363 Operation In Open!

    Through the trees and foliage, two discs whistled forward, creating a sharp slicing sound. Wherever the discs flew, there would be bitter yelps of Demonic White Phantom Snake dying.

    Ashlyn stood in her place and made a grasping motion. The discs returned back to her hands, and she then brought her eyes to a small path where Verna was lying on the ground.

    Her eyes were shut tight and her entire body was covered with a crimson layer.

    Sophia and Jenina sat next to her shoulders. Their expressions filled with both worry and shock as they saw the five orbs floating above Verna.

    Zed was crouching at the end of her feet with his eyes on a digital tablet.

    "Surely he can't have such advanced medicinal knowledge?" Aileen wondered in her heart.

    She didn't dare state her doubts at such a time. She was aware of the venom injected in Verna's bloodstream, and knew there was next to zero chances of her survival.

    That might be, but there was no way he would be forgiven if he failed to save her. And the chances of failing were 100%.

    Aileen shook her head and continued to guard Sophia and others with a protective shield. She prayed for a miracle.

    On the digital tablet, Zed studied the actions of the venom in Verna's body. The venom was made of proteins, enzymes, and other molecular substances which were continuously destroying cells and disrupt nerve impulses.

    Zed opened a breakdown structure of proteins. Behind, Onur took a peek of the structure on the tablet screen, and instantly his forehead started sweating.

    All he saw was macromolecules; consisting of linear polymers built from a series of thirty-five long chains of amino acid residues. It was like a complex labyrinth made of countless branches going in multiple directions.

    The structure was so complex that he couldn't even make sense of anything.

    As far as he was concerned, it was no different than a connection of biological atoms forming a paradox... how was one supposed to understand such a thing? Just staring at it made him feel a headache.

    And yet, there are people who actually study such a thing?!

    Till now, he has only seen scientists and genetic doctors with envy due to the special privileges they enjoyed, but now he has a faint understanding of why they deserved high respect even within the nine aristocrat families.

    It was a very hard profession! The knowledge required was not something that could be mugged up!

    But then again, it only made sense.

    What genetic doctors and scientists did was studying the secrets of life, exploiting the potential of genes, and trying to increase both vitality and strength far beyond nature's permission.

    Onur eyed Zed and refused to believe he also belonged to this high profession.

    The profession was something that required decades of experience before a person can call itself even a low-rank researcher! As such, the scientists and doctors he knew were old, very old!

    And now, a twenty-something guy was operating high-tech medicinal units as if it was something not worth mentioning?! Operating units were still nothing compared to understanding the tangled composition that Zed was currently doing.

    What terrified Onur was the relaxed expression on Zed's face. He was calm with no signs of any strain.

    Onur felt as if Zed was some artist admiring an art piece instead of a complex structure! There was a composure that could be only achieved with experience!

    "He must be faking it!" Onur told himself. This was the only way he could calm his shocked heart.

    Zed didn't notice his thoughts, and even if he did, he wouldn't care.

    "The proteins in the venom are responsible for most of the harmful effects; mainly paralysis and obstructing muscle contraction. The presence of polypeptide is disrupting cell functions, which is ultimately leading to cell death. And finally, the enzymes... they are speeding up chemical reactions and leading to the destruction of chemical bonds.

    "The antidote pill Sophia gave her has only temporarily stopped the effectiveness of these three particles... but the moment the medicinal energy disappear, those particles would explode with more potential."

    Zed tapped on the screen and the visuals changed. He has a diagnosis in mind and now was the time to begin. He rose to his feet and pressed an option on the tablet.

    The orbs moved up in the air, and simultaneously, Verna's body floated up in mid-air. The next moment, the light from the inverse triangle portions of the orbs changed.

    From crimson, it turned into emerald green, enveloping Verna into an emerald cover. At the same time, the top portion of the orbs opened up, and three needle-thin tubes swept out from each orb. The end of the tubes was in the form of syringes.

    Quickly, they injected into her peripheral veins in the arms, hands, legs, and feet. Two tubes entered into a vein in the center of her chest. A cyan liquid coursed through the tubes and entered her bloodstream.

    Sophia was startled. As far as she knew, risky procedures require skin being washed from sanitizing chemicals and there should be no clothes for any obstruction.

    In a medical operation, there were no thoughts of lust or decency involved. It was a matter of life and death.

    Yet, there was no such procedure followed by him. What she didn't know was that the crimson light from before has already killed all germs and bacteria on Verna's body.

    The medicinal units were no less than a portable operation house. They might look small in size, but in fact, they had multiple functions. They were built from compressed nanotechnology that was specialized for almost every possible scenario.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    These orbs could match the units used by top scientists in the State of Avalon!

    In the meantime, Verna began precipitating. Her sweat drops were rather blood-red with dark glint, and the moment they touched the emerald layer, they would vaporize. The cyan liquid in her bloodstream was breaking through her clotting and flowing like an energy stream.

