414 Extremely Evil! Part II

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    In the future, the year 2027, Leonardo has already died. But his phantom of past lingered, more restless than a ghost.

    "Dr. NTR."

    Leonardo brought his focus on the letter where he read this strange title attributed to Dr. Kiba. The letter was embedded in a golden frame.

    Leonardo read text following the title.

    [Dr. NTR - Thank you for contributing to the medicinal field with your specialization in NTR.]

    "Specialization in NTR?"

    Leonardo was bewildered. He has never heard of a specialization known as NTR in the medical field.

    "Unless it means what I'm thinking..."

    Leonardo refused to believe that and he focused back on his mother.

    "For you to forget your pain, you have to accept your son is no more," Dr. Kiba said, his voice filled with pain. "I know it is going to be difficult, even impossible, and I wish there was something I could do..."

    Dr. Kiba then lowered his head and closed his eyes.

    Sheila was startled; not due to his words but because of what she saw and felt. She could his closed eyes turning watery. He was trying his best to stop tears.

    Sheila recalled how she shared her entire life story with Dr. Kiba just a few minutes ago. He was extremely patient and whenever she stopped in between, he would urge her to continue. She has seen traces of pain back then, but now, he was almost crying.

    "He is far more empathic than my husband!"

    Dr. Kiba hasn't asked her to forget the tragedy or stop thinking about her son. Instead, he only asked her to accept her son's fate and forever remember him.

    "You have to honor your son," Dr. Kiba quickly wiped his tears and pretended as if nothing has occurred. "And you can only do that by remembering the sweet times you shared with him."

    Sheila nodded her head in understanding.

    "You have to remember that your son would only want happiness for you, no matter where he is now," Dr. Kiba added.

    Son of a bitch!

    I'm here now!

    And what I want is you to ** off! Don't be near her!

    Leonardo cursed loudly, but sadly, since he has no presence, no one could see, feel, or hear him.


    The scene changed again and Leonardo passed through space and time vortex...

    When he regained senses, he found himself back in the counseling room. His mother was in a new dress which signified it was a new session.

    "This would be our fourth session," Dr. Kiba sat opposite her. "And I'm happy to note you are making progress."

    "Thank you, Dr," Sheila thanked him from her heart. "This wouldn't have been possible without you."

    When Leonardo heard this, he almost wept.

    Mom! You have no idea how right you are! None of this would have been possible without him! He is the one who killed me! And yet, he is pretending to be grieving for me!!

    Leonardo felt extremely depressed. He has never seen a more shameless criminal than Dr. Kiba.

    First, kill someone in cold blood then console the family in counseling. Had he not known better, he would have thought this was some business model!

    "You are giving me far more credit than I deserve," Dr. Kiba was truly humble.

    "Dr, why exactly did you established this grief center?" Sheila enquired.

    She has read the history and aim of the center on the ground floor, but that was rather vague. Furthermore, he was spending money from his own pocket to run such a big grief center. This made here curious.

    "Well, given young mutants desire to advance further, and their possible deaths while adventuring in areas not governed by government."

    Dr. Kiba started, his eyes filled with remembrance of his past.

    "I felt many mothers would be in need of my warmth and service---- I mean, poor mothers and sisters who are prone to depression, would be in need of emotional assistance. They would be lonely and hurt, and if I can help them in any way, then I wouldn't have wasted my life."

    "Oh!" Sheila nodded.

    She recalled some vague rumors which said he used to be arrogant and selfish, but clearly he has changed. Life has brought a wonderful transformation in him.

    Dr. Kiba then resumed counseling. He made her realize how society was subconsciously training her to behave and feel in certain ways. Slowly, but surely, she was no longer affected by social pressure and conditioning...

    As Leonardo witnessed the counseling, he was astonished by the progress his mom made.

    "Her condition is really improving!"

    Leonardo was relieved for a moment.

    "Wait! What is he doing?!"

