377 You Shall Not Pass!

    Kiba himself was surprised as a humongous spear landed in front of him, stopping him from moving forward.

    He raised his head and looked at the two humanoid statues that were slowly making movements.

    An hour ago, just after he entered the core region, he has used supervision to scout the area, and ultimately, the presence of the statues hindered his vision.

    While he knew they weren't ordinary, he didn't think they would come to life just as he tried to leave the starting area.


    The bodies of the statues left the cliffs they were joined with. Dust and rock fragments continued to fall down along with what little vegetation grew around.

    Cracks appeared on the ground as the statues lifted their feet. Red smog splashed out, making the area enveloped into a dust cloud.

    The next moment, as the feet landed back on the ground, the dust cloud dissipated just as quickly as it was formed.

    One of the statues that have sent the spear down, grabbed it back. The statue looked at Kiba, and its smooth mouth surface parted.

    In a voice that was like the screeching of nails, the statue said, "Ae nhoelderos auf rhouneeub khonsmius esthallnnoet onteub."

    Kiba looked blankly at the statute. He knew a few alien languages but Celestial Elysian Plane has countless languages. It was impossible for him to understand every language.

    The other statue opened its rocky lips and said, "ƬΉΣЩIΣᄂDΣЯƧӨF PӨЩΣЯᄃӨƧMIᄃƧΉΛᄂᄂПӨƬΣПƬΣЯ."

    Kiba's eyes constricted in shock. This time it was rather easy for him to know what was said.

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    "The wielders of power Cosmic shall not enter."

    He didn't think it anything shocking for a mechanism of the core region to detect the nature of his power.

    The statues looked at him; the cyan glow in their eyes rotating like a vortex.

    Kiba didn't reply. Instead, he took a step ahead, and moved forward.

    A spear came down with smothering pressure. Kiba responded with his aura erupting like a volcano that sent out strands of explosive energy.

    He moved his hand up, and an enormous energy column cascaded out, crashing into the spear.

    Sparks flew up, and much to his surprise, an attack that could easily destroy even a level V mutant was ripped apart by the incoming spear.


    As the spear impaled the ground, the smooth surface exploded and rock fragments were sent spinning out. The rock fragments approaching Kiba instantly turned into dust.

    In the meantime, Ashlyn felt the fine hairs on her back standing up. Her pupils dilated as she felt strong destructive energy closing on to her.

    Without any delay, she leaped high in the air, and just then, a spear light slashed at the ground, parting it into two. Instantly, the borderline exploded into chunks.

    Even though she has dodged the attack, and jumped behind the borderline, the shockwaves swept against her. The blood inside her roiled in a chaotic manner, and she sprayed out a mouthful of fresh blood.

    She was stunned. This level of power, and that too at the start of core region was more than shocking.

    Why would these statues have such power?

    She has heard nothing about this sort of power, and that too from some statues.

    Kiba's gaze turned serious. The second statue has created a borderline, and sent Ashlyn out. Most likely, the aim was not really about Ashlyn but just making the boundary for him. Ashlyn was harmed as a bystander without any intent on their part.

    His vision passed through the big chunks of rocks and came on Ashlyn. She has opened her left palm upon which seven colorful seals were floating. Each seal represented colors of rainbows, and presently, she brought a finger from the right hand above the blue seal.

    "Don't do it," Kiba said with a soft sigh. "I will handle them."

    Ashlyn stopped just as she was about to break a seal. She gave a slight nod.

    Kiba didn't say anything to her further, and then brought his eyes back on the statues. His expression was filled with shock and bewilderment as he felt the intent from them.

    They were not radiating any killing intent. If anything, the intent was more of protection. If not, they wouldn't have simply just used the spears for warning.

    While confused, he didn't care about their intent. He has to leave the starting area and move to the other areas to fulfill his mission.

    Golden waves exploded under his feet, and terrifying airwaves boomed out of his body. Cracking sounds rang out as boulders and cliff surface crumbled to pieces.

    The earth below the feet of the statues buckled and fissures split open. The entire canyons seemed to be on verge of collapse as they started shaking heavily.

    Kiba's hair danced in the air as his aura as an Alpha burst forward.
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