357 Jenina and Zed

    People often considered Kiba's extraordinary powers as his greatest strength. But only those who knew him closely understood that it was a fatal misconception.

    Sure, in the present era, he was one of the most powerful mutants in existence. No doubt powers were most important to gain standing, survive, and achieve greatness, but for someone like him, powers were just an additional strength.

    His main and greatest strength was his brain!  It was his ability to think of schemes even those considered devilish!

    (Women who have received his affections felt he has a far more powerful possession in his pants, but let's not talk about it now.)

    Even before he gained Cosmic Spark and became the man he was, he has unconsciously focused on the science of the mind and behavior.


    From the times when he was nothing but a slum insect to the present times, psychology was the only field he considered worth studying.

    As a slum dweller, it made him understand what fuelled emotions of almsgiver, and helped him when he has to rely on begging to meet day's end. It further helped him analyze motivations of slum overlords, and act accordingly to increase his chance of survival.

    After the events that took place in BSE79, his knowledge and expertise in biological science were already at the top.

    So when he left slums and entered Delta City, he was in a position to actually research on psychology. Before, what he knew was only based on his observations and nothing else. This obviously has limitations.

    Naturally, after he created Claudia and built his home, he started studying psychology. He finally has both time and means!

    He finally understood the roles of emotion, motivation, cognition, love, and communication...

    His seduction process, naturally, was based on mind games and wits. This was despite the natural charm he carried as a handsome deviant!

    In Delta City, hundreds of men - who have been cuckolded - would readily acknowledge his wits as his most powerful possession!

    Like Natalie - CEO of Wife Pleasuring Service Ltd - once said, the world was truly lucky that he only used his brain to get between legs of women!

    If not, he was capable of creating anarchy and chaos the world has never seen, and that was without using his powers!

    Mind is a weapon that can defeat enemies without a drop of blood!


    Presently, Launcelot and Carmen were the ones who suffered under Zed's scheme. From Zed's perspective, what he did wasn't worth any mentioning. He didn't even consider it as a scheme but just a minor use of psychology.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    All he did was misdirect cognitively through minor tweaks in perception. Something that was truly simple.

    Alas, what he didn't consider worthy of mentioning left Launcelot and Carmen mentally broken. Their self-esteem and ego were shattered beyond repair from the kindness they received.

    Even the physical agony of what they did with each other didn't pained so much...

    Thankfully, their mental instinct took over and left them unconscious to prevent further damage to their spirit.

    Seeing them unconscious and knowing the affection they held for each other, Sophia directed her servants to transfer them to a room.

    "Mom said people in love are always together! So don't separate them!"

    The servants swiftly reacted to her commands. The night winds swept past but the servants were fast in following the orders.

    "Put a blanket over them," Sophia commanded the servants as they carried them to one of the rooms in camp house.

    She considered herself a kind soul despite fierce elements of her personality.

    Aileen was impressed by the conduct of her young miss. She knew her young miss wasn't fond of Carmen as she was tired of his requests. And yet, she openly called him as the only man she could ever trust.

    That was truly a sign of being open-minded and kind-hearted. Something very few females were capable of when it concerned a male like Carmen. Sure, it might be due to pity, but even then it was very rare.

    "I'm glad she isn't thinking of that shameless man she often mentions," Aileen mused while sweeping a glance at Zed. She knew he deserved the credit for this and she was glad that she asked him to accompany young miss.

    Aileen then thought of her mistress - mother of Sophia- and smiled.

    "Mistress would be happy to see how young miss has grown into a fine lady," Aileen thought with a smile. "She is just like the mistress - treating everyone with warmth."

    In the meantime, Jenina sat opposite to Zed on a table. Their dinner was paused in between due to Launcelot and Carmen's episode but now, they resumed again.

    Jenina secretly eyed Zed as he ate his food. His movements were filled with elegance and when servants served more dishes, he was respectful.

    Jenina felt her heartbeat raising when his eyes moved on her just as she was taking a glance at him.

    "Is there anything on my face?" Zed gave her a puzzled look.

    "Ah... yes!" Jenina lied. She was thankful he didn't noticed her staring and misunderstood her glance.

    "Oh!" Zed took a tissue and wiped his lips. After which, he enquired, "Is it gone?"

    Jenina thought of answering yes but then she recalled him saying that he plan to leave soon. There wasn't much time they could spend together. It was due to him that she even apologized to Sophia and she wanted to better know him better.

    It wasn't an everyday occurrence that she got to meet a man like him.

    In ordinary situations, she wouldn't prefer to be in the company of a man after having her heart broken, but he was different, a very strong exception given everything that has taken place so far.

    He wasn't like most men who were corrupt and very definition of sleaze.

    This was why she said, "No, there is some grease. Let me help."

    "No need," Zed tried to politely refuse, but by then, she leaned forward on the table.

    "It is fine. You helped me as well so..." Jenina said in an obvious reference to how he wiped her tears and mascara while consoling her.

    Sure she might be lying but her intention were good! She wanted to return his kindness by small actions even if they didn't really make sense to others!

    "I guess you are right," Zed replied she stretched a hand towards him.

    She responded with a smile, and her creamy fingers slowly arrived on his face. Her skin was smooth and vibrant, like a jade, and the soft fingertips brushed his right cheek.

    The sweet perfume on her skin greeted his senses into a delightful sensation as she wiped the nonexistent grease stain...
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