366 Anyone Else Interested?

    (A/N: This chapter has a strong reference to Chapter 249. Since it has been a long while, a character that was only mentioned once would be re-introduced.)

    Guardian Spirit Village.

    When any adventurist learns about the existence of the village, the first reaction would be disbelief and shock.

    How can a village even exist in Desolate Blood Forest?

    Was that something even possible given the dangers lurking in the forest?

    Yet, it did.

    The village was rather small and has no great facilities, but it was a major stop for many who aimed for the core region. This was due to two factors: its close proximity to the core region, and also, due to the existence of an entity that gave the village its name!

    The perimeter of the village was filled with vast and tall trees. The branches were so thick that it would require two healthy humans to wrap them.

    These enormous branches were interweaved with branches of other trees, forming a net-like structure. The leaves were so lush that sunlight could barely pass through, making the perimeter dark.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    On the tree trunks, vines trailed out, and when the wind swept by, the vines would move like a pendulum.

    Presently, on a branch of one such tree.

    A woman in early twenties was standing with her eyes closed. She has a bow in her hand, but strangely, no quiver for holding arrows.

    Her skin tone was the healthy shade of wheat, and her hair were sparkling amber that freely floated in the air.

    She has a tall and slim figure, and the first word that one would think after seeing her was a warrior.

    Her name was Zelda - a native of the village.

    Suddenly, she sensed something and opened her eyes. Her vision penetrated through the lush leaves and other obstacles before arriving on a man and a woman.

    Kiba and Ashlyn.

    "More foreigners!" Zelda gnashed her teeth.

    She wanted to shoot the foreigners and prevent a further burden on the village, but she didn't dare as she recalled the words of the village chief.

    'We have to provide them proper hospitality. Remember, no provocative action which could escalate to battle.'

    She knew why the village chief warned her as such. They couldn't afford to offend the outsiders and risk extermination.

    This might be, but she hated how arrogantly these foreigners polluted their land every two years, and stayed as if they owned the village.


    Zelda could only clench her fists tightly and suppress the anger within. She once again closed her eyes.

    On the ground, Kiba walked forward along with Ashlyn. He noticed large mushrooms and strange litchis growing on the roots of trees. They were monstrous in appearance and gave a peculiar feeling.

    He then gazed into the village. There were huts, wooden cabins, and a few camp houses.

    The camp houses he attributed to fellow adventurists though he saw a few adventurists in the wooden cabins as well. He was amazed by how village people, mostly clad in animal skin or thin linens, were serving the adventurists. The cattle animals were used more for the benefit of outsiders than the villagers.

    "No wonder that young woman is radiating anger and hatred," Kiba thought with a sigh.

    He has detected Zelda's presence but since she hasn't acted against him or Ashlyn, there was no reason for him to be offended.

    Kiba swept his glance further and his vision stopped as it arrived in the center of the village.

    There was an ancient black pagoda!

    The air around pagoda was filled with a chaotic mass that twisted the sunlight and other forms of light in the vicinity.

    An aura of dominance was booming out; making one feel suffocated.

    Kiba's eyes flickered with surprise. He then further observed the design of the pagoda. Its surface was engraved with runic designs, and from these designs, it was emitting an archaic presence as if it has existed from ages unknown.


    His expression turned serious and he thought of something that has bugged him for a long while.

    When he first arrived in the forest, he has wondered why the World Government hasn't tried to monopolize the forest.

    After all, Desolate Blood Forest was a wonderland with countless resources, whether it was herbs, fruits, minerals, and so on.

    Then there was the meteorite at the center of the forest... the area that was often called the core region. It contained invaluable riches that were far more precious than the rest of the forest combined.

    Yet, despite everything, the World Government didn't take any step to take control of this forest.

    There were no barricades, restrictions, entry points, or anything. At the very least, the government could charge the adventurists depending on the profit they gained.

    But there were no such steps taken by the world government. He then reasoned the government must be secretly spying or something.

    Yet he didn't detect any artificial satellite spying on the forest, something which bewildered him greatly.

    He refused to believe the old geezers in the World Council were so kind-hearted and open-minded that they would allow others to have resources.

    That was something impossible. If not, the world would have been a far different place than it was now.

    Now, after looking at the pagoda, and studying those runic designs, he has a bit of an idea about the government's total lack of control in the forest.

    "Castor Damon was at least right about one thing... Those sons of bitches only care about themselves."

    Kiba didn't say anything and stepped into the village alongside Ashlyn. As they entered, a few village men arrived to welcome them with glasses of saffron drinks.

    Kiba accepted the glass with a few words of thanks. Recalling the angry woman above a tree, he retrieved a few mutated fruits and herbs, and handed it to the villagers.

    The villagers accepted after knowing he was offering for real.

    "I will stroll around," Kiba said after completing his drink.

    Ashlyn nodded and proceeded ahead. The village has the handling capacity of a few hundred people, and thankfully, many adventurists especially those with strong foundation have already left and resting outside the core region. This greatly reduced the burden of the village.

    Of course, there were still over a hundred here, mostly those with small groups or solo.

