373 Core Region Opening! Final Par

    The 'entrance' to the core region spanned for five miles. Technically speaking, presently, it was more like a green miasma wall and an energy field which restricted anyone from entering. Not even weapons of mass destruction could break through them, much less normal mutants.

    Kiba looked at the miasma wall and energy field which were combinedly acting as a barrier. It was impossible to see within inside though he has an idea of what was present on the other side.

    It would be an enormous meteorite.

    As per the visuals Claudia provided him, the meteorite barely occupied an area of twenty sq.miles. From a human perspective, this outer area was big, but it wasn't anything compared to the actual dimensions in the meteorite.

    "The pieces of Celestial Elsyain Plane are not really meteorites despite their outer appearance," Kiba thought as he recalled BSE79.

    BSE79 didn't have restrictions like the meteorite that formed the core region of Desolate Blood Forest. Anyone can enter anytime they want and fully explore the entire meteorite without any dangers.

    But that was just a popular belief.

    Only he knew how wrong it was. The actual space of BSE79 was boundless. It was just that almost no one knew how to access that true space.

    Perhaps, in the present, the only human who knew that secret was Kiba.


    Kiba looked around and noticed more than thousands of people in the area. That was just people within his eyesight. So the people who wanted to enter were far more.

    "The only thing Earth doesn't lack is population."

    With high fertility in the age of evolution, the planet was overpopulated. Earth might have advanced in technology but the resources were limited to satisfy everyone's needs and wants.

    So it was no wonder there were so many people here. Still, it was more than he expected but he has a faint idea on why.

    He even detected battle tanks, hovercrafts, and other large vehicles.

    "They must be on standby for conflict that might break out after the core region closed up."

    Not everyone here was to enter the core region. Some of them planned to help their companions when they come out, while others were here to benefit at the labors of others. Only time would tell whether they will enjoy the benefits or not...

    A few minutes later, as the afternoon sky was overcast with bright sun, there were loud rumbling sounds.

    People's eyes lit up and they stared at the barrier.

    "Finally! It is time!"

    "I waited for so long!"


    "Land of true resources is opening up!"

    Chi~ Chi~ Chi~

    From the barrier, sounds ringed out. Under excited gazes of everyone, the green miasma faded and the energy field began to disappear.

    In just a minute, the restrictions that have stopped people from the land of miracles were vanishing on their own.

    Everyone's eyes sparkled as they nervously waited to jump in the wonderland.


    The space in place of the barrier flickered, and now there was a translucent fine gauze-like screen. On the surface, there were ripples radiating a mysterious glow.

    "Core region has opened up!"

    People broke out in conversations. There was excitement, anticipation, and hope in their voices.





    Everything they could ever desire was in front of them. They just have to move forward to grab before others!

    And just like that, without any grand speech or warning, people charged forward. The moment they touched the ripples on the screen, they were sucked right into the screen, almost like the twinkling of stars.

    Kiba glanced at Ashlyn who gave him a nod. They stepped towards the screen without any hurry. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Kiba offered a hand to her as they arrived before the ripples. Ashlyn, without any words, joined a hand with his. Their other hands touched the ripples on the count of three.

    They did this to ensure they wouldn't be separated...

    As Kiba touched the ripples on the screen, he saw the space around him twisting with multiple colors. It was like he was falling through a kaleidoscope as hundreds of colors flew past him.

    The colors were spinning quickly like an ocean whirlpool, and anyone who passed through them would feel nauseated and weakened.

    But Kiba wasn't just anyone. Thanks to his strength, he didn't feel any discomfort.

    A few seconds later, he found himself in a new environment. Ashlyn was next to him, their hands joined.

    The ground was filled with rock fragments and gravel, and as they arrived, they noticed a high temperature.

    Meanwhile, countless humans and beasts alike passed through the gauze-like screen. One of them was a ferocious tiger with crimson fur.

    Red Tiger!

    She leaped through the ripples and arrived in a strange land. Her eyes were filled with strong determination as she proceeded to find better chances for her and her children.

    At the same time, in another area, a woman in the early twenties opened her eyes. If Red Tiger was here, she would instantly identify the woman as the one trying to hunt her and the cubs.

    It was none other than Fiona Wilcox!

    "Where is that man named Kiba?"

    Fiona wondered as she checked her surroundings.

    "Just like he wanted, I have made sure that more people visit the core region this time... Now, it is time for him to hold his part of the deal."

    She tapped on her watch screen. A small projection swept out, in the form of a floating map. On the map, there were two places marked. One was her location while the other place was marked with a skull.

    "It would take me days..."

    Fiona jumped into the air and literally transformed into a beam of light. She shot off into the distance but at very low speed. She didn't dare take any chance by being careless and dashing at high speed.


    Kiba was in what appeared to be a canyon. He lifted his head up and checked the sky, or to be precise, the lack of it.

    There were no clouds, sun, stars, or anything. It was like space above was painted with red smog.

    "At last..."Chapter 201. She made a deal with Kiba. As part of the deal, Kiba would help her once in the core region.
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