411 Traces of Reality-Warping Part I

    (A/N: Dark humor! Please read at your risk! 😄 I'm uploading the next chapter as well as it is heavily connected...Read both!!)

    In the corridor, Alistair and others were dumbfounded and at a loss. Their bodies were completely drenched in cold sweat by the time Kiba arrived in front of them.

    His words on promise shocked them. They have never ever met before. So a mention of promise didn't even make sense.

    "W-what do you mean?" Alistair asked, his body shaking as he saw a finger pointed at him, glowing with energy streams.

    "You forgot a promise made by someone you respect?" Kiba asked while placing the finger on Alistair's forehead.

    As these words entered Alistair's ears, his pupils shrunk rapidly. He has told Zed that he has respect for him!

    This realisation was like a clap of thunder.

    "Rest assured, I also respect you," Kiba added with a smile. "Let me prove it to you."

    The streams of energy on his fingertip surged outward and enveloped Alistair completely. The streams were so bright and dazzling that Alistair was forced to shut his eyes.


    Happy Moments



    The Eleanor Family has established an entire city for its descendants. The members of main family line lived in the core of the city, enjoying a lavish lifestyle, suiting their status...

    Presently, Alistair was standing outside his house, gazing at the sky.

    It has been years since his trip to Desolate Blood Forest and the core region.

    There were gaps in his memories but allover, he knew he has done well. He has gained ample resources though gradually, his standing in the family reduced. He lost his status as a Chosen and was shunted out by higher-ups of the family.

    It was then that he faced mocking gazes, unpleasant remarks, and insulting behavior. The people who respected him for his title forgot how they used to suck up onto him for favors...

    To overcome this, he underwent torturous training, experienced life & death battles, but still, he wasn't able to regain back his title. The loss of earlier reputation and standing made him bitter...

    "Finally lady luck is shining back on me," Alistair thought while admiring the sky. "I'm going to be the luckiest man on Earth!"

    He shook his head and walked further.

    Just some distance away, there was an aisle on which a gorgeous woman was standing. She has raven hair, ample breasts, and a stunning figure. Her name was Meryl.

    "Love!" Meryl called out, her cheeks flushing red.

    "Dear!" Alistair rushed at her.

    He was no longer bitter or sad. He was the happiest he has ever been in his life. Not even his Chosen days came close to the ecstasy he was experiencing in her presence.

    He was in love...

    As Alistair arrived in front of her to hug, a hand stopped them.

    "Patience, gentleman," The voice belonged to a priest. "We are at a wedding ceremony!"

    Alistair cheekily smiled while Meryl giggled softly.

    In front of them were a group of people, their friends, and relatives. They laughed as they witnessed the affection between the new couple.

    Everything was pleasant and this feeling only strengthened when the ceremony finished, and the priest announced them, husband and wife.

    Alistair's smiled heartily as claps resounded at the proclamation.


    An hour later, Alistair entered his honeymoon suite.

    He was a bit nervous as he stepped further in.


    Meryl looked at him with a loving expression. While greeting him, she slowly began undressing.

    Alistair's heart palpitated with excitement as she unzipped her wedding gown and pulled it down, exposing her creamy skin. She was in nothing more than white bra and panties; her very figure radiating arousal.  She tossed the gown in a distance and turned around, her back to him.

    Meryl stuck her ass out and wriggled her hips as she bent down to open her sandals.

    "Let me help!"

    Alistair couldn't handle her striptease even for a minute. He quickly arrived in front of her but she stretched a hand out to stop him.

    "Not now, my love," Meryl pushed him on a nearby chair. "I have a gift for you."

    Alistair was close to her and he could perfectly see the swells of her breasts. He wanted to jump and ravish her, consummate their relationship.

    But he didn't. He respected her wish and knew his patience would be rewarded.

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    Meryl, in the meantime, pulled down the bra straps down her shoulders, without unhooking it. As Alistair excitedly looked at her, she moved her hands from her bra and stepped towards the bed.

    Alistair noticed she was pulling out something from a drawer. He didn't care what as his eyes were fixed on her butt cheeks. They were a work of gods, perfect and flawless.

    Meryl reversed stepped while shaking her hips for his eyes. The moment her ass closed to his face, he raised his hand to grab her hips, but just then, she took a step ahead.

