364 Strict Brother!

    A few minutes later, Verna recovered enough to be on her feet without any support. The inverse triangles on the orbs dimmed and no light flew from them.The medical units then flew close to Zed.

    He retrieved the orbs back into his storage ring along with the digital tablet.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Verna, in the meantime, was hugged by Jenina and others. They were excited and a few of them even shed tears happily.

    Even Sophia was extremely happy. Her relationship wasn't strong with her, but it existed and was filled with cordial wishes.

    She was the type of girl who wouldn't wish anything negative for others.

    As the females around her calmed down, Verna enquired on what happened after she was intoxicated. Jenina quickly stated the chain of events, and when she mentioned the operation, Verna's eyes were filled with disbelief.

    She looked at Zed and thought of everything that has happened so far. Verna felt bitter at her earlier actions. She has tried to assert that he was a devil, hiding his true nature.

    "How could I be so wrong?"

    She felt it was impossible for a man like him to exist.

    Now, after he saved her, she felt she no longer had any right to judge him like that. The only saving grace was that she has never been hostile towards him. Not to mention, he wasn't aware of the test. Not like it would have mattered for she has no nefarious thoughts.

    Verna took a deep breath and calmed her thoughts.

    She first thanked Sophia for the medicinal pill. She also has pills, but back then, she was in no state to use them. So Sophia deserved her gratitude for acting so quickly and buying her time.

    "It is fine," Sophia said.

    Verna nodded.She then stepped close to Zed and bowed down.

    "Thank you for saving my life," Verna thanked him from the heart.

    Zed smiled in response and said, "It didn't really cost me anything so you don't have to be so courteous. Besides, you saved so many lives and this was the least I could do."

    He didn't really agree with her actions though. He might have understood if she was risking her life for her family but for some temporary group members?

    This was far beyond his understanding, but then again, it wasn't a topic for him to judge. It was her life, and she has the right to spend it in any way.

    Verna wanted to speak further and express her heartfelt gratitude. But before she could, he said, "Let's leave. We don't know if there are more snakes in the vicinity so let's proceed."

    Sophia and others agreed. Verna also nodded while thinking of how she could repay him.

    They once again resumed their journey, and this time, they were on guards. Thankfully, they didn't meet any dangers.

    An hour later, they saw other people. Some on jeeps, some on beasts, and the rest on foot. They were also proceeding towards the village.

    No group interacted or clash with each. They have fixed goals and saw no wisdom in conflicts. The gains would not make up for the losses...

    Two hours later.

    As Zed and others stepped through wild trees and vines, he stopped in the path. He placed a hand over a tree trunk and let out a barely audible sigh.

    "What's wrong?" Sophia asked.

    "It's time for farewell," Zed said with a smile.

    "What?!" Sophia was stunned and the same went for others, especially Jenina and Verna.

    Ashlyn brought her eyes on him. It was a little less than a mile from the village so why was he stopping now and bidding farewell to others?

    "Take care," Zed waved a hand at Sophia.

    "Wait!" Sophia's body blurred, leaving behind an afterimage, and appeared right in front of him.

    "Why are you leaving? You are not visiting the village?" Sophia asked. She recalled him saying he has no interest in the core region but nothing about the village.

    She thought there were at least two days she and others would be in his company.

    "I will be visiting the village later on," Zed answered. He was having a hard time of thinking excuses even though his alter ego was a master in it.

    Still, he continued, and said, "There are places I want to check... some secret locations to try my luck."

    Sophia's expression turned downcast but she understood.

    She reasoned he must have some information on some mutated trees or something. Or perhaps caves built from spaital debris. Regardless, it was something that he didn't want others to know.

    Verna was startled. She was trying to think of how to return the favor, and he was now leaving out of blue.

    It was just too sudden.

    Jenina's face fell. She has thought about him a lot from the last night and now...

    "Will we meet again?" Sophia asked.

    She felt their relationship was no less than a friendship even though they had only met yesterday morning. So many things have occurred that it felt like weeks.

