371 Extraordinary Opportunity!

    Under the night sky, the black pagoda made a striking appearance. The dark, chaotic air mass around the pagoda gave it an eerie appearance.

    Inside the pagoda, the face in the uncountable rifts said, "You are a cynical but interesting human. Your world perspective is similiar to mine."

    Kiba didn't respond to this remark.

    "I have felt your aura before, and that's why I brought you here," The face continued in rough tone. "From back then, I felt you are special... marked by destiny."

    As Kiba heard the final words of him being special, he started laughing. It was like he has heard a good joke that left him laughing nonstop.

    The face in the rifts was annoyed by his reaction.

    "What's so funny?" The face asked.

    A domineering aura swept out from the rifts and the land around pagoda began shaking. The sky twisted with screeching sounds.

    "Apologies but you brought back some memories," Kiba said with a composed expression. "Years ago, when I lived as a beggar, the words you spoke were often used by me."

    "You were a beggar?!" The alien face's eyes were filled with amazement.

    It has studied his aura and felt the power of Cosmic! So how was it possible for someone like him to be a beggar?

    "That was just a struggling phase of life, nothing worth mentioning," Kiba replied with a smile. "Anyways, back then, to increase my chances of receiving some money or food... I would inflate the ego of passerby. It was there that I learned something that has helped me ever since."

    The mention of struggling phase brought a smile on the face in the rifts... as if recalling its own struggles.

    The face then stared at him.

    It was unsure how its words on him being special and marked by destiny were connected to his days as a beggar.

    "Every living being wants to know it is special and different from others! It makes them feel great about their existence," Kiba continued, his eyes filled with recollection.

    "This is especially true for humans who have achieved something. You inflate their self-worth by agreeing to their innate thoughts of being a special existence, and put words like destiny along with it... and viola! They lose their guards and turn stupid.

    "Seduction, stealing, kidnapping, brainwashing, murder or even begging... you can achieve so much just from making someone feel special about their existence."

    The face was silent for a long time. It understood what the human wanted to imply.

    "So as you can understand, I never thought I will be at the receiving end of such extraordinary praise from a reverend being like you."

    Kiba was no different than others when it came to the ego. He too secretly desired his ego to be stroked and inflated.

    That was something true for every human being.

    "I will say it again - you are interesting," The face broke the silence and replied. "Regardless, I meant what I said earlier."

    "I'm sure you didn't call me for only this," Kiba changed the topic.

    "You are right," The face agreed. "I wish to offer you an extraordinary opportunity in the land you people call core region."

    "I refuse," Kiba said.

    "You didn't even hear my proposition," The face was surprised by his response.

    It knew what others would do if they were in his place.

    They would be aware the Guardian Spirit won't call an opportunity 'extraordinary' unless it was truly astounding. It would be something that could change their lives for better in the best possible way!

    So, naturally, they would jump at the chance even without hearing the proposition.

    He, on the other hand, was refusing!?

    "Thanks but no thanks," Kiba rose to his feet and hovered in mid-air. "I'm already paying a price for one extraordinary opportunity and have no interest in another one."

    There's no free lunch in this world. It was a lesson he learned at a great price.

    As for the extraordinary opportunity he mentioned, it was obviously BSE79. Back then, before Zed and slum dwellers were taken into the meteorite, they were given a passionate speech on the extraordinary opportunity they were getting. The speech was to inspire them, and whether it worked or not, Kiba knew the result.

    Of course, the present him was not the slum insect from back then. Nor he was in any need of special opportunity. This was why he could easily refuse.

    "Don't you want to know why I found you special and felt your aura in the first place?" The face asked.

    "I really don't care," Kiba shook his head. "But please, stop calling me special. It gives me chills that an alien male thinks of me in such a manner."

    The face in the rifts was bewildered by the disgusted look on Kiba's face.


    The next moment, prismatic glow enveloped Kiba, and he vanished from the pagoda. The so-called Guardian Spirit no longer felt any necessity to engage in a conversation so it sent him out.

