358 Devil or Sage

    Under the twinkling stars, Jenina's face was radiant with a starry glow as she wiped Zed's face. Due to gene selection, development in technology and selected breeding, those from middle or high society would usually have beautiful descendants.

    She might not be breathtaking like Ashlyn or Sophia, but she was gorgeous. No less than a fashion model whether you consider her face, curves, or legs.

    She was a work of art, molded into a jade figure. Totally irresistible.

    Her perfume was like a resplendent lily, full of attractive smell.

    It took her half a minute to clear the grease stain from his face. After which she sat back in her chair.

    "Thanks," Zed politely expressed his gratitude.

    Jenina nodded with a smile. In a way, what she did was also a part of a small test. When she leaned forward and moved her hand on his face, the swells of her breasts were visible. In fact, they were in his line of sight and really close to him.

    But, much to her surprise, he closed his eyes. She heard his heart beating and noted his excitement that was the natural response of a healthy male, and yet, he shut his eyes in a movement.

    She has only eyed him secretly, making sure he didn't notice, but his eyes were closed throughout. There was no forced pretension or anything.

    The fact that his heartbeats turned normal and his excitement subsidized in just a moment were the absolute proof!

    He really didn't try to take any advantage!

    "Why does the world no longer create man like him?" Jenina wondered in her heart.

    Till now, she liked bad guys but after her recent experiences, she realized bad guys were not ideal partners. For many women, there was a natural attraction to bad guys due to their attitude, but now, she no longer cared about that attraction.

    Jenina lowered her head and checked her figure. She was sure she was attractive, in fact very attractive.

    From his earlier heartbeats and excitement, she knew he also found her attractive. And yet, he was showing no interest in her. Much less flirting, he wasn't even trying to hold any conversation.

    "Is it because of my personality? Or my clothing?" Jenina thought to herself. "Or maybe he is already in a relationship?"

    Jenina sighed internally. She felt given what she knew of him, he was most definitely a one-woman-man!

    A man who cherishes a woman for the rest of his life!

    The ideal man and the fancy of countless women.

    "It's getting late," Zed said while standing up. "Goodnight."

    Jenina repeated the same and also took her leave. Zed also wished Sophia and others goodnight before stepping into his room. He entered into a peaceful sleep with a smile on his face.

    Outside, Onur and other males from his group hanged out together for some games.

    In the meantime, Jenina met with Sophia who was silent as five young women around her discussed something.

    Every one of them has an extraordinary background. Only Sophia was a noble descendant but others had a strong background of their own.

    Naturally, given their origin, they were beautiful with slender figures. They might not be well-acquainted but since they were females, they naturally stayed together in a dangerous land.

    A few minutes later, Jenina learned the topic of discussion and her eyes brightened.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "We will go there in the morning then!" Sophia ended the discussion.

    The other women smiled sweetly and thanked her.


    The next morning.

    When Zed stepped out of the camp house after freshening up, he learned something surprising from one of Sophia's servants.

    Just some distance away, there was a hot spring!

    The hot spring was in the form of a pool surrounded by boulder and rocks; between the lush of the forest.

    The groundwater was heated and brought up to the earth's surface by geothermal forces. Given the scenary and the quality of water, which was no different than drops of crystal and carried medicinal values, the spring was a perfect retreat to relax and enjoy therapeutic benefits.

    Not only this, due to mutation and reasons unknown, the spring was also filled with petals of special roses. The petals carried a sweet scent whose delightful sensation was further enhanced by the steam.

    Presently, the retinues of Sophia has covered the perimeter of the hot spring with a curtain. Inside the spring, engulfed in steam, seven females were about to take a dip.

    Every single one of them was young; the youngest being around eighteen while the oldest being only 27!

    They had perfect curves that were further complimented by flat belly, thin neck, slender waist.

    Currently, five of these women started undressing. They pushed the straps of the bra past their shoulders and pulled panties down their feet.

    With ease, they put their clothes on a rock behind the pool and sat down.