    Ashlyn was walking outside a house when she heard someone calling her. She turned towards a camp house and noticed it was Sophia.

    "You are not with Zed?" Sophia appeared before her with explosive speed, leaving behind a trail of afterimages.

    Ashlyn shook her head.

    "Oh!" Sophia realized what she meant.

    He had bid even her farewell and went on a solo adventure. That was something he hinted a few hours ago when he parted with Sophia and others.

    Ashlyn looked at her and thought for a moment before saying, "You were right."

    "?" Sophia was bewildered.

    "Right about him being shameless," Ashlyn said after which she closed her lips and moved ahead.

    "..." Sophia was struck on the spot.

    She knew she was referring to Kiba, but this confused her. It has just been a little over an hour since they last met, so what has happened for her to have a change of opinion?

    Still, Sophia smiled from ear to ear. She rushed after Ashlyn and invited her into the camp house she owned.

    She suddenly felt Ashlyn was an excellent human being...

    Meanwhile, Kiba was strolling around without any specific goal. He has taken a step into a street when startled voices came from the front.

    Just some fifty meters ahead, there were around twenty people. Some were sitting on the edges of staircases of wooden cabins while a few were on the street.

    "Isn't he the one who robbed the Body Molding Ore?" A man in thirties asked aloud. He was present in The Fair and saw Kiba when he was chased by a violent mob.

    "Right!" Another man agreed.

    "He disappeared without leaving any clues!"

    "Don't forget he robbed the entire auction house! He is basically a bank of treasures!" A bulky man reminded.

    "Indeed! He is a big fish!"

    "Let's get him!"

    Many eyes, flashing with greed, locked on Kiba. He didn't say anything but continued to walk forward.

    Just then, a man broke through the wooden door of a cabin, and stepped out.

    "He has that priceless ore?" The man asked with a hideous grin.

    The people nearby flinched as their eyes registered his face.

    "Half-human Murong!"

    People took a breath of cold air. Murong has a ghastly appearance, resembling that of a half-human and half-beast.

    He was about nine feet tall with brown fur on his skin. His limbs were bulkier than a barrel, and he has tusks protruding out of his face.

    Then there were his hook-like claws, glinting with a murderous glint.

    Kiba stopped in his path as a quiet discussion broke out among others. They cursed their lucks for losing a godsend opportunity to Murong!

    "He is a Beta!"

    "And not some ordinary Beta!"

    "He has faced a government hunt team!"

    "He is most likely at mid-stage of level ----"

    The others were still discussing with dread and shock when Murong pounced at Kiba like a beast. He was someone who truly needed the ore, and it wasn't in his personality to ask.

    As a mutant with such body features, he has lived most of his life in the wild, facing beasts and humans alike. He strictly believed in the law of the jungle.

    If you want something, grab it!

    As he pounced forward, he swept his claws further, creating sharp slicing sound. The onlookers were shell-shocked by his movements. He was too fast and launching attack with such fierce might from the very start.

    There would be no chance to dodge or retaliate!

    Murong was no less than a savage beast. A beast attacked to kill from the very start. There was no unnecessary wastage of strength or anything.

    Going out from the start as if the opponent was dangerous. Only such a mentality ensured success!

    Murong's left claw slashed down at Kiba's neck while the other at his chest. Suddenly, the slits in his eyes constricted.

    The spectators all around let out shocked voices.

    Murong was in a pouncing posture but he was struck in mid-air. His claws have stopped just a few centimeters away from his target's position.

    "What's going on?!"

    Murong couldn't believe this. His opponent hasn't made a single body movement, nor did Murong sensed any power from his target, and in fact, the only thing he felt was calmness.

    This terrified him.

    This calm was like the surface of an ocean. The calm before the storm.

    "Just because I played around last time... now everyone thinks I'm an easy target," Kiba let out a soft sigh.

    Murong felt his body turning stiff and his chest moved up and down crazily. He has bestial instincts, and now, he was feeling a crisis like never before.

    Without any warning, he started feeling a stab of pain throughout his body. It was like an overwhelming attractional force has enveloped every tissue inside him.

    The force was so violent and explosive that he was completely helpless. He couldn't even make a single movement of his own, and in his entire life in the wilds, he has never faced such a situation.

    His back ripped apart, gushing blood in the air, and along with it, his heart blasted out in pieces.


    That was the final word he spoke. His tusks shot diagonally back, right through his eyes and head, and along with it, awful fluids sprayed around.

    The very next moment, all his other internals organs erupted out of his body, leaving behind a skeleton.

    The organs exploded into a rain of blood and flesh!

    Everyone in the vicinity had their jaws slacked in disbelief and shock, and as the rain splashed out, the pieces of flesh and blood entered their open mouth, choking them. A few of them even consumed the pieces of claws and trunks.

    Their faces lost all traces of colors and their hearts thumped fiercely. The fear they were feeling was so horrifying that they didn't even dare throw out the flesh.

    Murong's skeleton collapsed on the ground. Kiba placed a step over it and moved ahead.

    "Anyone else interested in my treasures?" Kiba asked with a smile.

    Not a single person dared to breathe much less respond.
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