    "Now! Patience!" Meryl spun around and pushed his hands on the armrest. She stared into his eyes, and asked, "Do you want the gift I have in my mind?"

    Alistair eagerly nodded to give his consent. He wanted everything!

    "Good," Meryl said with a seductive smile. "Get ready, love of my life."

    Alistair visibly flinched as he detected cuffs on his hands, pinning him to the chair. He didn't even notice them when she was speaking with him.

    "This is necessary," Meryl winked at him.

    Alistair agreed as he thought of the games played during sex. He never knew she has a wild side like this. During their courtship, they have only kissed and that on cheeks.

    Alistair checked the cuffs and felt they were enhanced & high-tech. They were the types used to constraint mutants and restrict their special abilities. This was also why they were in special demand among couples engaging in bondage fantasy.

    He was still thinking when Meryl moved towards another chair.

    Alistair was dumbfounded as he saw a golden-haired man sitting on it!

    What the hell?!

    Alistair shouted to voice his shock. He tried moving up, but the cuffs stopped him.

    "Relax, my love," Meryl turned her head towards him as she sat arrived in front of the golden-haired man. "He is here to help me."


    Has he brought the gift?

    Alistair understood but still, that man shouldn't be here!

    She was almost naked!  No one should see the love of my life like this!

    Alistair was voicing his displeasure when his breathing turned rugged. The veins on his face trembled and his eyes turned bloodshot from anger.

    Meryl was lowering herself on the lap of that man! She brought her arms around his neck and spread her legs apart as she sat down.

    She leaned her face closer to his, and pressed her rosy lips against his. Alongside, he brought his hands down to cup her ass cheeks as she kissed him passionately.

    Alistair was crestfallen. From the angle of his position, everything did by those two was completely visible.

    He looked in disbelief as that man stuck his tongue out and licked Meryl's lips like they were made of honey. She even gladly parted her lips when he pushed his tongue into her mouth.

    What was going on?!

    Alistair's insides were twisting and howling in indescribable misery. He felt burning pain, raging anger, and a lifetime of shock.

    This was something that could be only felt by witnessing the betrayal of true love, and that too, on the first day of wedding!

    Love for whom he could readily give his life... Love for whom he could do anything.

    Anything but this.

    No proud man could accept this, much less a proud scion of an aristocrat family!

    He screamed curses at her when the kiss finally broke, and she said, "My love! You are misunderstanding!"


    You are making out with him!

    You are sitting on his lap and pressing your breasts against his chest!!

    And that man is fondling your butt cheeks as if it something natural!!

    What's there to misunderstand?!

    "I need to introduce him properly," Meryl understood she forgot basic courtsey. "Then I'm sure you will understand!"

    She was saying this when the golden-haired man leaned on her neck and began kissing her soft skin. He moved his hands from her ass to her back, exploring it slowly.

    Meryl let out a soft moan before saying, "He is Kiba."

    Alistair was bewildered.

    "Kiba always contributes to weddings," Meryl continued even as he unhooked her bra. "By helping wives make the best wedding pie for their lovely husbands!"

    Alistair shouted at her for not making any sense. He didn't care about her explanation, and loudly demanded her to stop!

    Sadly, his new wife was busy. As her bra dropped off her breasts, she moved up a little and pressed the sides of her breasts together.

    Her tits were a sight to behold even from a distance.

    Alistair's heart skipped a beat when he saw her rubbing her tempting breasts on Kiba's face. She squeezed the front of her breasts on his lips and cheeks; smothering him with a pleasant sensation.

    Kiba enjoyed the feel before grabbing her tits in his hands.

    Her breasts were a handful and his fingertips explored every inch. He kneaded on her nipples for some time before taking one of them in his mouth.

    Her fingers were entwined in his hair as she felt him biting her nipple. A current of pleasure passed through her flesh, and goosebumps erupted all over her body.

    She arched her back as he began sucking and licking her nipples in earnest...

    A minute later, as his mouth continued to feast on her nipples, he brought his hands on her panties. He hooked his thumbs on each side of her panties to slowly drag it down her thighs.

    Meryl trembled as the next moment she felt his fingertips on her pussy lips. He could feel the warmth and wetness of her arousal as he slid two fingers in.

    As his fingers sank deeper into her, she wrapped her arms around him tightly, barely controlling a moan.

    Alistair sat in the chair, shell-shocked, too late to react. He could only stare at her as she continued to behave in a manner no wife should ever...