    They were stark naked!

    Their flawless and exquisite figures were exposed and barely hidden by the steam and water. Only Sophia and Jenina were clad in clothes.

    Sophia was fully clothed due to her experience with the shameless scoundrel not so long ago. She didn't want to give that villain any reason to call her pervert even though she believed she wasn't nor it mattered, especially after the events that trespassed yesterday.

    The other women were surprised by Jenina. She was usually brazen by wearing exposing clothes but now, while enjoying the relaxing spring, she wasn't naked.

    Not like they cared as they dipped down in the spring water. Some had their legs spread out while a few of them had their legs gathered together.

    The water was at the perfect temperature, relaxing their stressed bodies. The fatigue of journey so far was quickly lost under the therapeutic warmth and medicinal water.

    A few minutes later, slowly, they started washing their elegant bodies with spring water. The steam flushed their faces as they rubbed their breasts with dripping roses.

    Water droplets slide down their supple bodies like precious gems. The droplets moved from their necks to their creamy backs before falling on their perfect rear.

    Any man lucky enough to witness this scene wouldn't mind dying. In fact, he would prefer to be reincarnated as those lucky water droplets!

    If there was heaven on earth, then every male in existence would agree on one thing: It was between those mouth-watering breasts and smooth ass cheeks.

    A few of the women started checking the 'assets' of others. Naturally, just like men, they too had a complex about their bodies and preferred to compare.

    One of the women named Rita ran her hands across the body of a woman named Divya. She caught the ample breasts between her palms and couldn't help but say, "You have a perfect size!"

    "Stop it!" Divya pushed her hands back.

    "We have a shy one here," Rita said with a smirk. She then glanced at others and realized almost everyone was shy and reserved.

    "I was just kidding," Rita said before concentrating back on her body.

    A minute later, a few of them started discussing matters. The spring pool was a relaxing spot and naturally, they didn't talk about adventures in the forest.

    "What do you think of Zed?" A woman wondered aloud.

    This question attracted the attention of almost everyone. Only Sophia didn't show any interest though she did listen. She found him different and an honorable man but she wasn't the gossipy type of woman.

    "An open-minded gentleman!" Another woman replied.

    "Or perhaps, a devil in disguise!" A woman named Verna, aged 27, added.

    "?" Everyone looked at her in confusion.

    A gentleman like Zed being a devil? That wasn't possible! He was kind, respectful, and lovable!

    Even Sophia grunted in denial.

    She felt if a devil existed then it was that shameless villain she encountered a few times.

    An honorable and kind man like Zed, on the other hand, was a sage! It was no less than blasphemy to call him a devil!

    Verna didn't explain for a long time as she brushed her beautiful legs with rose petals. Her thigs were such that every man in existence would desire to grab them and feel for once.

    "I refuse to believe any man could be so perfect!" Verna said, her eyes sparkling. "Give any man a chance and perfect opportunity, and he would show his true nature of debauchee!"

    A few women unconsciously nodded in agreement. From the time they could remember, their parents would warn them of men and their intentions.

    "Zed is different," Jenina openly disagreed. "Yes, he is a man, and has an attraction towards women like any healthy heterosexual man, but unlike other men, he is respectful. He doesn't treat women just as pieces of warm flesh!"

    The other women recalled his wise on 'because you are a woman'. What he said was truly profound and close to the truth.

    Was it possible for a corrupt man to say such words? So far, every action of his has proved otherwise.

    The women started having doubts.

    Verna observed their expressions and understood their doubts. She straightened and raised her left leg above the water surface. Her skin was smooth and clean, and her movements graceful.

    "Let's bet then," Verna said with a playful smile. "Knowing men from our group, I'm sure we are now going to have an opportunity to test him"

    "?" The others were puzzled by what she meant.

    She didn't reply. She curled a finger and the steam rose up above the pool, transforming into a mirror-like screen upon which scenes from outside were displayed.

    "Let's see if he is truly different!"
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