356 No Act Of Kindness Is Ever Wasted!

    While Carmen was invited by Sophia to a seat next to hers, Launcelot wasn't ignored. In fact, when Launcelot stepped forward, Jenina jumped on her feet and rushed to him. Without any warning, she hugged him.

    Launcelot was stunned by her actions. Every part of his body was hurting and aching due to what trespassed before, but he didn't push her back.

    They began dating around four months ago, and while the final act was still remaining, he believed they were a couple. In fact, if he didn't read the signals wrong, she planned to allow him to bed her in a few days.

    Launcelot was thinking of moving his hand up to fondle her when Jenina opened her lips and said, "I forgive you."

    "Huh?" Launcelot was surprised.

    She left the hug and looked at him with a smile. Before he could ask what she meant, he noticed Onur arriving next to him.

    Without any words, Onur pulled him for a hug.

    "Why do you have to hide it from me?" Onur asked while hugging him tightly. "You think I would discriminate just because you are gay? You think so low of me?"


    Launcelot was caught off balance and he started feeling nauseated. He found the ground parting and the sky twisting, and his knees buckled down. Thankfully, Onur was providing him support by the hug and he didn't collapse.

    This didn't give Launcelot any happiness. His throat turned dry and hoarse, and butterflies ran havoc in his stomach. His entire body was engulfed in despair by the time he realized both Onur and Jenina knew his worst secret.

    He opened his mouth to speak but no words would come out. He was feeling a terrible pain aleready, and what just happened now brought him close to a  heart attack despite his young age.

    No! This isn't true!

    Launcelot tried to pacify his rapidly beating heart. His heartbeats were like the sound of a drum, and every new beat was stronger than the last.

    He was thinking when he felt dozens of eyes focused on him. He swept a glance and noticed everyone observing him.

    Their expressions were strange. Some were of amusement, some complex, and some were of understanding and acceptance!

    Understanding and acceptance of what?!

    Don't tell me they know about me and Carmen?! No! They misunderstood!!

    "It was not what it looked like!" Launcelot said, his voice rough.

    "Don't worry," Jenina patiently said. "We know everything."


    Know everything?

    But I don't know anything! Not even why it happened!

    "I'm your best friend and this wouldn't change just because you are not straight," Onur declared. "Besides, there is no reason for you to feel ashamed. LGBT community is accepted throughout the world."

    "No! You are not understanding anything! I'm not homosexual!" Launcelot barked.

    Just some forty minutes ago, he was planning to ravage a young woman! He was sure a gay couldn't do that!

    It was a different matter that he was left in no condition to do anything for some time...

    "You are worried about your family, right? I would talk to your parents," Jenina could 'understand' his concerns. "They can't disown you for this! I'm sure they would understand you are special and appreciate it!"



    Launcelot couldn't handle it any longer. He collapsed on all fours, his face deathly pale. He knew he was destroyed even without being killed.

    If everyone here knew about his act and they misunderstood... No, even if they knew it was a one time act, they would spread this news to others.

    This was not something that could be avoided given human nature!

    Sooner or later, more people would learn.

    He could even imagine how his friends and acquaintances would act. They were prejudiced and felt discomfort in the presence of queers.

    Heck, they even made jest with rude remarks. Now, those same friends and acquaintances with whom he enjoyed making fun of queers...would start avoiding him, and even make fun of him.

    Even those who pretend to be open-minded would find reasons to avoid him!

    There would even gossip between aunties before reaching the ears of his parents!

    He could visualize the reaction of his family. They held ancient honor as an aristocrat family!

    While he wouldn't be killed, he would either be 'cured' by forced medication to make sure he turns straight, or thrown out of the house!

    Regardless, his life was ruined!

    No girl from a respectable background would give him any attention. Even if he showed he was capable in bed, they would think he was taking drugs to create a false image so that he wasn't humiliated!

    And if some woman of real standing showed interest in him, it would be due to his 'strange' nature. He can imagine what type of those women would want from him.

    Launcelot wondered if this was karma...if it was, then it was unfair! The punishment was far worse than death!

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    Launcelot started weeping.

    Jenina and Onur were dumbstruck by his crying. Jenina was worried but then Zed arrived next to her and said, "They are tears of happiness."

    "Right!" Onur agreed. "He was most likely afraid Jenina would be angry if she ever learns his secret. And he would have expected rejection from all of us!"

    "Ah!" Jenina's eyes sparkled. She crouched down and hugged Launcelot again.

    "Don't worry! I never held any grudge!"

    She rubbed his back to assure him, but it only increased his crying.

    He didn't want such understanding and forgiveness!

    More people arrived and hugged him. The hugs were of assurance and filled with kindness.

    Some of them were fake but most of them were filled with sincerity! It was like their innate dislike for queers was destroyed, and instead, replaced with love.

    The world was vast, filled with various types of people. There were mutants, ordinary humans, and even cursed ones!

    So why should they dislike people like Launcelot? Why shouldn't they accept him for what he was?!

    They firmly believed in Aesop's wise words:  No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted!

    Presently, both Launcelot and Carmen found them to be at receiving end of love, warmth, and kindness!

    A minute later, their minds couldn't stand it any longer, and they fell unconscious!!

    For the first time in the world, two people mentally collapsed due to too much love and kindness!

    Zed observed everything with a faint smile.

    "Psychology is so much fun... You can achieve so much without any bloodshed or efforts."
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