369 Great Hospitality

    Sanchez looked with wide eyes at the scene playing before him.

    Just some ten steps away, on the floor, Kiba has his back against the wall. On his lap, Graciana was sitting, her breasts bare.

    Just a moment ago she felt the linen around her chest disappearing. She was sure it wasn't some ability, but rather the magic of his hands. It was like his fingers have mastered the art of removing clothes with least possible efforts.

    Kiba cupped her wonderfully soft breasts, and rubbed his thumbs over the chocolatey-brown circles around her nipples. Not a single bump on her areola passed his expert scrutiny.

    Whether it was texture, the softness, the firmness, or everything else, her tits were perfect.

    \"Do you want to entice me with these milky buns?\" Kiba asked.

    Graciana was too stunned to answer. Everything so far has been beyond her expectations; not at all how she expected the events to unfold.

    Without waiting for her answer, he lowered his lips on her left nipple. He blew out a fresh breath of air on her nipple, and as he did, goosebumps flowered on her vibrant skin.

    Then, slowly, he took her nipple between his lips.

    He kissed and sucked her nipple while slowly fondling her tits. They were a handful, and felt truly amazing as they pressed on his face as he moved between her nipples.

    He was like a starved child whose hunger could be only extinguished by the rosy nipples. He marked them with his teeth as he sucked on them.

    In between, his fingers masterfully squeezed her firm breasts. Her breasts started swelling and Graciana couldn't help but part her lips to moan softly.

    A current ran through her as he swept his tongue out, rolling over her nipples.

    \"You think I will fall for these firm tits?\"

    Kiba asked as his mouth parted from her breasts. Graciana gave a light nod, thinking of the hardness and pulsing heat she was feeling from below.

    Kiba didn't notice her nod. By now, his fingertips tugged down the clothing hiding her round, tight ass.


    Graciana wriggled as he playfully slapped on her ass cheeks. He then cupped them and felt the wonderful sensation.

    \"Are you perhaps relying on these buttery cheeks?\"

    Kiba has his suspicion on her tight ass that was carved into perfection. To confirm, he shoved her back on the carpet and she let out a surprised gasp.

    She was now lying on the carpet with her legs raised. He gripped her hips and pulled her ass cheeks close to him.

    Her ass wriggled as if inviting him. He slapped again on those perfectly round cheeks, making her quiver, and felt the delightful skin between his hands.

    Kiba was a breast man but still, when he saw a perfect ass, he couldn't just turn around. That would be insulting to a work of art, something he could never do.

    He slapped her cheeks a few more times before rubbing them. The sensation was magnificent not only for Kiba but also for Graciana.

    He could smell her light scent of arousal as a sweet aroma like honey trailed out. As soon as her scent entered his nostrils, his face was covered with wild lust.

    He put her ass back on the carpet and brought his eyes on the one true paradise. Below a well-trimmed bush, there was a pink rosebud from which a crimson slit began, covered by fleshly folds.

    Graciana's face flushed with warm blood as he kneeled and lowered his head between her legs. Her slender legs rested on his shoulders as he admired the most beautiful scenary in existence.

    He leaned in further and nuzzled his nose between the neat, trimmed hair while his lips came dangerously closed to her hidden slit. The scent of her arousal was delightful, and a thirst built up inside him.

    \"This is heaven! The cause of so many disasters!\"

    He spread her pussy lips wide open and his eyes glinted as he savored the amazing view. He flicked his tongue on her clit before sucking it between his lips.

    Strong, firm-hearted and determined people only kneeled in front of their parents and no one else, not even gods. That was both filial pity and pride.

    But for Kiba, there was only one time he would kneel, and that was now. The pussy of a woman was the only thing that deserved his respect in this fashion.

    And now, the wonderful feast was waiting for him.

    Ever so slowly, he slipped his tongue through her vaginal foldings and swirled around, tasting her sweet juices.

    Graciana ran her fingers wildly into his hair and pinned his face to the entrance to heaven. The heat from her heaven flushed his face with a warm glow.

    He twirled the tip of his tongue into a circular motion, teasing her in between. The actions of his mouth were a mixture of licking, sucking, and eating her pussy.

    She cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples as he continued between her soft wet folds. She arched her back for better access, allowing his mouth to enjoy her pretty, wet pussy.

    Kiba ate her till sensuous pleasure erupted deep inside her.

    \"Uuuuoooo!\" She cooed in euphoria.

    Her pussy swelled and convulsed with such intense passion that she let out a shuddering moan. She felt she was as light as a feather; soaring through the firmament.

    As the sensation subsidized, he grabbed her hips tightly and jumped on his feet. She was startled as she found her back locked against the wall; his lips closing to hers.


    As their lips met for a kiss, and her breasts pressed onto his chest, she was dazed as if a bolt of lightning has struck her.

