360 Trouble for Ammusemen

    Raxu obviously didn't know that the terrain would act to his disadvantage. But it was rather common sense that existence of an open hot spring and the rocky texture in the surrounding hinted that the land was close to groundwater.

    The open hot spring has relaxing body temperature, but the closed groundwater didn't. Its temperature was volcanic, and the terrifying heatwaves crashed on the circular barrier surrounding Raxu.

    Almost everyone was aware the most of the heat in hot streams were created by the decay of naturally radioactive elements.

    Elements which existed in the Earth's mantle...

    Ever since the era of evolution started, Earth's core has already undergone a mutation, and the nature of radioactive elements has transmuted.

    In the open spring, the heat from these elements carried strong therapeutic properties, but in the closed groundwater that Raxu has fallen, the same elements played a role of toxic.

    Something he has to face if the barrier disappeared.

    While the protective charm item he owned was strong, its energy was limited, and sooner or later, the energy would deplete. If that happened, he could imagine how the terrifying heat would corrode his body; ensuring that even his skeleton would disintegrate into fine particles. Something he obviously didn't want.

    "Damn! What the hell are Onur and others doing?"

    Raxu could only place his hope on them for survival. It wasn't possible to jump or leap given his situation.

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    Onur and others looked at the melted portion under which Raxu has fallen. Then they glanced at Zed who has a smile plastered on his face.

    "He is used to battles!" Onur thought, his expression serious. "Only someone with rich battle experience could pull something like this so swiftly!"

    What he didn't know was that from the last four years, ever since Kiba was born, he hasn't participated in any battle. Unless the definition of battle also meant one side oppression...

    He could show such a performance because his body was remembering the life and death crisis from long ago.

    Onur and others gazed at him. There was an awkward silence...

    "Haha, I thought he would leap up when the ground was melting, but instead, he preferred to fall," Zed scratched the back of his head as he broke the cold silence in the area.

    "The charm item doesn't offers function of a swim ring?" Zed asked, his voice normal, with no trace of coldness or killing intent.

    Usually, even as Zed, he wouldn't have forgiven someone like Raxu. That was rather evident from how Zed killed mercenaries in presence of Ashlyn not so long ago.

    Forgiveness was not a trait that belonged to his nature, no matter it was Zed or Kiba.

    But now he seemingly forgave Raxu as he knew Raxu planned to enter the core region. There was just no reason to kill a precious guinea pig.

    Onur was left speechless by Zed's question.

    Why would scientists add the function of a swim ring in a protective charm?

    Onur didn't answer and instead, rushed forward to help his friend. Energy particles surrounded his fingers and swept towards Raxu in the form of incorporeal chains.

    The boiling groundwater passed through the chains as they glued on the barrier. With a tug, he pulled the energy chains up, and brought the barrier to the surface.

    In just a minute, Raxu was above the surface. He deactivated the barrier and eyed Zed. The latter gave him a warm smile, and Raxu didn't know why, but he felt a chill down his spine. The hair on his back stood up.

    Meanwhile, inside the hot spring.

    Divya, Rita, and others were surprised by how quickly the battle started and ended. It didn't even last for a few minutes.

    As far as they were concerned, Raxu has only made a joke of himself!

    Verna waved her fingers and the mirror-like screen faded into steam. Her expression was complicated as she stood up.

    Water droplets cascaded down her soft and smooth figure. She took a towel and wiped her ripe curves before drying her hair.

    "Can any man truly be a gentleman?"

    Verna wondered as she donned a set of clothes.

    Jenina, Sophia, and others also dried themselves. The voice of the fight from outside left no doubts that the men knew they were aware of their presence.


    A few minutes later.

    The seven women coldly swept their eyes on Raxu, Onur, and others.

    "This is just a misunderstanding!" Onur quickly tried to ease off the tension.

    "Y-yes! We were just trying to ensure the area was safe with no sign of nefarious people!" Raxu gritted his teeth and said. He knew he was stretching things far too much but he had no choice.

    If things have gone as per his original plan, none of this would happen. He and his friends could enjoy the view of women bathing without any problems.

    But then that troublesome Zed participated and involved himself in a matter that wasn't of his concern.

    Sophia coldly snorted at Raxu's excuse. She was clothed while taking a bath so it wouldn't have affected her, and not to mention the illusion Verna casted.

    But, she refused to forgive him.

    He noticed her eyes flashing with cold light, and he stepped back, ready to run. He knew how dangerous this fiend was, and he didn't want to face her, no matter what.

    Just as he took a step back, like an arrow, she charged straight at him, and appeared before him.

    "Wait Sophia!" Raxu tried to beg but it was already too late.

    Her fist fiercely slammed on his stomach like an iron hammer.

    His face turned ashen and his back protruded out in an unsightly way. His eyes turned as wide as saucers and his mouth opened while he was sent flying high into the air.

    As he tumbled back on the ground, he vomitted blood and pieces of internal flesh.

    Onur and others felt their throats turning dry. Goosebumps bloomed over their bodies and dread swept in their bellies.

    Many of them didn't fear her strength but they were afraid of her background. They didn't dare face her and create trouble for themselves.

    "Scram," Verna coldly said before Sophia could kick their ass.

    Verna wasn't in the mood to vent her frustration on them after being proved wrong.

    Onur secretly sighed in relief and quickly dashed away with his friends.

    Zed also turned around and left.

    Ever since the ladies left the hot spring, he has been silent, and in fact, didn't say a single word against anyone.

    He has no interest in proving himself as a man of character or show that others were corrupt. That was never his intention.

    Truthfully speaking, the only reason he spoiled Raxu's plan was that he was a bit bored. From the last few weeks, he was used to creating trouble as Kiba, and now suddenly, living a relatively peaceful life wasn't suiting him.

    This was similar to sudden change in weather... body needed time to adapt.

    But it wasn't like he could randomly stir conflict just because he wanted.

    Launcelot gave him a short opportunity, but he wanted more. Like messengers of god, Raxu and others came at the perfect time.

    They have already helped him so why ruin their characters in front of the lovely women? Not like he needed to...

    Some distance away, on a branch of a tree, Ashlyn closed her eyes. She has secretly followed Zed when he left the camp house. She wanted to be there in case he faced a dangerous situation.

    Ashlyn was relieved she didn't need to act. She has decided to only act when the younger brother of Kiba was in crisis. She didn't want to unnecessarily restrict his growth.

    Ashlyn swept her vision on the running men and then at Raxu. He was rather close to Zed in terms of age, but the reason he was defeated so badly lied in his lack of understanding.

    Unless there was an overwhelming difference in strength, it was possible to even defeat a mutant slightly stronger than oneself.

    That required understanding which came from real life battles... Something Raxu obviously lacked.

    Ashlyn let out a soft sigh while she jumped down on the ground. Once again, she couldn't help but compare Zed with his older brother.

    One brother would create trouble for his own enjoyment while the other would do the same but for the sake of others.

    "They couldn't be any different."

    Ashlyn mused with a faint smile on her cold face. She missed the sadist elder brother of Zed, and looked forward to meeting him in the evening.
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