378 Royal Will

    The two gigantic statues looked at Kiba as his aura as an Alpha existence exploded. With a bang sound, the entire land started trembling with violent fluctuations but the statues continued to remain in their place. They weren't least bit affected by his aura.

    Kiba's body blurred and he rushed forward in a series of afterimages. He just wanted to leave the starting area, and if possible, without any complications. So he exploded with the speed of an Alpha and rushed towards Ashlyn.

    His movements were twisted and impossible to perceive, and yet, just as he took the third step, one of the statues wielded the spear like a god of war and thrust the spearhead down.

    Even though it was one simple strike, the entire land was shrouded with the spearhead. Time seemed to come at a standstill, and vibrating energy particles imploded in the air as the spearhead sliced forward.

    The spear action was slow and unhurried, and yet, its speed was as fast as that of light. Whistling sound filled the air as the spear light closed into Kiba.

    "It is impossible to avoid complications."

    Kiba swiftly stretched a hand in upward direction.


    A screeching sound reverberated and the ground in thousand meters exploded. Far away, Ashlyn crossed her arms as shockwaves reached her. Filaments of blue current enveloped her full-body black suit, and she leaped backward.

    As she landed on the ground, she lowered her arms and looked ahead. The enormous spearhead was stopped by a small hand.

    Sparks were bursting at the contact point between the palm and spearhead.

    "Can't you just let me go without being discriminatory?" Kiba asked while lowering his hand.

    The statue didn't reply, or perhaps it was incapable of replying. All it did was raise the spear in the air and then stuck it out again.

    The strike was far more powerful than before, and as it approached Kiba, the entire area was engulfed in darkness.

    Far away, Ashlyn shockingly discovered the strike contained an aura that was no weaker than Kiba's.

    "You got no chills."

    Kiba's expression turned stern and he pressed a foot on the ground, and shot upwards. The spear changed its direction in mid-air, and turned upwards, moving towards Kiba.


    Gravity Cage


    Kiba said the two words in a chilling voice.

    Instantly, the area covering the two statues and Kiba was surrounded by a formless, twisted concept of gravity.

    The entire gravitational field was changed with new rules; caging the entire area into an incorporeal prison of gravity.

    A terrifying gravitational pull came from the ground, and the spear that was moving upward, bent down.

    It crashed down, but there was no sound. There was absolute silence, and in fact, there was no ground to speak of, for the spear to make any sound with.

    The moment Gravity Cage was summoned, the canyons in the area slammed downwards, caving further and further into a crater that was depthless.

    Much less rock fragments, there were not even dust particles in the air as Gravity Cage enveloped the area.

    The two humanoid statues began falling into the crater filled with nothingness. Under such overbearing gravitational force, if it was anyone else, they would have compressed into atoms and disappeared.

    Yet, the two statues were completely fine with not even a slightest crack. Both statues gripped their spears, and stopped themselves from falling further, and yet, they couldn't completely stop themselves under the pull from below.

    At the same time, outside Gravity Cage, suddenly, five glowing circles filled with mystic runes appeared.

    Without making any sound, at lightning speed, they flew towards five surfaces of Gravity Cage.

    High in the air, Kiba's eyes flickered with shock as he sensed the magic circles sticking on Gravity Cage from five sides.

    "Impossible! They contain power Cosmic!"

    Just as the five circles glued to Gravity Cage, from the center of circles, chains made of cosmic energy shot out. The end of the chains impaled the red smog that formed the sky, and then they started pulling the surface of Gravity Cage.

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    From five sides, Gravity Cage was pulled, and the incorporeal surfaces showed signs of rifts.

    Everything so far has taken place in less than ten seconds, at a speed that Ashlyn couldn't even detect the developments.

    Meanwhile, inside Gravity Cage, as the gravitational pull was affected, the two statues stuck out the spears towards Kiba.

    "What the hell is going on here?"

    Kiba has expected many things in the core region, but not this, at least just not after entering. It was like the entire strength of this world was trying to stop him from moving forward.

