412 Traces of Reality-Warping Part II

    The next day.

    It was late in morning when Alistair woke up. He felt a headache as he remembered his first wedding night.

    "It couldn't be real, right?" Alistair looked around and realized he was sleeping on a sofa.

    He fully recalled what happened after his loving wife prepared the wedding pie, and just the thought of it made his legs quiver. He has just stood up but the scenes of previous night made him instantly collapse.

    "This couldn't be happening to me!"

    Every scene was like a knife stabbing through his body and soul. It made his blood boil in rage.

    Alistair gritted his teeth and jumped up. He left the room as he saw no signs of his wife.

    A minute later, he walked into the living hall where he heard the sound of soft laughter. He glanced into the hall and noticed his parents having a chat with Meryl.

    The servants were placing lavish dishes on the table...

    When the parents detected his presence, they turned around.

    "Son!" His father called out. "Your wife said you loved her pie so much that you didn't even pay her any attention! It must have been terrific for you to ignore your wife!"

    "I think so!" Alistair's mom agreed. "I will ask her for the recipe and prepare it for you as well, dear."

    Her husband laughed joyfully.

    The laughter made Alistair's face turn green.

    He refused to believe his ears were hearing things he just heard. That was not possible!

    His body began sweating as he further heard the discussion.

    He wanted to lash out on Meryl but he didn't dare do it now.

    If his parents and servants learned what has happened, then what would happen to his reputation?!

    What would they think of him?!

    No matter what happens, he never wanted others to learn about the shameful episode. He might have lost his status, but he was still a Chosen in body and soul!

    A few minutes later, as his parents began leaving, his wife requested, "Dad & Mom, I have thought of a nick for my husband... I hope all of us can use it."

    "Oh?" Alistair's parents urged her to continue.

    "Cucky!" Meryl stated the new nick with a loving smile.

    "Cucky?" Alistair's parents were confused but they nodded. "We can agree on that."

    They didn't want to refuse a polite request by their new daughter-in-law.


    Alistair felt claws of despair closing into him. His parents might be clueless about its meaning but he wasn't.

    "No, I don't want it!" Alistair shouted.

    "Son, I have already made a decision and you have to follow it like a proud son!" His father said sternly. "Besides, success to a happy life is a happy wife! So, accept the nick she chose with love and care!"

    Alistair's mom, at the same time, ordered her servants.

    "From today onwards, you should address my son as Young Master Cucky!"

    The servants bowed down and accepted her command.

    "Young Master Cucky, what would you like to have in breakfast?" A middle-aged servant politely enquired.

    Alistair was in no condition to speak. He felt his head spinning and fell down on the floor.

    "Honey! You must be lacking energy!" Meryl quickly rushed to him and checked his condition. "Don't worry! I will prepare your favorite creamy pie!"

    Alistair felt nauseated and began losing consciousness. The final words he heard before turning unconsciousness were of his mother: "You are such a devoted wife!"


    When Alistair regained consciousness, he was on a hospital bed. The desks around him were filled flowers and get-well cards.

    Meryl was sitting on a chair, looking at him.

    Alistair noticed her. He was thinking of venting his frustration when he felt something on his crotch. When he realized what it was, a chill passed through his body.

    A chastity belt!

    "Honey! The doctor said you mustn't lose any energy!" His wife's words entered his ears. "And you know how man loses a great lot of energy from perverted activities..."

    She trailed off in between as if the rest of it was obvious.

    "Also, you don't have to worry about pies! I have decided to hire Kiba's service!"

    "Slut! How dare you!" Alistair's eyes were filled with murderous intent and he leaned up to strangle her.

    But then he felt he was absolutely weak; even weaker than an ordinary human. He fell back on the bed with a loud thud.

    "See? I told you, the doctor said you were weak," Meryl sighed and said.

    Alistair opened his mouth to speak but just then his parents entered the room.

    "Son! You don't have to worry!" His father said with a smile. "Some internal injury from long ago resurfaced... this is nothing rare."

    "Yes, it might take a while to recover but there is nothing to be afraid of," Alistair's mother added further.

    She rubbed a hand over his head before continuing, "Thankfully, you are blessed with a great wife. She has promised to nurse you to health!"

    Alistair's father turned towards Meryl and said, "Have you brought the pie my son loves so much?"

    "Yes," Meryl nodded.

    "Then serve him!" Alistair's father said with a smile.

    He recalled how his wife used to nurse him with love and care. Having favorite food and a blissful company was the sure-shot method to recover fully!

    And his son was blessed with both in the form of his gorgeous wife!

    "I will serve him now!" Meryl's cheeks flushed as she continued. "But could I request some privacy?"

    "Ah!" Alistair's parents looked at each other with faint smiles.

