365 I Now Know!

    Zed rushed through old trees and vines. His body was surrounded by streams of fire which explosively increased his speed.

    He was relieved that he has found an opportunity to leave Ashlyn behind. Just as he smiled in relief, he felt something.

    He looked back and his eyes turned wide.

    Ashlyn was leaping from one tree to another while catching up with him. Her feet were wrapped with strands of blue currents which enhanced her agility to a great extent.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.


    Zed wanted to weep but he has no tears to shed. He could pretty much guess why she was running towards him. While her actions touched his heart, and made him admire her greatly, he wished she wasn't this protective.

    "No choice!"

    Zed really didn't want to resort to this. The streams of fire around his body erupted out and curled his entire body into a column of flame.

    The air fluctuated with violent ripples from the intense heat. The vegetation nearby, instead of catching fire, melted like a decayed paper.

    He stamped a foot on the ground, and instantly, the raging column of flame busted into the air, like a dazzling meteorite.

    Ashlyn was surprised by the explosive increase in his speed. He has covered a distance of hundreds of meters in just a few seconds, leaving behind a trail of seething flames.

    The column of flame has shrouded his entire body. If one didn't know it better they wouldn't even realize the column actually contained a human.

    The radiance from the flame was so striking and piercing that for a moment Ashlyn had no choice but to close her eyes.

    Even the beasts and people in the vicinity were the same. They were stunned by the blinding trail of fire and wondered what was going on.  The heat was such that beads of sweat on their bodies vaporized the moment they left out of the pores.

    Everyone began to feel thirsty as their bodies dehydrated. It was as if they had lived for months in a dessert.

    Meanwhile, inside the column of fire, Zed's eyes flashed with a golden glow. His face morphed and twisted while the black color on his hair faded.

    There were cracking sounds from his bones as his height suddenly increased. Half his pupils turned golden, and along with it, a golden color rolled through his hair as they grew at a rate visible to the naked eye.

    In just a few seconds, Kiba has replaced Zed!

    As the transformation completed, the column of flame began fading due to lack of energy, but the next moment, strong fire energy followed through the fading column.

    With a booming sound, the column of fire burst through countless obstacles, and disappeared far away.

    Behind, Ashlyn has just caught up, but just the moment she did, the speed of 'Zed' increased countless fold, leaving her.

    Ashlyn was shocked by the speed. It wasn't like she couldn't amplify her speed but she got no time.

    She gazed into the distance and could no longer see the column of fire.

    It was as if it had disintegrated into thin air.


    Ashlyn let out a soft sigh before sporting a light smile.

    "He is truly determined."

    She decided to respect his intent. From what she knew, he didn't plan to visit the core region so he should be safe now that every strong individual would be focused on that area.

    Ashlyn turned around, and dashed towards the direction from where he sensed his elder brother's presence. Her movements were such that there were filaments of blue current from the path she swept past.

    A few minutes later.

    Ashlyn has just reached the location where he initially left in a panicked mode. Just as she tapped her feet on the ground, she heard a surprised gasp from ahead.

    She didn't need to see in order to know that this gasp came from Kiba.

    "I thought I felt a familiar presence," Kiba said while landing in front of her. "Guess it was you, partner."

    Ashlyn didn't reply though she smiled a bit. As always, even the faintest smile on her lips shrouded the beauty of everything else.

    It was something that no one could ever get tired of.

    She didn't know why but she missed him, and meeting him again brought this smile.

    Maybe it was due to the way he lived his life or the lessons he taught or perhaps entirely something else. She wasn't sure of the reason.

    But she was sure of one thing... despite her nature, she liked his company.

    She didn't reply to what presence he might have felt. After all, she wouldn't refute Zed's polite request.

    But then she thought of how he said that his elder brother was strict, and then she remembered his panicked expression. A frown appeared on her poker face as she recalled the things Kiba has done.

    Robbery, sadistic pleasure from toying with enemies, creating a riot, and so many things.

    Yet, he was being a strict elder brother figure to a kind, polite, respectful Zed?

    In a cold tone, she said, "I was wrong about you."

    "What?" Kiba was dumbfounded by her statement. Usually, he would feel a little bit of warmth in her cold voice, but now even that was missing.

    "I now know you are also shameless," Ashlyn said after which she walked past him.

    She liked him but she was also fond of Zed.

    It angered her that he was strict on such a kind soul.

    Of course, she also understood that it might be the nature of an overprotective sibling given the nightmare he experienced, and as such, she knew she shouldn't be angry. This was why she only restricted to expressing her new views.

    Kiba felt as if a hammer has struck him.

    He and shameless?! How could she even think of such an illogical thing?!

    No! She also used 'also!'

    He recalled the words she has used to describe him when Sophia asked about him.

    Borderline villain and sadist!

    "World often misunderstands a noble soul," Kiba sighed in his heart. "But that shouldn't stop me from pursuing my noble journey."

    He quickly caught up with her and smiled.
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