406 Not Easy!

    Leonardo felt sick, his expression 🤢 showed just how badly. Till a minute ago, he was praying for Zed to use those pills but now that the pills were used, Leonardo was on brink of throwing up. Just the thought of what would have happened had one of those pills vaporized in front of him, made his internals twist.

    "Fucking bastard!"

    Leonardo snapped his teeth in anger.

    "Using such a despicable method!"

    The fat on his body trembled as he cursed Zed. Sadly his curses were suppressed by vulgar sounds from behind.

    "If he wanted to use those pills, he should have used on women! Not men!"

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    Leonardo tried to overpower repulsive images in his mind with 'mesmerizing scenes'. Sadly those sounds made it difficult.

    The funny thing about psychology was that the more you don't want to think about something, the more you actually think about it.

    His mind was filled with thoughts of his fate had he not avoided those pills...

    He was not the only one. The other nine contestants, including Chosen Alistair, were the same in this regard.

    They were thinking of what to do when they sensed fierce heatwaves galloping towards them.


    Aishah's body morphed with his limbs and fingers turning as sharp as blades. He was practically a man full of blades!

    As he felt surging heatwaves rushing at him, he slashed his hands down.


    The heatwaves in front of him tore apart as if they were cleaved by a giant.

    Nur opened his mouth and shot out orange ripples from his mouth. The ripples turned bigger as they left his mouth and slammed against the incoming heatwaves in his direction.


    The ripples were highly compressed and amplified soundwaves. As they crashed into the heatwaves, the heatwaves exploded and disappeared.

    Alistair turned the front end of his hand into a swamp. He stretched his hand out and the heatwaves struck on it.

    Since his hand was intangible and basically a depthless swamp, the heatwaves were absorbed without creating any harm.

    Leonardo and many fellow contestants similarly protected themselves from the heatwaves churning towards them.

    At the same time, the six contestants involved in indescribable activities felt a huge danger approaching them.


    Voice came from their depths of soul but sadly, their bodies refused to listen. They continued to do what they were doing even as the heatwaves crashed on them.

    Leonardo shivered in horror as he heard the resulting screams. They were like moans of a masochist taking pleasure in scorching pain!

    "Just what sort of pills he used?!"

    The surviving contestants were terrified. They have never heard of pills that could amplify lust to such that an extent that even survival didn't matter.

    A contestant named Xinu turned around as he felt something amiss. He noticed Zed rushing towards him like a ghost, wrapped with ethereal fire.

    Xinu was startled but not afraid.

    He has earlier transformed into a hideous-looking gorilla and as Zed charged at him, he swept his hand out.

    A gust of wind appeared as his gorilla hand moved forward to smash Zed's head. Alongside, Xinu raised a leg to kick Zed in his torso.

    His body carried tremendous physical strength and just one attack would be enough to break an opponent to pieces.

    As the hand and kick were about to land on Zed, circles of fire appeared in front of him. They joined together to form a circular wall of fire upon which the kick and punch crashed into.

    With a whistling sound, in just two seconds, the wall of fire split apart and the earlier attacks moved forward.

    But Zed has already jumped up by a few meters. He lowered a hand and aimed at Xinu's head.

    "You!" Xinu rapidly retraced his hand and leg but by now, the ethereal fire on Zed's palm concentrated to burst out.

    Just then, Zed's pupils flickered as the air behind him emitted a sound of slicing.

    In mid-air, Zed twisted his body and turned the direction of his palm.

    Fire burst out and brutally smashed into a hand that was glinting brightly like a blade!

    A figure came in sight that was pushed by the resulting explosion of fire.

    "Aishah!" Xinu was pleasantly surprised by unexpected help, but then his eyebrows knitted.

    He quickly realized Aishah's intentions.

    Aishah wanted to kill Zed by a sneak attack while the latter was launching a deathly attack on Xinu!

    Had Zed not sensed the sneak attack, Xinu knew both Zed and him would have died. And Aishah would be the winner.

    Xinu's thoughts took a long while to describe but he thought everything in just a second.

    In the meantime, with a thud sound, Zed crashed on the floor.

    Twisting his body in mid-air and changing the direction of attack so suddenly resulted in a recoil that made him crash down violently.


    Zed tasted the metallic taste of blood in his mouth. But he has no time to care about the minor injury he gained.

    Because just as he crashed on the floor, a monstrous foot ruthlessly slammed downward on his head.

    Zed rolled his body to a side and avoided the foot by an inch!

    At the same time, Aishah pounced on Zed, his hands slicing downwards, emitting bright light.

    Zed rapidly stretched a hand towards Aishah and threw out a fireball. Alongside, with his other free hand, he pressed on the floor and used it as a support to jump on feet.

    Aishah has already cleaved the fireball into pieces and charged at Zed just as he rose up. The latter amassed a vast amount of fire on his body and used it to amplify his reflexes.

    With a sharp sound, Aishah's blade-hand moved past Zed by a hairbreadth. As Aishah's hand moved ahead by a few centimeters, Zed aimed at Aishah's head.

    Aishah quickly reacted by kicking sidewards. Sensing the incoming blade-leg, Zed jumped backward and avoided it.

    "This is definitely not easy!" Zed muttered with a wry smile.

    He was so used to facing multiple opponents as Kiba that he has forgotten how difficult it was for others.
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