    What truly bewildered him was that there was no killing intent or any movement to cause him real harm. The only intent was to make him leave...

    As the spears approached him, he gritted his teeth in annoyance. He lifted a finger and abruptly brought it down.

    The spearheads trembled, and cracks imploded on the surface, and the very next moment, they were sent tumbling downwards.

    But by then, Gravity Cage - an ability at the level of an Alpha- was ripped apart. Kiba didn't even get a chance to show its true potential.

    The magical circles moved towards the sky and turned into a plethora of rings. Then they compressed together to transform into a strange wall of text.

    As Kiba glanced at the alien language, he got another shock.

    "Royal Will of the World!"

    In human terms, this text was similar to Constitution. Before the formation of World Government, most countries, even those with a monarch system, has Consitution.

    Constitution was the supreme rule book for every country. Even for appearance sake, no one, not even the king, could defy the laws of Consitution. After all, it defined the rights, laws, limitations, and duties of every institution.

    Royal Will of the World was the supreme rule book of the core region. But unlike the human Constitution, the Royal Will of the World was strictly enforced.

    This was because it has sentience. It was akin to artificial intelligence that must enforce the instructions within.

    This Royal Will of the World covered the entire core region. As such, it could borrow energy from the entire core region.

    Technically, that made it omnipotent since its energy was a world fragment from Celestial Elysian Plane.

    Kiba read the first line of the texts. It was in a language he could understand, and as he read, a bitter feeling swelled in his heart.

    'The wielders of power Cosmic shall not step in.'

    "But why?"

    Kiba recalled one of Princess Scarlet Leila De Rose's slave beasts staying inside the core region. He was sure that the giant snake also has power Cosmic.

    "The statues or those magic circles... they didn't have any killing intent...if anything...it was protection... They are trying to protect me by not allowing me to leave the starting point!

    "No, most likely Royal Will of the World believes I'm a native of Celestial Elysian Plane..."

    As he thought of this, his heart thumped.

    "Royal Will of the World doesn't stop humans as they exploit the core region... something that no sane system would truly allow. After all, from its perspective, humans should be no less than foreign invaders taking away resources. If it can hinder me with such powers... why in every two years, humans and beasts from Earth step in?"

    He then remembered his time in BSE79. His mind flashed with memories of Castor Damon and the moments before he became the man he was.

    Nothing ever comes for free...

    "Truly sinister."

    Kiba flew down as he concluded something he wished he didn't. He landed outside the enormous crater and looked at the statues before bringing his eyes on the wall of strange text.

    "You can rest assured I'm not stepping forward."

    His words were rather silent, but the moment he spoke, the wall of text faded into thin air. It wasn't like he has actually gone all out and summoned his true powers.

    If he did, perhaps he has a chance but then it would result in mutual destruction. Something he didn't want given what was at stake for him.

    No matter what, he couldn't let the core region destroyed...


    He turned towards her who was far away, divided by a borderline that was more like a rift. She stared at him, silently.

    Her cold, poker face was filled with an emotion that struck a notch with him.

    "Don't look at me like that," Kiba said with a smile. "Remember what I said about my luck?"

    Ashlyn observed him for a long time before nodding her head.

    "And do you recall the hints I gave you for that puzzle?"

    She gave another nod.

    "Then trust me, I would find a way to step in... we would definitely meet."

    Ashlyn didn't say a word but she gave a nod of acknowledgment. She turned around, and streams of blue current exploded under her feet, and in a moment, she shot in the distance.

    Kiba continued to smile as he looked on as she disappeared far away. He was aware of her personality, and while others might think she was cold by her reaction, he knew the truth.

    Her actions so far have proved her character. She didn't need unnecessary words or dragged goodbye to prove her heart...


    Kiba shot high into the sky, and like a bolt of lightning, flew towards a cliff. After making sure there was no one in the area, he stepped on the cliff.

    "Cosmic Spark."

    Kiba placed a hand over the center of his chest and felt the source of his powers. An artifact so alluring that no could resist the urge to possess it.

