another leg slammed towards Zed to stab him, while from his abdomen, he spewed a sticky thread.

    As Zed attacked to face the spider leg, a silky thread swiftly wrapped his shoes, binding them to the ground. The speed was such that he got no time to react.

    Launcelot was startled. The sticky thread he shot was corrosive and yet his opponent's shoes were intact, with no damage.

    What he didn't know was they were created from specially manufactured nanoparticles by an advanced AI. Unless he was a Beta, he has no chance of destroying them.

    In the meantime, the spider leg was blocked by a wall of fire. Zed lowered a hand to his shoes and released a circle of flame that burned the sticky thread binding him to the ground.

    Just as he freed his shoes, his pupils constricted as his premonition ability warned him of danger. Without wasting a moment, he crouched down.

    Had he been a moment late, another spider leg would have cleaved through his neck, beheading him. All he felt was a gust of wind as the venomous spider leg passed above his head.

    Launcelot was shocked by his enemy's reflexes. He has created so many distractions to launch this secret attack, and yet Zed was able to dodge, even though narrowly.

    Had Zed tried to avoid the attack by moving back, he would have been ensnared by very thin webs that Launcelot has created when Zed was busy facing the spider leg and the sticky thread on his shoes. If he had come in forward, then he would have been pierced by other spider legs.

    "This imbecile has truly good luck! He decided to crouch!" Launcelot cursed in his heart. He was cursing when his eyes turned wide in disbelief.

    On the ground, Zed who has crouched, slammed his fists on the ground. A whirlwind of flames surged out which fiercely crashed into the spider legs.

    Launcelot's legs buckled and he lost his sense of movement for a second.

    A second was more than enough for Zed. As Launcelot buckled and almost fell, Zed pounced forward, his palms slamming on Launcelot's hard carapace.

    Spiraling flames swept out that scorched the tough layer of carapace. At a rate visible to the naked eye, the carapace startled melting, exposing the insides. The spiraling flames moved further in.

    Launcelot cried out miserably as flames charred his organs. He was unable to believe he was defeated by a person younger than him. He hasn't even used his more powerful attacks but now he was far too hurt to use them.

    "So many unnecessary moves and waste of energy in unneeded attacks... Yet you expect to win?" Zed asked coldly.

    Launcelot was in no position to answer. He collapsed on the ground and let out a tragic shriek in pain. His transformation vanished and he was once again back to his human form, but the agony from flame burn turned stronger. The flames turned violently, charring his skin black.

    "You truly lack fighting experience," Zed remarked.

    There was no way he would be defeated by people like Launcelot who were nothing but summer plants grown in a greenhouse. They have never experienced true danger and faced the rush of adrenaline that only comes when death licks its lips.

    Strictly speaking, Launcelot wasn't weak by any means. It was just that he faced Zed who has survived countless dangers.

    Sure, from the last few years, Zed didn't face any danger due to Cosmic Spark. But even being Kiba has helped Zed in a way.

    Launcelot was engulfed in flame, rolling on the ground. As flames moved up his head, a protective locket he carried activated, extinguishing the flames. Not only that, but even the wounds started filling up. His face was pale from injuries but still, he was back in good health. The pain subsidized and he sighed in relief. He was glad he carried the protective item handed to him by the family. Had it not activated, he knew what would be his fate.

    "Oh? Don't tell me everyone with a strong background has cockroach devices?"

    The Kiba inside Zed couldn't help but ask.

    He shook his head and aimed a hand at Launcelot's head. Rays of flame concentrated on his palm like a small sun.

    "You wouldn't dare kill me!" Launcelot shouted.

    "Aww... are you daring me to? I love dares!" Zed said with a smirk.

    Launcelot shuddered and he lost all confidence. Not daring to take a chance, he retraced the cocoon that covered the battle area.


    The next moment, the cocoon ripped apart.

    As the people outside gasped in surprise, Zed lowered his hand and the flame instantly disappeared on his palm. Instead, he leaned down to pull Launcelot up.

    "I'm sorry but I was frightened so I attacked you with everything I got."

    The sudden change in tone scared the hell out of Launcelot. Just a moment ago, he was about to kill him, and yet, now his voice was filled with an apology and kindness.


    What's going on?!

    Zed internally sighed. He was so used to being Kiba from the last few weeks that it was even affecting him as Zed.

    Meanwhile, the people outside were dumbstruck as they finally saw the scene in front of them. They knew Launceolot's strength and were aware of his attack powers.

    Yet, he was defeated?

    They refused to believe it. He was clearly older than Zed and also from a high background. There was no way the battle could end like this.

    Not unless there was the use of some underhanded tactics!

    Not everyone thought like this though.

    A few of them concluded the bitter truth and their faces turned stiff; realizing Zed was strong for his age.

    Not as strong as the Chosens but definitely stronger than someone like Launcelot!

    Aileen, Jenina, and others were amazed by Zed's action. Despite Launcelot's faults, Zed was actually helping him. He has retrieved a pill and water bottle to help the exhausted Launcelot.

    "Please drink water," Zed handed him the water bottle and pill.

    Launcelot didn't dare drink water or consume the pill. He was worried they were poisoned.

    At the same time, Jenina rushed towards them.

    "It is my fault," Zed said as she moved to support Launcelot. "If I hadn't said what I said, none of this would have happened."

    "N-no, please don't apologize," Jenina quickly said. She knew the fault was hers as she was the one who started it.

    And yet, Zed was taking the blame. This was despite Launcelot attacking him for no reason...
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