353 Launcelots Underhanded Scheme

    [A/N: As I said before, the novel is not tragedy! It is fun with lots of humor and holy moments! This chapter contains a few references to ugly reality of our world, but read till the end, and you will be left smiling ;) A warning in case few people might misunderstand.]

    Under the bright sun, Launcelot rested on the ground. The protective item has helped him but the remnants of fire energy still burned inside him.

    His expression was unsightly and this was especially true when he heard the discussion between Jenina and Zed.

    Here, he did everything to fight for Jenina (and also to smash Zed's image), and yet, she was now engaged in a conversation with Zed.

    They both were busy discussing who was to blamed...each taking responsibility. This only turned his rage stronger.

    He needed help and care, and yet, the woman he has eyes on was busy telling the man responsible for his condition that he wasn't at fault!

    Is there even any logic in this world?

    Zed was at fault!

    He wanted to shout but he couldn't. The exhaustion was getting up to him, and finally, it was others from the group who helped him.

    Jenina realized her mistake of ignoring him, and she proceeded with him...

    "Are you fine?" Sophia asked as Zed placed back the water bottle into the storage ring.

    "Yes, thanks for asking," Zed replied.

    Sophia responded with a faint smile and nodded. She was relieved that he wasn't harmed.

    Zed glanced at Ashlyn who has her eyes closed. It was like she didn't care about anything.

    Aileen looked at him in surprise. She found not a single wound on him, not even a scratch. He seemed somewhat spent but otherwise, he was completely fine.

    Something she or others didn't expect.

    "How is this possible!" Carmen's expression was ugly.

    He has placed his hopes on Launcelot but they were ruthlessly smashed into pieces. He eyed Sophia and thought of his chances of having her.

    Meanwhile, a man named Onur Bolt came in front of Sophia. He wasn't interested in her or anything. Nor was he a member of an aristocrat family.

    "We all have same destination so let's proceed together," Onur said. He was referring to the temporary group of ten and Sophia's group.

    "Sure," Sophia agreed. She was in speaking terms with him so she agreed. By tomorrow evening they would reach Spirit Guardian Village so there was no reason to decline.

    Zed and Ashlyn didn't care about being accompanied by a new group. They resumed the journey and didn't meet any obstacles either from beasts or humans.

    A few hours later.

    As the night approached, they found a safe place for night rest.

    Sophia's retinues built a camp house for her, Zed, and others. Carmen, Onur, Jenina, Launcelot, and the remaining 7-8 people made their separate camp house.

    Sophia's retinues and few people from the other group started making preparations for dinner.

    In one of the rooms.

    Carmen and Launcelot sat across each other.

    "None of us have any chance of having Sophia," Carmen said with a dejected expression. "She has a fierce personality and she has always been the bossy type. She is not called a young fiend for nothing."

    "I know," Launcelot agreed but his lips curled up in a sinister smile. "But we have a method of having her.... that too tonight!"

    "What?" Carmen was surprised by his claims.

    From his storage device, Launcelot retrieved a plastic packet containing a brown powder. The powder was sparkling in nature.

    "Don't tell me that's...!" Carmen was shocked. He grabbed the plastic packet and checked it, his eyes wide.

    "Yeap! This is an advanced date r#pe drug!" Launcelot declared proudly.

    In higher society, the use of such drugs was rather common. The females he used it on weren't in any position to complain. After all, he has a high standing and the laws were always bent when people with strong backgrounds were concerned.

    It was an ugly open secret.

    Days ago, when Denisa was in Garrick Angel Inn's club, she has mused about the types of men, depending on their courting style.

    Out of all categories, she classified the men who used drugs to make a woman open her legs as useless. She believed this type of men lacked skills which was why they have to rely on such methods.

    Launcelot would obviously not agree with her assessment. He believed it was also a skill to own such drugs!

    Why shouldn't people use the best of the advancement in science and technology?

    Of course, the effect of any drug depended on its grade and the strength of the drug recipient. Launcelot was sure it would be effective on Sophia depending on her strength.

    "Are you out of your mind?!" Carmen asked.

    It wasn't like he has never used it to have women he has no chances of getting. But they were talking about Sophia!

    Only death would await if her family found out. Not even their own families would be able to save them given her status in Neville Family.

    "Relax! It contains memory disturbance particles besides the pheromones!" Launcelot assured him. "Don't you want to have her? The beautiful, treasured jewel of Neville Family?"

    Launcelot enticed him further with the amazing time they could have.

    "Ok! But we have to be careful!" Carmen gritted his teeth and agreed. He has enough of her refusals and given everything that has happened, he agreed.