    She brought her arms around his neck and closed her legs around his hips as she responded to his kiss.

    No words were necessary for two animals in heat.

    She tasted her own sweet juice from his lips.  As he pushed his tongue out, she eagerly parted her lips and allowed him to explore her. His tongue rolled on hers before interweaving into each for a duel.

    He moved his right hand at the small of her back to grip her properly while his other hand moved between her legs. He ran his fingers against her slit, and her essence lubricated him with glistening juices.

    She let out a moan with her mouth closed to his. A tremor ran through her body as he inserted a finger into her pussy, and now, she kissed him fiercely.

    Saliva dripped down from their lips and pearls of her essence streamed down from between her legs.

    They both huffed as they ran out of breaths, and finally, their lips parted. Her arms and legs left his body and she placed her feet on the floor.

    As she took a breath, he put his fingers coated with her essence between his lips and felt her taste stronger than ever. It was sweeter than honey, absolutely delightful, like a fresh lily.

    She leaned closer and sucked his fingers in her mouth.

    \"Surely you don't think this is enough to entice me?\" Kiba asked.

    \"No, this isn't even remotely enough,\" Graciana agreed with a seductive smile. As she did, her earlier boldness and charm returned.

    Her hands moved on his shirt as she felt rather unfair that she was the only one naked.

    \"His body is divine!\"

    Graciana thought as she fully unbuttoned his shirt. Her eyes were filled with excitement as she admired his muscular chest and powerful shoulders.

    Her fingers slowly traced his ripped six-pack before arriving on his pants. She opened the hook and unzipped his pants down.

    His erect cock sprang on her face; shrouding her with extraordinary grith and length. A tingling sensation passed through her lower body as her hands wrapped around his cock.

    \"This is real!\"

    She gasped in shock as she confirmed the dimensions she felt earlier. The pulsating heat and the thickness of the mushroom head made her cheeks turn into a shade of crimson.

    Her eyes were glued on the veins proudly stranding out in the enormous cock.

    Sanchez, in the meantime, was sent flying out of his own house. He cursed his poor luck to miss out on such a brazen display of sex.

    \"Old pervert, she isn't your wife that you are taking voyeuristic pleasure,\" Kiba's voice entered his mind as the door shut tightly. \"Marry a hot woman, and then you can see all you want.\"


    Inside the room.

    Graciana and Kiba were finally in privacy. She gripped his shaft and slapped it on her face.

    His cock stiffened with excitement as her soft flesh rubbed against him one after another. His raging hardon pulsed with more heat and under her disbelief eyes, she saw him grow further.

    She further noticed precum oozing out on the surface of his cock.

    \"I'm sure I can truly entice you, esteemed guest,\" Graciana said confidently as she brought her lips close to him.

    She swept her tongue out and licked the tip of his cock. She then retraced her tongue and tasted the sticky layer of precum. The salty, but sweet and refreshing taste made her further turned on.

    She opened her mouth and enveloped the cock head.

    As Kiba felt her warm lips on his cock, a current of pleasure ran through his spine. It was electrifying to his senses as she took more of his cock into her mouth.

    She bobbed up and down his shaft while her hands rubbed his balls. She increased her pace; her mouth quickly moving up and down his cock. As she did, saliva dripped down along with threads of precum.

    A few minutes later, as she felt him reaching close to relax, she let his cock slip out of her mouth. A thread of sticky precum and saliva connected his tip to her chin.

    She rolled her tongue out and licked the thread away. She then pumped his shaft through her hands while she took his balls in her mouth.

    The warmth of her mouth was exquisite and by the time she freed his balls, they were dripping with her saliva.

    She then moved her tongue up for a slow lick. Her tongue trailed on the lower side of his thick cock before kissing the head.

    Her lips broke contact with his cock, and she lifted her head up, and brought her eyes on him.

    Graciana wanted to ask how he felt, but before she could, he pushed her on the floor.


    Graciana gasped in surprise. He pulled her legs up onto his chest and rubbed the tip of his cock on her wet entrance.

    She was stunned but invited him. She slightly leaned her chest up and brought a hand over her pussy lips. She parted them, and slowly, his mushroom head slid into her. His first stroke was gentle as he pushed his shaft into her warm and slick pussy, inch by inch.

    \"Oooohhhh God! You are huge!\"

    A moan escaped her mouth and she trembled as he reached her depths.

    He began hammering his cock in and out of her soaking pussy. Her vaginal muscles gripped around his shaft, rippling with an incredible sensation.

    She has never felt so full and good.

    His thrusts were turning from gentle to wild, backed by a powerful force. As he picked up the pace, her screams of ecstasy increased.

    Her back arched and she squealed.

