374 Soaring High Together To Admire A View Below

    The canyon was vast, covered with red texture. Kiba and Ashlyn were standing in a narrow steep surrounded by tall cliffs.

    Kiba opened his eyes and his pupils flashed with a golden glow. The glow in his eyes rushed out like streams of light, piercing right through gigantic cliffs.

    He was using supervision to observe the area and find out things which normal eyesight couldn't. He saw things at a microscopic level along with the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.

    As his vision arrived inside a cliff with a depth of two thousand meters, he noticed carcass and skeletons of beings that have long ceased to exist.

    These creatures resembled a mixture of reptiles and dinosaurs with nine legs and two heads. Based on the withering and decay, he felt they died over a thousand years ago.

    He didn't speak, and the glow in his eyes rushed further, passing through rock fragments that were far stronger than titanium. These fragments couldn't even be crushed into pieces by a Gamma-rank mutant.

    For him, they were of no interest but he noticed a few mutants rejoicing at finding these fragments. They knew the preciousness of rock particles and their use in creating earth-element based armors and mech designs.

    Nearby, attlesnakes were boring in their holes, as if taking cover at the arrival of a strange species known as humanity.


    After his vision passed a distance of five miles, it suddenly stopped. Kiba's eyes knitted as he saw what obstructed his ability.


    Two statutes to be precise.

    The statues were carved out of the cliffs into the shape of fierce warriors. They both wielded a spear, and the spears were crossed into each other into 'X.'

    It was like they were guards stopping invaders. A metallic glint flashed on the rock spears as they obstructed a foreign vision.

    "How unsurprising."

    Kiba retraced back his sight.

    He was now in the core region but it was vast and almost boundless; something that no one could judge from the size of meteorite.

    From what he could guess, the core region was divided into several regions. The canyon was just one of the smallest areas with no real opportunity for mutants.

    Everyone who touched the ripples on the entrance of the core region, they were teleported to these several regions. The teleportations were random with no real logic.

    In the canyon, there were at least a hundred people from what Kiba has observed just now. He couldn't see further due to the statues.

    According to what he judged based on information he got from Emily and the map he stole from Count Viper, the place he needed to find was around a mutated land where enormous pieces of alien relics existed.

    "Let's leave," Kiba turned to Ashlyn and said.

    Ashlyn nodded and placed a hand over his arm.

    They were enveloped with streams of white light and sucked into a teleportation portal.


    The next moment, they crashed back into the same place. Kiba was surprised but not shocked at the failure of teleportation.

    "This is just like BSE79... Teleportation is restricted."

    Kiba let out a sigh. The space inside the meteorite was a world of own; completely isolated and different from Earth. The laws here restricted all forms of spatial travel.

    "There is a way to overpower this restriction but..."

    Kiba didn't want to resort to using his full powers. If he did, while he could easily break through the restrictions of the space, but the strength of his powers would lead to a calamity. The effects would be similar to what happened in the wasteland outside Delta City.

    Kiba took Ashyln's hand in his, and rose high into the air. The spatial travel restriction was not on flight but only on methods that involved manipulation of space.

    Technically, teleportation was opening a tunnel through spatial membrane, and instantly bypassing distance in physical form.

    Kiba and Ashlyn moved further up into the air, and intense air streams brushed past them. Kiba and Ashlyn floated high above the cliffs, and stopped in the mid-air.

    Ashlyn wasn't interested in scenary or take a liking to flying, and as such, wanted to tell him to continue the journey, but then she stopped.

    She recalled what Denisa said about enjoying life. And then she combined those statements with that of Kiba's philosophy.

    You only get to live once... Live without having any regrets. Spend every moment as if it is your last.

    Ashlyn didn't fully understand neither of their philosophies about life. But she knew spending a few minutes without any purpose was not really wasting life.

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    She then lowered her head to check the view below. From this distance, everything appeared to be small and point-like, and yet it was absolutely stunning.

    The spiral rock arches were bathed by the smog painted in the sky, forming breathtaking hues of red and orange. The rocky texture of the land formed a beautiful contrast with the open space between two cliffs.

    She looked in the distance and noticed a stream of river passing by.

    The stream was on verge of drying up and yet, it continued to flow, obstructed by rocks protruded in between.

    It didn't even seem the stream was a non-living existence as one observed its flow. It was like the stream didn't want to admit defeat and continue its journey as long as even a single drop of water remained.

    On the surface of the cliffs, endangered plant lives grew up. It was hard to tell how long it took for plant roots to pierce the hard layers of rocks, and grow in the way they did now.

    This was a dangerous land, almost baren, and yet, it was as tenacious as a forest.

    Ashlyn turned her head towards Kiba and was surprised to see he was looking at her. She then thought of why he stopped them this high instead of flying into a distance.

    She brought her eyes back on the canyon and a faint smile appeared on her lips.

    "This is beautiful."
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