    They obviously realized the new wife wanted to spend some time with her husband. Even if it was a hospital, she wanted to have some private time.

    Treating her husband with favorite pie alone in a hospital room! She was trying to make the best out of every moment!

    How romantic!

    "Son! You are truly blessed!" Alistair's father said as he began stepping out of the room. "Don't forget that."

    "Couldn't agree more," Alistair's mother also left after saying, "Meryl, treat him with his favorite pie!"


    Alistair was horrified by his parents' behavior.


    Over the next few years, similar events played out. Every time he thought of confronting his wife or try to kill her, some unexpected developments would happen.

    It was like God was toying with him while writing his destiny.

    Every development would help her wife in a way or another. She would be considered romantic and devoted despite the fact that he never consummated the relationship. The chastity belt never left him so there was not even chance of venting his lust elsewhere!

    Furthermore, his name as Cucky has spread throughout the family and friend circles. Many of them were well-learned with modern slangs and found his nick funny.

    Both males and females would giggle while addressing him. Youngsters especially would grin while calling him 'Uncle Cucky'.

    Every social event he was forced to attend, he and Meryl would be introduced as 'Mr. Cucky & his loving wife.'

    The despair and hurt he felt was not something that could be described with words. Every single moment of his life was filled with torture... it was far worse than death.

    His pride, confidence, ego, and everything that could matter to a man was brutally smashed...

    He could handle physical pain, and even death, but not this!

    Pain was just to body! But this was hurting his very soul!

    As time passed on, he was ready to swallow his pride and face humiliation as long as he could get rid of his wife and her creamy pies. Sadly, coincidence or not, nothing happened as per his wishes. Much less divorce, he didn't even found chances of leaving her for a day!

    Every single day she would come up with those pies! Even on days where her body was on a different cycle...in such days, she would serve him the creamy pies by either her mouth or her other treasured hole.

    Every **ing day!

    "Even hell wouldn't be this bad!"

    Alistair was broken in both body and soul...


    Central Zone, Core Region, Desolate Blood Forest.

    Inside the vast corridor, Alistair let out a heart-wrenching scream. Leonardo and other surviving geniuses were terrified by his screams and appearance.

    What has happened to him?!

    Why is he wailing like that from the last ten seconds?!

    Leonardo and others couldn't realize what has happened for a Chosen to fall to such a pitful extent.

    Some distance away, Red Tiger stared at Alistair with same confusion. Why is that human screaming like that when he is completely all right?!

    She brought her eyes on her savior who just stood there, without any expression on his face. If there was anything, it was in his eyes, filled with chilling coldness.

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    Kiba retraced his finger and lowered his hand.

    The only other entity who knew what he has done was Enchantia!

    [[Using the worst fears of men... you haven't changed!]] Enchantia's voice rang through the corridor.

    "...." Kiba remained silent.

    Enchantia knew what Alistair just experienced was not some simple illusion, nightmare or psychic inducement. It was something that was on the borderline of fantasy and reality.

    [[He used a trace of reality-warping so...!]]

    Universe has infinite forms of energies among which Cosmic was at the top. Cosmic energy was omnipresent - it existed throughout the universe, between the galaxies, and in the space. Every celestial body ultimately derived its existence from this cosmic energy. In a way, it was something that maintained the balance of cosmos from the beginning of time.

    This was why any lifeform with power Cosmic was considered as god. The same applied to Celestial Elysian Plane where only the selected few had this power. Even among those few, they had only traces of power Cosmic.

    Enchantia observed Kiba and compared him.

    Unlike top lifeforms in the universe, he has no lack of power Cosmic. In fact, he has access to infinite cosmic energy thanks to Cosmic Spark!

    She also knew the nature of his powers - Cosmic Manipulation. Theoretically, he could use his powers to produce nearly any effect he desires.

    Of course, he was not even 0.01% strong enough to exploit this omnipotent power. This was mainly due to his physical limitations, his young age, the laws of the universe, and lastly, not having any opportunity to train such power.

    As Enchantia thought of everything so far and the way he exploited his power to bend reality by an inch, her incorporeal face shuddered.

    [[So far, what he did to that youngster could be limited to psychic nightmare... but someday, when he masters his power, the entire reality would twist on its own. This psychic nightmare would become a part of reality!]]

    That's how horrifying reality-warping was. Nothing was fictitious or imaginary!

    As long as its wielder wished, the thoughts would be accepted by the very space and time!

    Enchantia studied Alistair as he continued to scream and wail.

    "No! I'm not Cucky!" Alistair grabbed his skull tightly and shouted. "No...! I don't want to taste another pie!"

    [[Humans are so much fun.]]

    Kiba ignored Alistair and brought his attention to fatty Leonardo.

    "Don't...don't come near me!" Leonardo begged.
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