355 Best Friend!

    In the night sky, among the wild trees, and between two camp houses, there was an open space where everyone was standing for dinner.

    But now, the focus was not food which was already prepared. Instead, it was on Zed's words after everyone learned what Launcelot and Carmen were presently doing in their room...

    Zed's words of kindness have affected most, if not at all. Sure, the prejudice still remained, but nevertheless, they were impressed by his conduct. They knew they were incapable of matching his attitude.

    In this world, just how many people can show such pure kindness towards those with antagonistic tendencies?

    Everyone knew the answer especially in the present era where selfishness has corroded every soul.

    "They say kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give... but this is the first time I'm seeing such purity in actions," Aileen thought.

    She has lived for more than four decades and seen every type of person. Meeting a person like Zed was her first.

    Even when her young miss almost punched him, instead of being angry or trying to retaliate, he ensured she was fine by providing first aid.

    Now, the circumstances have changed and the subjects have actually tried to harm him, and yet, Zed's stand didn't change.

    Earlier, a part of Aileen thought he forgived Sophia for her mistake because he wanted to get closer to her, given her beauty and status. Now she no longer thought of such a thing.

    She chided herself for doubting the intentions of such a sagely man...

    While the onlookers analyzed his selfless actions, Zed has finally helped Jenina recover from her emotional state.

    "Thank you," Jenina said.

    Her face was flushed from her the crying, and also because she made a show of herself in front of so many.

    "No need to thank me," Zed replied with a smile. "I'm glad you are fine and moved on."

    Jenina didn't respond and glanced at the white handkerchief he was holding. It was stained with her tears and mascara.

    She recalled the way he consoled her.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    The close hug, patting her back, wiping her tears... standing for her while everyone was gloating over her misery.

    This made her eyes misty with emotions.

    As a twenty-six years old, she has a bit of experience in love though none of them turned serious, and even the one with Launcelot wasn't consummated.

    In all her relationships, she has never met a man like Zed. She wasn't referring to his kindness or his handsome facial features.

    No, it was about his conduct.

    She knew how men try to take advantage of a woman in her emotional state. In the end, all they want is consoling to turn into sexual. Even during consoling, they would 'mistakenly' grope or touch inappropriately, hoping the woman wouldn't mind due to her emotional state.

    But Zed did no such thing.

    Even though he took her in a close hug, he didn't try to press his chest against hers, nor there were inappropriate movements.

    He was a perfect gentleman! He was a refreshing change from all the perverted-minded males who were always hungry for lust!

    Jenina chewed her lips and took a deep breath. Without saying anything to him, she turned around, and walked to Sophia.

    "Huh?" Sophia was startled.

    She hasn't taken pleasure in her misery but she didn't try to console her either. And why would she when Jenina tried to insult her when they meet in the afternoon? If not for Zed's intervention, she would have really felt bad for being wrongly accused as a pervert by Jenina.

    Much to Sophia's amazement, Jenina took her hands into her palms, and said, "I'm really sorry. Please forgive me for what I did."

    The entire camp house turned silent. Onur and others were stunned by her apology as they knew her personality. She wasn't the type to apologize for her actions even when she was wrong.

    Sophia was dumbfounded and didn't know how to react. From the corner of her eyes, she eyed Zed and thought of things he has achieved in less than a day. His kindness has brought so many positive changes.

    "And then there is that shameless villain who robbed the auction house! He is a living example of anarchy and chaos! Next time I meet him, I would teach him positive values! Maybe if he stays in touch with Zed, he can even change for better!!"

    Sophia internally decided before accepting Jenina's apology.

    A few minutes later, the dinner finally started. Everyone pretended to not care about the occasional sounds that came from Launcelot's room.

    In the open space, the retinues of Sophia served the food. Zed, Ashlyn, Sophia, Aileen, and even Jenina were sitting on the same table.

    The dinner was rather light with meat and soup. Zed didn't mind and he thanked the servants for delicious food.

    "Is Guardian Spirit Village your final destination? Or you are visiting the core region?" Jenina enquired.

    Zed thought for a moment. He wanted to separate from Ashlyn and others, and this was the final night Zed was going to be in the forest. Tomorrow, he would look for an opportunity so that Kiba can come back.

    As such, given his plans for Zed, he said, "I'm only here to roam around with no interest in the core region."

    "Oh!" Sophia was disappointed.

    She actually enjoyed his presence and his well-mannered attitude, something her mother always said was a must in any person for her to consider worthy of being a friend.

    Now, she felt sad to not have any chances of meeting him in the core region. But she suppressed her disappointment and recalled her objective.

    Ashlyn was surprised by his answer. She thought he would be going to the core region along with his elder brother.

    Jenina was in the middle of making a reply when she heard stepping sounds. Startled, she turned her head and noticed two males.

    Carmen and Lancelot.

