368 This Is Misunderstanding!

    Kiba slowly smoked while enjoying the sight of the village. He saw everything that was to see and tossed the cigarette butt.

    "There is only one interesting place," Kiba thought of the black pagoda. "If it is what I'm thinking it is... then sooner or later, a disaster would strike the world... a mass scale extinction."

    Kiba didn't really care much about the fabled Guardian Spirit supposedly existing in the pagoda. It was none of his business and neither was caring about the purpose of pagoda's existence.

    Every day, throughout the world, thousands of people died. Many of them might be natural deaths but a good portion were unnatural deaths... murders out of greed, envy, anger, or lust.

    Throughout history, humans have killed more humans than any disaster, famine, plague or foreign race.

    So, from his perspective, more humans dying at the hands of other race, or a mystic existence, hardly mattered.

    He wasn't really cruel or cold-hearted but he only helped others when he felt like it. This was rather evident from the way he lived his life.

    Kiba shook his head and turned around. He walked back to the starting area of the village to join Ashlyn.

    He swept his perception out and discovered Ashlyn in a camp house. He stepped towards the house but then stopped as he discovered an eighteen years old around her.

    "Young pervert."

    Kiba stopped in his path. As much as he liked playing with her, now he was not in the mood to face her.

    He decided to find another temporary rest house. It was just a matter of night anyways so there was no big issue.

    "Esteemed guest," A voice came from some distance away.

    He looked in the front and noticed a middle-aged man with a respectful smile.

    "I'm Sanchez," He introduced himself. "The chief of this village."

    "Nice to meet you," Kiba said.

    "I wish to invite you to my humble abode," Sanchez stated his intentions.

    Earlier, he has learned what happened to Half-human Murong and the other two mutants. He was deeply stunned when he was informed they were killed without Kiba even moving a finger.

    Naturally, along with fear and reverence, he felt an urge to make friendly relations with him. He was aware it was less than 24 hours before the core region would open up, and so, he wanted to make the best use of time, and impress the guest.

    As the village chief, he was under constant pressure. The more guests arrived, the higher the burden on the village and its people. Alas, he or the villagers weren't strong enough to refuse hospitality to the mutant guests.

    "If only those two stayed in the village... we wouldn't be living in such a manner," Sanchez bitterly thought in his heart.

    For the time being, he suppressed all his thoughts and invited Kiba to his house.

    Kiba accepted his invitation, and soon, they arrived in a rather spacious wooden house. There were no chairs in the living room; only carpets on the floor. The room was truly plain with no modern amenities besides an old fireplace where logs were burning.

    The light in the room was from the fireplace and the moonstones embedded in the ceiling. A soft glow was radiating out of them, brightening the place.

    "Esteemed guest, I shall get a chair," Sanchez said.

    "No need," Kiba didn't mind and he sat down in lotus position. "This is enough."

    Sanchez visibly relaxed and smiled in relief.

    "Esteemed guest, please consider it as your home and relax," Sanchez said while placing cushions against the wall for Kiba's comfort. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Consider it as my home?" Kiba mused with a smile.

    Back in Delta City, when he was engaging in affairs with wives of others, he would treat homes of the husbands as his own.

    He would freely use all the facilities including bedding the wives on their marital beds. For him, that was truly considering others home as his own.

    He wasn't the type to live in the past so he cleared his thoughts, and asked, "You don't live with your family?"

    Sanchez shook his head and answered, "Decades ago, I swore to not marry nor have a family. The villagers are my family."

    His voice contained pride at the sacrifice he has done for the sake of his fellow villagers.

    "Oh!" Kiba was dejected and his expression turned downcast.

    Sanchez was bewildered by his reaction. He was expecting words of praise or an impressed reaction, and not disappointment and sadness.

    "Why do I feel that he is far sad than me for not having a wife and a family?" Sanchez thought to himself.

    Kiba rested his back against and the cushions. Just then, the door of the living room opened up, and a woman with caramel skin tone stepped in. She was carrying a tray upon which a teacup and kettle were placed.