    Meryl was thrilled from her husband's stare and slowly, she left out of Kiba's embrace. She kneeled down in front of Kiba and brought her hands on his thighs. She slowly traced them before moving further up, feeling the outline and pulsing heat of a hardon.

    She quickly unbuttoned his pants and his enormous cock sprang out.

    Meryl admired it for a few moments before taking the mushroom head into her mouth, tasting it. She pumped the lowe base of shaft with her hands while stroking the upper portion with her sweet lips.

    At the same time, Alistair was gobsmacked.

    The lips which should belong to him were now... And the size of the vast member made his body surge with despair, reminding him of his inferiority.

    Meryl was too busy to care about her husband.

    She lowered her head into his lap fully as she worked on Kiba's cock with her warm mouth. Her tongue twirled down the shaft before taking him further into her mouth.

    As she moved up and down the enormous shaft, Alistair could see how it was covered in her saliva.

    Kiba moved his hips up and down, **ing her mouth. In response, she opened her mouth fully, letting his cock reach the back of her throat.

    Her fingers massaged his balls while her mouth worshipped his cock...

    Ten minutes later, her mouth let go of his cock and she rose up. Her fingers parted her pussy lips and she began lowering herself on his throbbing hardon.

    "Don't! Anything but that!" Alistair begged.

    They had never consummated their love, and yet, she was opening herself for another man!

    "Love! Please! I beg you! Don't do it! I can still forgive you!" Alistair screamed with tears streaming down his face.

    "Honey! I'm doing it for you!" Meryl explained as the tip of Kiba's cock rubbed against her moist slit.

    As his mushroom head finally slid into her wet entrance, she shuddered and closed her eyes, while continuing to lower herself and feeling his vast cock.

    "Oh yes!"

    She moaned without any worry. Slowly, as she got used to him, she moved back and forth on his cock.

    Kiba squeezed her breasts and kissed on her earlobes as she continued to ride his cock...

    Minutes passed as they mated on the chair while the husband looked at the erotic sight.

    Kiba cupped her ass cheeks and left the chair, their bodies connected. Her breasts smashed against his chest as he moved towards the bed.

    He threw her on the bed and she got on her all fours. He arrived behind her and slapped her butt.

    Then, he rubbed his cock on her wet slit and penetrated her.


    As his cock moved further in, her pussy muscles responded with more juices, turning the passage slippery. He easily slid into the deepest corner and began another round.

    Kiba grabbed her hips and thrust in and out. The room was filled with sounds of moans and groans, and the smell of sex.

    Alistair blankly stared as his wife's breasts shook with every hard thrust. They were moving in rhythm with Kiba's hips.

    Kiba's strokes were sometimes slow and sometimes fast, allowing her to experience the unexpected. When he would barge in, he would slide upwards into her deepest depths, making her experience euphoria.

    Alistair felt like this continued like for hours when he saw his wife trembling crazily. She clawed the bedsheet tightly and her pussy rippled tightly around his cock.

    She was experiencing an intense orgasm that shook every fiber of her existence. As she felt waves of pleasure, Kiba continued to slam his cock into her.

    A minute later, Kiba groaned as he began melting into her, pumping thick ropes of cum...

    "This nightmare is finally over!" Alistair snapped his teeth. He was tired of trying to break the shackles and beg her to stop.

    As he saw the illicit pair sleeping together, unspeakable emotions filled his soul. He has felt this was the happiest day of his life and yet, it proved to be the most tragic. Not even the loss of his status made him feel this bad.

    Just then, Meryl left the bed and walked to her husband. Her hips wriggled with every step and sweat dripped down like dewdrop, making her body glisten.

    There was an erotic and ecstatic glow on her face as she arrived in front of Alistair. She brought a hand on her pussy lips and parted them to expose the throbbing, crimson slit, filled with sticks threads of cum. The insides of her pussy were pulsating, covered with cum, a proof of the intense climax.

    "Honey!" Meryl said happily. "Here is the gift I promised, the best wedding pie!"

    Alistair froze in horror as he realized what she meant.

    "I have sweated a lot to make it!" Meryl announced as she showed him the vast quantity of cum between her pussy lips.

    She was sure no wife has done so much hard work for her husband on the very first day!

    "So please eat the pie to your heart's content!"

    Alistair's face turned deathly pale as she leaned her hips forward.

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