    They were dressed in proper clothing but their faces were pale, and even their eyes were filled with threads of blood. When they walked, especially Lancelot, his legs were trembling, almost on verge of buckling.

    Anyone who observed them for the first time would feel they have come out of a haunted house...

    A few minutes ago, the effects of the cyan pills faded. When they regained clarity and looked at each other, joined as one in the worst possible way, they went berserk. They pushed each other and broke the bed in the process.

    They were on the verge of screaming at losing their innocence, but they didn't dare shout! Both of them were afraid of making any sound which might be noticed by others and let their dirty secret out!

    Even though they didn't know why they did what they did, the memory of their actions was fully clear in their minds.

    In fact, the scene flashed in crystal-clear clarity before their eyes, making their skin crawl. They were on the verge of passing out!

    Neither Launcelot nor Carmen could believe their present state.

    Just some forty minutes ago, they were looking forward to the best time of their life... but just a few minutes later, they experienced the worst time of their lives!!

    Both of them were sure that even hell wouldn't treat them with such scary moments!

    For now, they tried their best to act normal and avoid scandal.

    Sophia, with a radiant smile, invited Carmen to a seat next to her.

    "?" Carmen was pleasantly surprised. She has never invited him nor any male except for Zed, but she was inviting him!

    He wondered if this was the good that comes after bad! He was on the verge of crying at such a good fortune after the disaster.

    Regardless, he rushed and took the seat. His lower body was paining when he sat down, but he suppressed it with the happiness he was feeling.

    He glanced at Zed with a smirk, as if telling - see! I'm with this beauty! she invited me!!

    Carmen's lips curled up further when he heard Sophia's next words.

    "Carmen, I think you are the only man I can trust!" Sophia said while offering him a bowl of soup. She added grilled meat pieces on a plate and placed it alongside.

    Her actions were like fireworks in the darkest of night... bringing warm light in his life!

    Carmen couldn't believe his luck. Not even in his sweetest dream did he dare expect such a favorable turn of situations.

    "You are right! You can always trust me!" Carmen assured her while glancing at Zed. With the same smirk, he stuffed a meat piece in his mouth.

    Carmen decided to cancel the drug plan he has made with Launcelot. Not like they were in any condition to implement the plan, but still, there was no way he was going to let another man even gaze at her!

    "Yeap," Sophia agreed with him. "Most movies I saw were telling me that Carmen is the man you can trust but I only realized it today."

    "Umm..." Carmen looked at her in surprise while chewing the meat pieces.

    Did she start loving me through movies?

    Oh god! I would reward those movie directors with a fortune!!

    "All those boring stupid romance movies mom made me watch weren't fully wrong! Every female's best friend is not a female, but a male... A male like you, a gay!" Sophia said happily.

    Her intention wasn't to insult him by calling him gay. In fact, it was to make him feel acceptable.

    But it did the opposite effect...

    Her words were like a clap of thunder right below his ears.

    Does she know?!

    She considers me trustable because she thinks I'm....?! No!


    Launcelot's pupils turned to the size of a needle, and he unconsciously gulped down the meat pieces, and choking in the process.

    "You are the best friend I was supposed to have," Sophia brought a spoon of soup to his lips. "Have some soup."

    She even patted his back to help him from choking.

    In ordinary times, such an act would make him scream in joy, but now, it horrified him. His entire body began dripping with cold sweat, and his soul cursed every movie director in existence.

    "I'm not gay!" Carmen shouted and the pieces of meat sprayed out.

    He was sure of it, and believed what happened with Launcelot was just a freak accident... a mistake! He was a proud straight man!!

    And yet, Sophia was considering him as a gay?! She was aware of what happened between him and Launcelot?!

    That couldn't be!

    "Relax, bestie, there is no reason for you to be worried," Sophia said with a patient smile. She knew it was too much for him at his secret being leaked but so what? She was there for him!

    Sophia remembered what Zed said about peer pressure and social acceptance. As such, she could understand why he was pretending to be not gay.

    She knew she has to help him get his confidence to face the world. Just till when can he hide his sexuality due to fear of others?

    That wasn't living but merely being existing!

    She didn't want this for Carmen just because he was different and a homosexual. No matter what, she wouldn't let there be any discrimination!

    If she did, then how could she ever face her mother who said one shouldn't discriminate on how they were born!?

    She might be young and eighteen, but her passion to fight injustice was strong. She would be a fierce protector of Carmen!

    "Everyone knows about you, but if anyone dares to mock you, they will face my fists."

    Sophia raised her fists and they crackled with streams of energy. A single punch could destroy a metallic pillar to pieces!

    Her words and action were supposed to relax him, but when they registered in his mind, they were like an explosion.

    Does everyone know?!


    Carmen refused to believe it.

    This couldn't be true!

    It must be a nightmare!

    Yes! A nightmare!
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