    \"Ohhh yes!!!!!\"

    Slippery sounds ringed out along with sounds of flesh hitting flesh. His balls slapped on her ass and she wriggled in pleasure as he drove harder and harder.

    They both moaned as they **ed like rabbits without caring for anything. There was no love or emotions involved except for lust.

    With each stroke, as he would close into her, she would see the raging lust and bliss. It washed her senses with ecstasy, and her muscles tightened onto his cock.

    As her slippery muscles squeezed around his cock, they would coat him with more of her juices, lubricating him.

    A few minutes later, he gripped her by the waist and stood up. She pierced her nails into his shoulders and closed her legs around him.

    Slowly, with his hands now on her ass cheeks for support, his cock head spread her vaginal lips and pushed into her tight pussy.

    He **ed her frantically upwards into her deepest depths, and her shrieks of pleasure blended right with the sounds of the strokes.

    Her firm breasts rubbed onto his muscular chest. As he rammed hard into her, he kissed on her slender neck.

    Sweat precipitated out of their bodies like crazy but their lust showed no sign of ending. Her nipples pressed tightly against his chest as he slammed into her.

    The room was filled with sex and screams of ecstasy. Her slippery muscles swept out intense vibration motions as he continued to penetrate further.

    She groaned and moaned more loudly as she reached her limit.

    \"Oh... my... god! Yesss!\".

    Her arms gripped around him, and he felt her fine hairs standing up. Her eyes turned unfocused and she began to tremble uncontrollably.

    An intense wave of orgasmic pleasure swept through every corner of her body. She shut her eyes and clung to him tightly as the climax left her in a heavenly state.

    Her pussy tightened and clenched around his shaft, and he lost control. He growled and his balls tightened as he reached on brink of explosion.

    His cock pumped load after load of cum deep into her.

    Kiba collapsed on a carpet with Graciana on top. They both huffed and breathe violently under the orgasmic bliss.

    A few minutes later, Graciana regained some strength, and opened her eyes. Her eyes focused on him and saw him looking back at her.

    \"Esteemed guest, how was it?\" Graciana asked.

    Personally, she never had a better time in her entire life.

    \"Good, but let's not waste our energy in talking,\" Kiba said as he rolled her and brought himself on the top.

    Her eyes widened and mouth fell open as she felt his throbbing hardon resting against her belly.

    He has already recovered and ready for another round?!

    \"I...I'm still sensitive and sore! Ahhh!\" Graciana didn't get time to complain as her voice turned into a moan.

    This time, Kiba wanted to try other positions and experience hospitality in every possible way. Her body melted into his as they blended into lust...


    Around an hour later.

    Kiba stepped out of the room. His body was filled with exhaustion but there was a euphoric smile on his face.

    \"Phew~ That was so much fun.\"

    Kiba made a grasping motion and a cup arrived in his hand. It was filled with energizing green tea Graciana has brought earlier. He has made sure the tea remained hot and fresh as he concentrated on the most important dream of his life.

    Pleasure of the flesh.

    For him, seeking pleasure was his way of living life to the fullest.

    And this was something even more important when he has responsibilities to find a cure for one of the few people whom he truly cared about.

    If there was someone else in his place, he/she would mostly be cold and aloof throughout the task; drowning in sorrow...burdend by responsibilities.

    But not Kiba.

    It wasn't just because he was aware of the psychological consequences of such a negative mentality.

    Nor for the fact that a gloomy man can achieve nothing except for destruction.

    No, for him the reason was entirely something else.


    Agatha has reminded him of the effects that might have on his life. [1] This was why he would never abstain or change his way of life in the name of others.

    \"Who said you can't enjoy just because life is of negatives? No ones know if afterlife or reincarnation exists... maybe they are as real as True Immortality.

    \"So why waste life in sorrows when you have chances of living in happiness, even if it is for a brief time?\"

    Kiba mused as he sipped the tea. He was walking on the veranda when he detected Sanchez.

    \"You are a good host,\" Kiba said with a smile. \"Loved the hospitality you provide.\"

    After saying this, he sat down on the ground and looked at the setting sun.

    Sanchez didn't say anything. He stepped into the house to bring some instruments. Just as he entered the hall, he was struck on the floor.

    He was left dumbfounded as he looked at Graciana who was sleeping on a carpet. Her silky chestnut hair was in a mess.

    His throat turned dry with uncomfortable soreness as his eyes focused on her face.

    The first line that came in his mind after seeing her sleeping expression was:

    She has been **ed senseless!

    Even though she was wrapped with a blanket, he could see wet stains on both her and the floor. The smell of sex from her was truly intense.

    \"This...!\" Sanchez was speechless.

    It was her who was supposed to left Kiba senseless by her charm, but his devilish pole has spent her to such an extent that she fell unconscious.

    [1] Chapter 112
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