    Leonardo was terrified by what he noticed.

    During the counseling session, Dr. Kiba would subtly flatter his mom.

    Sheila has fully opened up with him, and she would accept the subtle compliments as something natural, instead of considering it as flirty.

    He helped her gain confidence she has lost in the last few years; helped her in replacing the guilt with honor for her son.

    He did things that no man has ever been able to do.

    "Fucking villain! He is seducing her!"

    Leonardo screamed as he realized the strange nature of counseling. Since he was on an onlooker, he could comprehend far more than the participants of a scene.

    Of course, even for him, this would not have been possible had he not discovered other strange things.

    He knew a person was most vulnerable during their grief, but the way he saw his mother seduced, he was stupefied.

    Dr. Kiba never passed any hints of innuendo, nor he touched her inappropriately. In fact, except for the rare flattery in between, he did nothing but as his job as a top counselor.

    What's more, even those subtle flattery was something natural. It was more about her qualities of being a good mother at such a young age!

    Leonardo was terrified like never before.

    "Does he has a Ph.D. in psychology?!" Leonardo wondered in horror.

    A few minutes later, Sheila stood up from her chair and leaned further to grab a glass of water. Suddenly, the glass slipped from her hand, and water fell on Dr. Kiba.

    "I'm sorry!" Sheila hurriedly apologized.

    "It is fine," Dr. Kiba reassured her. He took a tissue to wipe the water.

    "Let me help," Sheila grabbed the tissue from his hand and moved her hand towards him.

    She suddenly stopped as she saw the water has actually fallen below his belt.

    "I..." Sheila was momentarily struck but then she leaned her hand down. She couldn't believe she would overthink for such a simple task.

    As the tissue sucked the water, her fingers felt the outline of his cock. It was flaccid, not aroused, and yet, it was bigger than her husband's erection.

    Sheila gulped down and quickly completed her task without saying anything. She retraced her hand and threw the tissue in a dustbin.

    She didn't know what to say as she felt he might have noticed her feeling him. She was worried this might lead to awkwardness.

    Just then, Dr. Kiba said, "The session is over. See you tomorrow."

    Sheila was relieved and she left the room. She took a glance back and noticed him scribbling something on a pad.

    "I was really overthinking!" Sheila was a bit disappointed as she left the room and joined her waiting husband.


    Leonardo cursed Dr. Kiba as he studied his mother's glance. He refused to believe the glass slipping off her hand was a coincidence.

    "It must be his doing to seduce her!"


    Seduction was a process that relied on the foundation of relationships between people. As long as the foundation was good, the rest of the process was simple. In fact, the true display of a rake's skill was seducing the target without using the obvious seduction process!

    This was how most targets lost themselves in sudden moments of heat and passion. One moment there would be no hints of lust, and the very next moment, they would start making out like animals in heat.

    That was true seduction.

    Of course, it required lots of base works. But this was necessary if the seducer wanted to have benefits for a long time.

    As for a short time affair?

    For a true rake, that was something he could achieve in a day, without much hard work.

    Like in the case of Sheila, if Dr. Kiba truly wanted, he could have bedded Sheila on the first day.


    By relying on his own charm, her vulnerabilities and playing with her mind. He would just need to use the basics of psychology and seduce her.

    As an obvious example, he could have planted ideas of hatred against her husband by making her husband indirectly responsible for her loss. Or, subconsciously make her believe her son didn't deserve her affections.

    Of course, Dr. Kiba didn't do such a thing. He was a doctor and he wanted the best for his patient...

    He would never take advantage of his patients! That would be unethical!

    "Please let this be just my imagination!" Leonardo prayed just as the scene changed. "Don't let my fears become true!"

    The moment he appeared in the new scene, his heart sank.

    Sheila was leaning her face on Dr. Kiba's, their lips joining. Her hand rubbed on his pants, stroking the outline of his cock while his hand wandered between her skirt.

    "No! This couldn't be happening!"