    "Fufu, as expected, a kid marked by Fury of Time is truly amazing. Is it because he is infected with Genesis?"

    The radiance in the rifts dimmed, and the traces of the face disappeared.

    At the same time, in multiple locations around the globe. There were similar black pagodas similar to the one in the forest village.

    These pagodas were located near to many wonderlands. Or in simple words, near to around thirty meteorites.

    Presently, the pagodas flashed with a bright glint before dimming.

    One such pagoda existed in Blood Dunes near Lizenea - the nation of revolutionaries.

    But unlike other pagodas, this was one was covered by blood sand, hidden from the sight of others.

    If on a map, one looked at the location of this pagoda with respect to other pagods, then it would appear that the pagodas around the globe were forming a net, with this pagoda as its core.

    A net enveloping the entire world!

    The pagoda at the Blood Dunes was different in more than one ways. Its internal structure was in the form of a crimson shrine.

    In the center of the shrine, a magic circular pattern existed upon which a royal crest was engraved. The crest flashed with space and temporal radiance. If Pythia was here, she would instantly identify this royal crest.

    for visiting.

    After dinner, he returned to the village chief's house.

    Graciana has freshened herself and served him with dinner, but after looking at her, his body was filled with another type of appetite.

    The 'new dinner' lasted for more than an hour. This brought them to the present...

    As he felt the soft breasts on his chest, his cock turned straight like an arrow. He lowered his body and took her left nipple into his mouth.


    She opened her eyes as he sucked on her nipple and grabbed her tight ass. She was surprised to feel his throbbing erection against her skin.

    How could he even have any energy left after last night?!

    She wondered in her heart. She was still feeling sore, and her body was covered with marks from the intense **ing.


    He kissed her breasts and neck before moving on her earlobe. A tremor ran through her as he sucked her earlobe between his lips.

    "Time for a mini-breakfast!"

    Kiba said as he pulled her on top of him. She was started but she smiled, and lowered herself on his cock.

    "I can handle a quickie breakfast!"

    Her fingers parted her vaginal lips, exposing the crimson slash, and he entered inside her.

    She was in control but the pleasure was shared equally as she mounted him. Her tits swayed in a wonderful rhythm as she rocked back and forth on his cock.

    Kiba cupped her firm breasts as she took him to her furthest depths. They both moaned in ecstasy as she increased her pace; sliding on and off.

    He pinched her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, and she shuddered with a mixture of pain and pleasure.

    "God! Yes...!"

    A few minutes later, Kiba grabbed her by hips and quickly rolled to change their position.

    He brought her on all fours, in doggy position, and arrived behind her. He rubbed the tip of his cock against her wet slit, and she begged him to slide inside her.

    He was not the type of man who would refuse a lady's request. He kissed her on the back before pushing the mushroom head into her pussy.

    Her ass wriggled in pleasure, and he slammed his cock fully into her.


    He pulled her by hair as he rammed his fat cock into her. The strokes were faster and with more force. The sound of his hip slapping against her ass cheeks ringed out as he continued pushing in and out of her.

    Her pussy turned wetter, and he felt her vaginal muscles tightening around him. His cock was jammed deep into her tight pussy, wrapped by intense vibrations.

    Her back arched and she snapped her head up.

    An intense orgasm crashed over her. She felt as if explosions of pleasures were taking over every corner of her body.

    Kiba was same as he melted into her...shooting out thick ropes of cum. They both fell on the floor...

    According to ancient customs, before going on an important task, one must taste something sweet. It was considered as auspicious, and something that increased luck.

    Today was the opening of the core region, and Kiba needed all the luck. Naturally, for auspicious reasons, he tasted the sweetest thing in the world.

    After all, can anything be sweeter than an orgasmic bliss?

    As Graciana lay next to him, savoring the mutual climax, he couldn't help but remark:

    "The day has started with a promising note."Chapter 290
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