    Zed rapidly moved his fingers on the tablet screen. His movements were so fast that they were almost blurred, and the glow from the screen was constantly changing, showing new figures and stats.

    His movements also changed the actions of the tubes. The liquid streaming down from them would change, and sometimes, there would be no flow.

    Sophia, Jenina, and others didn't even try to look at the visuals on the tablet. Earlier, Sophia glanced at the screen, and noticed the biological reaction between a toxic polypeptide and blood cells. The moment she looked, she felt it was even more terrible than the alien text she tried to read yesterday.

    She felt her head spinning...

    How can any human even understand such things and that too so quickly? Just based on his hand motions and the flickering on the screen, she was sure new data was coming from Verna's body by every two seconds, and yet, he was able to understand them?

    Not only comprehend but even take action based on them?! Is this even humane?!


    Sophia, Jenina, Onur, and almost everyone else thought of the same word!

    At the same time, Zed observed the screen and a smile formed on his lips. He pressed a finger on the cell structure, and noticed toxic proteins unbinding from the surface.

    With a command on the tablet, the orbs emitted a sucking force through the tubes. The force was especially aimed at the toxic particle, and in just seconds, black ichor flew from her body to the tubes.


    Verna's body jerked in mid-air and she opened her eyes. Her head was muddleheaded and her body unbearably sore.

    Her chest trembled and breathing turned violent as she felt something drawn out of her body. She turned nauseous, and an aching sensation engulfed her heart.

    The black ichor contained not only the toxic but also her mutated energy particles in her blood cells. They were corrupted by the toxin, and to prevent any future complications, they needed to be removed.

    Thankfully, this loss was something that could be recovered by a day of rest and heavy medication.

    A minute later, the terrible sensation faded and her eyes cleared. As her vision concentrated, she found herself looking at Zed.

    His face was filled with a polite smile as he said, "You were missed a lot by your friends."

    Verna could hear his words but it took her a while to make sense of them. She now remembered how she was bitten by a snake while protecting other women. It was something that could have been avoided has she not been saving others.

    If it were men, instead of risking her life, she would have left them to die. But she couldn't do it to women.

    Her mind was filled with the silhouette of a woman.

    A woman who was an inspiration to all the women in the world.

    Ice Queen.

    The legendary queen who built a utopia... A land without the influence of men.

    It was heaven where females didn't have to suffer from the clutches of men.

    The ideal land.

    As long as her relationships weren't antagonistic, Verna couldn't abandon any woman. It was her way of honoring the legendary queen.

    As she regained clarity, the tubes left her body and entered back into the orbs. The lights from the orbs brought her feet to the ground, and provided her support for the time being.


    Aileen, Sophia, Onur, and others were dumbfounded. They stupidly stared at Verna for a long time.

    "She is cured?!"

    They knew Zed was trying to save her, and while they prayed for the best, they were skeptical. Despite them trying to be positive, their minds placed the odds against her survival. They were unknowingly waiting for the bad news.

    This was something inevitable and they even tried to harden their hearts for it.

    Divya and Rita even have tears in their eyes. They were about to break down at any moment, waiting for grief to struck them, and now when they saw her opening eyes, and regaining clarity, their tears were struck.

    Aileen placed a hand on the back of her other hand, and found her hair standing. Unknowingly, the sight of witnessing a miracle, made goosebumps bloom over her body.

    "Just what is he?!"

    Aileen was horrified as she thought of things he has done so far. Translating alien language, defeating two mutants with strong background without any efforts, and now this...

    It was difficult to even develop in one specific field, and he was proficient in three fields!

    How can youth have so many achievements?

    No, was this even possible?!

    Aileen refused to believe the answer. His very existence was brutally smashing her idea of reality.

    Onur pinched his cheeks and felt pain. Only the agonising sensation made him know for sure that this was not a nightmare.

    It was real!

    A monster truly existed in the body of a youth!

    Onur felt helplessness. His confidence was shattered and his idea of self-worth was seriously affected. He was stronger than Carmen, Launcelot, and others, even felt he was stronger than Zed.

    But now, it was not just a matter of strength.

    A person younger than him was master in multiple fields. Just what was there for him to be proud of?

    The strength that was mainly due to a few years of age difference? Wasn't it laughable for him to even compare with him?

    The others were even in worse condition. This even applied to many of the females as they glanced at Zed.

    Their ego was badly bruised by his achievements. The innate confidence they had was now at an all-time low.

    It was like they have fallen into a dark tunnel where there was nothing but the darkness of their incompetence.

    They felt their extraordinary background was for nothing.

    "He has so many achievements, and yet, he is so grounded, kind, and sincere..." Onur bitterly thought. "We lack greatly compared to him... So why do we act proud and aloof?"
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