    Leonardo felt as if a bolt of lightning has slammed on to him.

    "Mom! You can't make out with him! He is my killer! No! Even if not for that, you can't cheat on dad!"

    Leonardo has never felt this bad before. Every fiber of his consciousness felt chilling cold, making his very existence shiver.

    "She would never have done such thing had I not died... my loss has made her vulnerable!"

    Leonardo felt miserable.

    At the same time, Dr. Kiba pulled out her panties and unhooked her bra.

    As the bra fell on her lap, he shook her large breasts between his hands. They were a handful, fitting between his strong hands.

    "Dr...!" Sheila moaned as he caressed and licked her breasts, like a hungry child.

    Her tits were fully round, and under his caressing, they began to swell. Her nipples hardened as he pinched them between his teeth.

    A few minutes later, he pushed her on the doctor's desk. Her knees and hands rested on the desk, with her ass at the end of desk.

    Dr. Kiba licked his lips as he eyed her pussy. He kissed and fondled her ass cheeks before concentrating on her moist slit. He swept his tongue between her pussy lips, and as he began eating her, she writhed in pleasure.

    Leonardo wished he could leave this room or shut his eyes. But sadly, he couldn't due to the nature of his temporal existence. He was confined to this room without any eyes to close.

    He listened to his mom's moans as she was pleased by a man who wasn't her husband.

    Leonardo's consciousness almost burst when he saw Dr. Kiba stepping in front of the desk and shoving his cock between Sheila's lips.

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    Much to Leonardo's anger, she parted her lips and took Dr. Kiba's fat cock into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on his shaft, emitting wet and slick noises in the process. She sucked him hard and covered his throbbing cock in her wet saliva.

    It was an erotic sight but not the one Leonardo could appreciate.

    This was especially true when he saw her wrapping fingers at the base of Dr. Kiba's cock, stroking up and down, while licking his balls  It was because her wedding band glinted brightly on his cock!

    "Mom and dad! I'm sorry! This is my fault!" Leonardo lost himself in a heart-wrenching feeling.

    His mother continued to pump Dr. Kiba's thick cock with her hand, and paid attention to his balls with her delicious lips.

    All her sadness and grief disappeared, replaced with sexual delight. Dr. Kiba's counseling tool was truly effective.

    Sheila rolled up on the desk as Dr. Kiba arrived between her thighs. She raised her legs and rested them on his shoulders as he further moisturized his cock with her juices.

    "Dr, please be gentle," Sheila requested while guiding him into her wet entrance. "I have never taken anything so big."

    Leonardo soon realized that Dr. Kiba could never refuse a lady's words. Dr. Kiba slowly shoved his cock into her tight pussy, giving her ample time to relax and appreciate his size.

    A few minutes later, his strokes became long and fast. Her pussy responded eagerly by squeezing around his cock. The room was filled with sounds of pleasures...

    Leonardo witnessed everything with horror.  He saw how the illicit pair changed positions and enjoyed themselves without thinking about his poor father who was waiting outside.

    Missionary, doggy style, cowgirl, and finally standing.

    They **ed like rabbits.

    And as Leonardo saw Dr. Kiba frantically thrusting into her in the standing position, her legs wrapped around his torso, she climaxed. Her pussy rippled with the intense orgasm, and she clung to him tightly.

    Her moan of euphoria was so loud that Leonardo was worried her poor husband would notice...

    Thankfully, it seemed Dr. Kiba has spent a lot of resources to built sound-proof walls for counseling.

    "I can't believe I thought this grief center was built by a philanthropist!"

    Leonardo was boiling with anger by the time he saw his gorgeous mother on her knees. Bathing in the afterglow of her delightful climax, she stroked Dr. Kiba's thick cock with both her hands.

    Dr. Kiba grunted as he reached the epitome of his climax. His enormous cock released loads after loads of cum onto her face and breasts.