    He was the best friend she ever had...

    "No... Actually, who knows?" Zed changed his answer in the middle. "Never say never."

    Sophia smiled at his answer.

    As Zed turned around to leave, Jenina rushed at him. Without saying anything, and much to everyone's surprise, she kissed him on the cheeks.


    Her face was flushed and she hastily left.

    Ashlyn arrived next to Zed who smiled. He didn't really think of this small kiss though for others, especially Launcelot and other males, it was something that made their blood boil in envy.

    Launcelot's face was blue with anger. Just till yesterday, he was her boyfriend, but due to some strange events, she believed he was a gay! He wished he has got an opportunity to prove he wasn't!

    "Bye," Zed waved and started walking in another direction.

    Verna was struck on her spot. He didn't give her or others an opportunity to bid farewell.

    How was she supposed to express her gratitude then?

    Onur was dumbfounded by his actions.

    He found it hard to believe that Zed left without sharing any info, or asking their contact details. A cynical part of him believed he would want to cash into the favors others owned to him.

    Yet, he did no such thing. He left without as much as sharing his state, much less phone number.

    The other cynical-minded people were equally shocked by his actions.

    "He came so swiftly in our lives, like a gust of autumn wind, and left just as quickly," Aileen thought as she saw the fading figures of Zed and Ashlyn.

    "We will meet again!" Sophia muttered.


    A few minutes later.

    Zed was walking into a direction that was away from the village. Ashlyn followed him nevertheless as she felt it was her duty to protect him.

    It was for the sake of Kiba.  She didn't want his younger brother to be harmed and then have a lifetime of regret.

    Zed bitterly smiled. He was trying to separate from her. After all, in the village, both of them have to meet his 'elder brother.'

    "Brother is nearby," Zed suddenly said much to her surprise. "He is approaching here."

    She couldn't sense his presence but she felt he must have no reason to lie.

    "Actually, there is something I must tell you," Zed stoned his face as if he was sharing some secret.


    "Elder brother doesn't know that I'm in the forest," Zed's voice was low.

    Ashlyn's eyebrows raised up. She then felt it actually made sense.

    Otherwise, why would Kiba, who even had a nightmare about his younger brother's safety, leave him alone in the forest?

    At first, she reasoned it was so that he could advance or that they were separated. But then again, his words also made sense.

    As for the first time she met Zed... was he perhaps worried about his brother and arrived in that area? She wasn't sure though she felt she understood a bit about why he parted with Sophia and others.

    He didn't want to visit the village and meet his brother!

    "I can't let him know I'm here!" Zed said, his eyes looking in a particular direction.

    There was nothing but a plane and old trees, but given what he said earlier, he must be looking in the direction from where Kiba was approaching.

    Zed really hoped his excuses made a sense.

    To him, they didn't, but he was relying on her naivety. She pretty much has no idea about relationships and way of life. None in the traditional sense.

    "Why?" Ashlyn asked. Her voice and expression were as cold as ever.

    Zed gulped down. She was asking why he can't let Kiba know about his presence.

    With a dejected look, he answered, "Brother is very strict."

    Ashlyn was startled.

    Kiba and strict?!

    She recalled the things he has done... and yet, he dared to be strict on his kind, loving, and peaceful younger brother?!

    She began to agree with Sophia.

    "Ah! He is around a mile away!" Zed has a panicked expression on his face. He then took her hands in his, and bowed down.

    "Thank you for helping me for the last few days! You are a very kind woman! Thank you!"

    What he said was true, and something from his heart. He was grateful for her noble intentions. If it was possible, he didn't want to fool her in such a way, but he has no choice.

    After saying his words of gratitude, and without waiting for a response, he tapped a foot on the ground. Streams of fire covered his body, and he shot off into a distance.

    Ashlyn was rooted in her place.

    Zed was so afraid of his elder brother that he was running away?!

    Ashlyn decided to catch up with him. As for Kiba, she would deal with him when he arrived.

    If he tried to make things difficult, she would defend Zed on her own!
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