372 Core Region Opening! Part I

    "The day has started with a promising note."

    Kiba remarked loudly much to Graciana's amusement. She covered her body with a sheet before rising up.

    "Do you think of me as a slut?" Graciana suddenly asked.

    "Hmm?" Kiba was startled by her question.

    "People from cities have different morals, so I wonder if you think I'm a slut since I gave myself to you instead of resisting," Graciana explained.

    In wildlands, there was often a brazen attitude towards sex even from women. They would take lovers with no ties involved.

    Something that would be considered scandalous from people belonging to civil society.

    Kiba shook his head with a smile.

    "I'm not the type to judge, at least not on sexual freedom," Kiba filled a glass with water before continuing. "For me, sex is just sex... an activity by which two people could experience the ultimate pleasure."

    It wouldn't be wrong to say that sex was just a chemical and physical activity. It was enjoying one's body in the best possible way.

    So why involve morals, restrictions, and emotions in a biological function?

    Of course, that was just his views.

    He was a rake with a deviant mentality, and this was why he had such strange opinions. Then again, if he hasn't such open views, he wouldn't be the man he was.

    Naturally, he understood the factors behind society's reluctance to accept sex for what it was. And truthfully speaking, he was grateful for that.

    It made seducing more enjoyable.

    After all, where was the fun if a husband wouldn't be jealous of his wife taken?

    His greatest dream of turning every man -with a beautiful woman- into a cuckold relied on sexual taboo.

    A dream that was very far away. So far, he has barely taken a step towards it.

    "As for you not offering resistance," Kiba arrived on the last part of her sentence. "Well, Ninon de l'Enclos said it best: The resistance of a woman is not always a proof of her virtue, but more frequently of her experience."

    "That's slander!" Graciana joked.

    She didn't really care if he considered her a slut or not. She more than enjoyed the things they did but she felt no emotional connection with him.

    He didn't own her, and she knew this was their last meeting... so his views on her would make no difference. It was just something she asked out of curiosity.

    for visiting.

    "That's a relief," Kiba replied.

    Myiesha then turned towards Ashlyn who has just left the camp house. As Myiesha observed her, she let out another sigh.

    She couldn't help but feel bad for her comrade Mendel. She has seen his condition and the tragic screams he let out when doctors treated him. Doctors were forced to remove smashed testicle pieces from his crotch!

    "For any male, she is far scarier than the god of death."

    A smile bloomed under the veil as she wondered about Ashlyn.

    Just then, a surprised gasp came out. Myiesha's expression turned downcast and she snapped her head.

    "Myiesha and Harith," Sanchez appeared with a complex expression.

    "Village Chief," Myiesha coldly greeted.

    "Everyone missed you two," Sanchez said as dozens of villagers joined him. They all had trouble making eye contact with her.

    "I doubt that," Myiesha responded coldly. "Otherwise, you all wouldn't have done what you did."

    Kiba was surprised by the conversation.

    The strongest of Dark Stars were from this village?

    This didn't make much sense to him especially when he recalled the danger the village was in. The village chief has even requested for weapons and defense devices from him.

    He further remembered Myiesha's molecular manipulation ability. Given her powers, she has more than enough strength to migrate the village to a better place.

    And then there was her brother. In The Fair, almost everyone was terrified of him.


    A voice came from above. Myeisha lifted her head up and her cold expression eased.

    Zelda somersaulted through the air and appeared before Myeisha. She closed her arms around for a tight hug.

    "How have you been?" Myiesha asked while glancing at the bow behind her back.

    Zelda swept her vision at Kiba and others including adventurists who were not associated with him.

    "Not good," Zelda answered with a pained expression. "These damn outsiders are overburdening the village."

    "Zelda! Don't be rude!" Sanchez warned with a serious look.

    "How am I being rude by stating the truth?" Zelda asked angrily. Without waiting for an answer, she continued, "None of this would have happened if back then we have helped Myiesha's parents---"

    She was cut off by Myiesha.

    "Don't bring past," Myiesha said, her voice filled with frost. "Harith and I would bring back our parents."

    Sanchez's face was filled with sorrow as he said, "Child, no one can survive the core region after it closes up. This was why we..."

    He ultimately decided to not complete his words.

    "They are alive!" Harith spoke for the first time. "They have to be... they promised us!"

    His voice was rough, completely different from his sister.

    At the same time, Kiba listened to everything with a curious expression.

    "Her parents are in the core region?!" Kiba was surprised.

    He then shook his head and closed his eyes; no longer interested in listening to the discussion between fellow villagers.

    The world was filled with tragedies. He didn't want to spoil his mood by listening to sad details which didn't concern him.

    After all, he has a great start to the day with a sweet taste...


    Half an hour later, Kiba and Ashlyn left the village. Sophia, Jenina, Verna, and others left separately with Sophia promising to teach him manners.

    Kiba just smiled at her cute threat.

    In some twenty minutes, after crossing a few miles, he and Ashlyn arrived before the barrier that sealed the core region.

    The seal was opening up!Ninon de l'Enclos
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