    "So much!" Sheila shuddered with ecstasy after being showered with cum. She lowered her head and cupped her breasts upwards to clean the cum.

    "Mom!" Leonardo felt like dying when he saw his mother licking the cum off her tits.

    The nipples which have nurtured him were now stained with thick ropes of cum... The scene put his consciousness to the edge.

    "Mom! Stop licking!"

    Sadly for him, Dr. Kiba's cum not only smelled good, but it also tasted good as Leonardo soon concluded from his mother's action.

    "It is delicious!"

    Sheila muttered while admiring his godly physique and big cock which was still erect despite cumming so much.

    She felt she has been missing far too many happiness until now.

    "Fucking bastard! How could he make my innocent mother fall to this extent?!" Leonardo couldn't believe this.

    The next moment, Leonardo noticed everything turning to fast motion, almost like how a movie was fast-forwarded.

    He saw countless scenes of his mother and Dr. Kiba **ing. Every time his father would be waiting outside, happily. As she would leave the room, she would be glowing with ecstasy, and the glow would make her husband pleased.

    "She is healing!" Pratt was thankful to the gods.

    For years, he has been trying to make her happy without any success. Now, this legendary grief center has made her recover considerably in just a week! He knew it would take a few more months for complete healing, but he was genuinely impressed by the results so far!

    "Thank you so much, Dr. Kiba!" Pratt bowed down gratefully.

    "Please, there is no need," Dr. Kiba said with a smile. "I'm only doing what I should be doing."

    As Leonardo heard this, he cursed Dr. Kiba with every bad word he knew.

    Bastard! This is something you shouldn't be doing! You are running a grief center! Not some pleasure house!!

    Leonardo was swearing with intense hatred when he heard his father's next words.

    "I'm sure that wherever my son is... he would be extremely grateful for everything you have done for our family," Pratt said confidently.

    "I hope so," Dr. Kiba replied with a warm smile.


    I could never be grateful!

    I never wanted this! Never!!

    Leonardo screamed like crazy even as the time vortex devoured him...


    In the vast corridor, Leonardo's body shook as his consciousness returned back from the future. The moment his consciousness returned, his expression turned unsightly.

    Without saying anything, he jumped up, his eyes bloodshot.

    "I will kill you!" Leonardo let out a heart-wrenching shout as he lashed at Kiba.

    Sadly, he was heavily wounded from Kiba's earlier use of power, and as such, he has just pounced forward when he crashed down on his own.

    Keiron, the only healthy contestant, was shocked by the despair he felt from Leonardo.

    "What happened?" Keiron was having a very bad feeling.

    First, it was Alistair. He was still screaming something about not wanting to have pies. And now, Leonardo.

    Just what have they experienced for them to behave like this?!

    Keiron began trembling as he wondered if he would experience something similar.

    Meanwhile, Kiba was also taken aback by Leonardo's conduct.

    "What's wrong with you?"

    He felt Leonardo should be happy with the opportunity of witnessing the future related to his parents.

    To ensure this, Kiba has almost exhausted his entire strength to use an ability related to time. He even faced serious side effects since he has copied Pythia's ability, and yet, Leonardo wasn't grateful at all!

    "What's wrong?! MOTHERFUCKER! How could you even ask me that?!"

    Leonardo's entire face was drenched with tears. The bleak future has broken his body and spirit.

    "You are evil!" Leonardo lifted his head and looked at Kiba with intense hatred. "No! You are extremely evil!"

    He thought of how Dr. Kiba has exploited the tragedy of the core region and other meteorites to sleep with women.

    That too by giving it a noble touch!

    The world even stupidly believed he was contributing to the greater good.

    If not, how could so many poor fathers and husbands bring their daughters and wives to Dr. Kiba?! They would even eagerly wait outside while Dr. Kiba healed them his cock!

    "No, even calling you extremely evil is an understatement!"

    Leonardo gritted his teeth as he continued.

    "You are Satan!"
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