    "Hehe, don't worry," Launcelot said with a smirk. "I would make sure no one knows... I will make preparations for her to intake tonight."

    As they discussed the plan, a mosquito buzzed above their room. Its eyes glinted and if one looks carefully, they would realize it wasn't a real mosquito, but rather a mechanical.

    Meanwhile, in the other camp house.

    Zed sat on a bed. He opened his eyes and removed an earpiece from his right ear.

    "Haah~ From ages unknown, lust and greed have destroyed humans, and yet they never learn."

    Zed stepped out of his room and glanced at the room where Sophia resided.

    "I couldn't allow it to happen."

    His alter ego liked teasing her by calling her a pervert but even he didn't dare overstep natural boundaries.

    That was against his rules. She was young and he has no issue with her. So why would he ever do something which would affect her psychologically?

    The only time he overstepped his own boundaries was with people like Ruby or Sarah.

    Sophia has tried protecting Kiba from Mendel, and the conflict they had was not deathly. She only wanted to teach him a lesson and he didn't want someone like her to be harmed.

    The mechanical mosquito returned to him. He transferred it back into his storage ring.

    It was a surveillance device given to him by Claudia along with many other items. She believed Kiba didn't need them but Zed was different. (Chapter 182).

    He understood psychology and the nature of humans far better than most otherwise his alter ego couldn't be the man he was.

    He knew an unreasonable guy like Launcelot would plan something after being defeated in front of so many people, and that too when Launcelot's motives were to create a strong impression in front of others.

    This was why he sent the mechanical mosquito for surveillance. While he wasn't afraid of someone like Launcelot, he still wanted to be prepared.

    Zed was expecting a scheme against him. So he was a bit startled when he learned it was against Sophia. But then again, it made sense to him.

    "Places like this truly bring the worst out of humanity. Core region would be even worse."

    Zed couldn't help but smile.

    When he was young, he thought slums had the worst type of people but as he grew up, he realized the higher one goes in the social hierarchy, the worse people he will find.

    Of course, there were good people as well.

    But initially, he was startled as his world view was limited, and he believed people from high society have no reason to be morally bankrupt like the slum dwellers.

    Zed shook his head and cleared his thoughts. He went back to his room and retrieved two bottles from his storage ring.

    He opened one of the bottles and took out a circular pill. The pill has star-like marks on it and as soon as it appeared, strong fluctuations of psychic energy emitted out.

    "Never thought I would be using it for others."

    This pill was something he created after his encounter with Akshobhya. After all, Zed couldn't face a Psychic mutant so he created a pill that can temporarily boost his psychic strength.

    He owned an advanced genetic lab and his expertise in medicinal science was extraordinary. Naturally, he used them for his own advantage.

    "The drug Launcelot owns contains Gamma-hydroxybutyrate, Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine, and Trimratemine. In simple words, the combined three act as a strong central nervous system depressant and stimulating psychedelic. They are empathogenic and can increase disinhibition and sexual desire..."

    Zed thought before grabbing the pill built for enhancing psychic endurance. He created it for facing a Psychic Hunter so the drug Launcelot owned didn't even deserve a comparison.

    "Maybe I'm unnecessarily interfering. She has a strong background so most likely her parents would have given her some protective charms to face drugs that could affect her mentally... But still, just in case..."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Strands of fire enveloped the pill and it evaporated into vapors. Zed controlled the heat in the air to move the psychic energy vapors towards the room where Sophia was resting.

    Her body suddenly jerked and she opened her eyes in confusion. She felt a slight pain in her head but then her senses enhanced. It was like she gained more clarity mentally.

    "What was that?" Sophia wondered. She glanced at the protective pendant she was wearing and seeing no action from it, she felt nothing bad has happened.

    Zed was right. She did own a device that was created with high-tech technology to face psychic interferences and other forms of attacks. Since the pill he used was beneficial, the pendant didn't interfere.

    Her parents were aware of the types of people that existed in the world.

    This was why they prepared for every scenario before they sent her here. Had Launcelot and Carmen tried to take advantage of her, they would have been taught a lesson by her.

    Back in his room, Zed was obviously unaware. He has a guess that she might own such a device, but he was just taking a precaution.

    "Now for those two idiots..."

    Zed smiled slyly as his eyes arrived on the other bottle containing pills. It was labeled with warning signs.

    "Am I going overboard?"

    Zed wondered as he opened the bottle. He took out two cyan pills with skull signs engraved on them.

    Even he shuddered with dread as he thought of the properties of the pills.

    "Claudia... We created them as a joke but..."
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