    Its mere existence was tempting for it was a chance to acquire infinite power and an unending lifespan.

    Yet, for him, Cosmic Spark was never about the power or the lifespan it could supposedly offer.

    All he desired was the simple pleasures of life.

    A blissful sleep in the arms of seductive women... Was that too much to ask?

    He wasn't greedy or possessive like most humans in the world.

    This was why he only wanted to cuckold every man with a beautiful wife... His purpose was never separating the husbands from their wives.

    All he wanted was to make them Good Husbands by keeping their wives happy...

    Could any man be so selfless?

    "Haah~ Yet Royal Will of the World isn't allowing me to step in."

    Kiba felt really bad at the development.

    A man with a Holy Mission was stopped.

    Can anything be eviler than this?

    "Sighs~" Kiba shook his head at the unfairness of the world. All he ever did was for the good of the world, and yet, he was treated in such a manner.

    Kiba waved a hand and white radiance swept out of his palm.

    The radiance materialized into the form of a futuristic hovercraft with two turbo boosts at the rear. The hovercraft spanned for a little more than ten meters, and its design was exquisite and grand.

    It was something he acquired from Antique Stone Garden at The Fair.


    "Claudia also prepared an alternative but this option is far better."

    Kiba thought as he arrived before the hovercraft. It has no door or any entrance to speak of.

    Kiba tapped a finger on the surface of the hovercraft. With a flash, a virtual screen appeared on the surface.

    The screen displayed alien texts and projected an energy signal detector. It was a form of authentication unique to Celestial Elysian Plane.

    Every living being has a unique energy signal, it was something different from aura. In a way, it was a mix of aura and genetic matter.

    Since the hovercraft was derived from a spatial stone, its previous owner was obviously from Celestial Elysian Plane, and as such, there was no way for the authentication to complete.

    At least, that's what should have happened in normal circumstances.

    Kiba's perception enveloped the hovercraft. It took him a few minutes to pass the sensitive defense mechanism to observe the energy signals stored inside.

    His lips slightly curled up and he placed a hand over the detector. His cosmic energy camouflaged to the energy signals he sensed earlier, and the next moment, a beep sound ringed out.

    Authentication Complete.

    The surface opened up like a vortex and Kiba stepped inside. The hovercraft was spacious enough with space for four people including the pilot.

    The entire hovercraft was filled with a soft red glow that enhanced mental stimulation and increased clarity. Just staying inside would enhance body functions.

    Kiba sat in the pilot chair. He opened the settings panel and customized based on his own preferences.


    Streams of golden light enveloped him from head to toe like a cocoon. As the streams swirled around him, his facial features morphed and changed.

    In a few seconds, he transformed into Zed. The nanofibers changed his cloth design accordingly, and as his clothes morphed, Zed wore a storage ring in his right hand.

    "Claudia did say I might have to rely on Zed, but I'm sure even she didn't think of this scenario..."

    To temporarily pass the starting point, he has to rely on Zed. After all, unlike Kiba, Zed has no trace of power Cosmic.

    He was as human as others who have already entered. This also made sure Royal Will of the World wouldn't interfere.

    He retrieved a plastic box inside which orange capsules were stored. Each capsule was hard-shelled, and it was impossible to observe the powdered ingredients or miniature pellets inside.

    The capsules neither emitted any energy nor any fragrance. They looked rather normal if not for the glistening surface.

    Yet, they were the most precious pills he has in his possession. Something that made many people bankrupt in Delta City.

    "I must get used to them..."

    Zed didn't really want to use these capsules. The side effects were not something that his body could handle. But now he had no choice.

    "Hopefully, at the right time, they would actually help me transform back..."

    These capsules were created by him and Claudia after the events that took place in the wasteland... Mainly because of the device used by Lisa Ray to overpower Kiba.


    Zed could only trust in his and Claudia's skills.

    "For Felicity..."

    He grabbed a capsule and consumed it.

    Afterwards, he changed the authentication settings of the hovercraft so that it can be operated by him.

    The hovercraft rose into the sky, and left...

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