    "Graciana," Sanchez signaled her to proceed.

    Graciana has silky chestnut hair draped over her shoulders. She was in mid-thirties with a gorgeous body and seductive curves.

    As she walked further in, Kiba swept a glance at her, and instantly, he judged her figure as 34DD-28-35.

    She has a pair of luscious breasts that were confined by tight linen over her chest.

    In the village, most villagers wore animal skin and their sense of modesty was different from civil society.

    This was evident in Graciana.

    Her delicious milky cleavage was on display and so were her glistening, soft legs.

    With each step, her calf muscles and butt stood out splendidly. Her assets could definitely give city women run for their money.

    "Esteemed guest, please try our village special green tea," Graciana said in a soft and sweet tone. She leaned her chest down as she placed down the tray on the carpet.

    As she filled the cup with energizing tea, emitting delicious fragrance, the swells of her breasts shrouded Kiba's face.

    She lifted her head up as she raised her arm to hand him the tea. The seductive smile on her face turned stiff and her body tensed as she brought her eyes on him.

    At the same time, Sanchez's pupils constricted and he began sweating. He was shell-shocked as he saw the expression on Kiba's face.

    It was filled with anger.

    "Are you trying to charm me?" Kiba's voice thundered aloud.

    Graciana was startled. She felt she was truly attractive and could make him fall for her. As a beauty, she has confidence in her seductive skills.

    Normally, she wouldn't seduce an unknown guest but given his strength and handsome facial features, she was ready when the village chief requested her. It was the first time he made such a request to her, and after seeing him from a distance, she agreed.

    After all, in the forest, only the strong got the right to deserve riches. It didn't matter if it was a man or a woman.

    If you have strength, you deserved everything.

    Both the village chief and Graciana felt he would be pleased to see her offering him her body in such a charming way.

    "S-sir, you misunderstood," Sanchez hastily said.

    He knew there existed firm-hearted and strong-willed mutants who would look at such actions with contempt.

    Judging from his voice and expression, there was no doubt he was that type of man.

    "Misunderstanding?" Kiba raised a hand and slapped Graciana's tight ass. "Are you saying you are not offering me this soft butt?"

    Graciana was too lost for words to respond. His slap on her butt cheeks came out of the blue; making her ass wriggle in a painful sensation.

    "Am I misunderstanding?" Kiba asked while again slapping her ass.

    This time along with pain, she felt a bit of pleasing sensation as a rosy hand was imprinted over her cheeks.

    "N-no," Sanchez didn't know how to respond. His mind was in a mess as he tried to make sense of this situation.

    Was the esteemed guest offended or pleased?


    Given his strength, he is definitely offended! Otherwise, he wouldn't act in such a manner!

    "You are saying no?" Kiba grunted in contempt. He then moved his eyes on Graciana and squeezed her round ass.

    It was both soft and tight; radiating an ecstatic sensation.

    "What do you have to say?" Kiba asked her. He placed the tea aside by telekinetic force and pulled her onto his lap.

    Graciana let out a soft gasp. Her rosy cheeks tingled with a delightful sensation as she felt something really hard and long poking out.

    Her eyes turned wide in disbelief as she felt the heat pulsing from the raging hardon.

    "This....!" She was amazed by the extraordinary size she was feeling.

    Kiba was in no mood to care about her surprise. With the same tone, he asked, "Are you here to seduce me? Answer me!"

    Graciana gulped down.

    She didn't know the right answer, and was still trying to think of a response, when he turned her body towards him.

    Then without any warning, he planted his face between her milky white cleavage. She arched her back as his hands arrived on the sides of her breasts, pushing them onto his face.

    The linen on her chest was thin and offered no resistance as her firm breasts pressed onto him. She was stunned by the gentle caressing her soft pillows were receiving as they massaged his face.

    A current ran through her as his lips touched her skin. His mouth embraced her glistening cleavage with kisses.

    A few moments later, just as she regained some clarity and suppressed the feelings erupting in her, the linen wrapping her breasts disappeared.

    "Do you want to entice me with these milky buns?"
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