415 Make Your Ancestors Proud

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    Leonardo has witnessed his to-be-killer seducing his grief-sick mother by using his death as a catalyst. Then knowing how grateful his parents were to his killer further made his guts twist in horror.

    "You are Satan!" Leonardo shouted, his voice filled with both anger and anguish.

    Death was terrifying enough but the future of his parents left him in despair that could be understood by no one.

    Enchantia was surprised by the emotions she sensed from him. He was completely broken just like Alistair.

    Enchantia then observed Kiba and thought, [[He promised to make them experience hell on Earth. And he did that without using violence!]]

    Kiba brought the back of a hand to wipe the blood from his lips.

    The ability he used on Leonardo was similar to precognition but since he has tried to copy without knowing its mechanism, his body suffered serious side effects.

    Kiba wasn't worried though. He just needed some time to recover.

    [[You haven't properly copied this ability. So, don't ever use it on Earth.]] Enchantia's voice ringed in his mind. [[This World Fragment is special so you didn't cause any harm, but if you use that ability on weaker space in Earth, you will destroy everything.]]

    Abilities related to time were rare and dangerous. A slight mistake could lead to catastrophe involving time fluctuations.

    "Yeah, I don't plan to," Kiba replied with a sigh.

    Copying an ability perfectly was something that he could do in his full-powered form. Just like how he copied Akshobhya's psychic abilities months ago.

    As for this time ability, he has witnessed Pythia using it in his present form.

    So, he knew what he learned wouldn't be perfect. Which was why he only sent Leonardo in the future instead of accompanying him as there was a chance his consciousness might be stuck in space and time vortex.

    This was also the reason why he didn't know what Leonardo witnessed in the future...

    "Besides, there must be some serious limitations and fatal side effects, otherwise, no mutant with time abilities would die from unnatural factors," Kiba thought.

    If not, a time mutant would know future threats and could prepare accordingly.

    But the future was something that could not be changed. At least, he didn't think it was possible given the paradoxical nature of time.

    [[You can learn far more powerful time abilities and even use them on Earth without any backlash.]]

    Enchantia continued her earlier statement after a long pause.

    [[All you have to do is choose a suitable Time Legacy.]]

    The black band, which was on the floor, jerked and flew in front of him. The blue jewel on its surface flashed brightly, emitting rays of light that converged together to transform into a portal.

    "...For a moment, I actually thought you were warning out of genuine concern," Kiba brushed a hand in the air and the portal disappeared.

    [[.....]] Enchantia turned silent.

    Kiba then brought his eyes on Leonardo.

    "Well, I believe you are ready for afterlife," Kiba waved him goodbye. "Have fun."

    Leonardo's pupils constricted and his face turned ashen. He knew he was going to die, but that didn't mean he was ready.

    Death was something that no one could ever be ready for...not even those who have lived for centuries, much less a youngster.

    Just then, his body began expanding, turning into an enormous sphere. Leonardo opened his mouth to beg, but the only sound came was that of a wretched scream.

    No! I don't want to die! Mom and dad! Help me!!


    Leonardo exploded violently into a rain of blood and gore.

    As the darkness known as death devoured him, all he could think was of future... His grieving mother "consoled" by Dr. Kiba.

    If spirits existed, there was little doubt about the future of this area.  It would be forever haunted by a restless spirit.

    "How brutal!"

    Kieron muttered as blood and flesh splashed on him.

    He was on verge of throwing from the awful smell, but he forcefully suppressed the urge. He didn't dare do anything that could irk the death god in front.

    "What should I do?" Kieron thought as he realized something.

    Assassins have ways to commit suicide on the spot but Kieron found they were unusable now. A strange force in his body was stopping him. Not like he wanted to commit suicide now, but he felt if Kiba tried to torture him, he could take an easy way out.

    "Now, what shall we do with you?" Kiba asked.

    Kieron didn't have guts to utter a single word in response. The memory of Leonardo begging for mercy, and the resulting fate left him scared out of wits.

    "No reply?" Kiba put a hand over his chin.

    Kieron's heart thumped violently with every passing moment. He continued to kneel, not daring to look at the death god.

    "Come on," Kiba was annoyed. "You can ask for anything... even how you want to die."

    Kieron's face looked uglier than crying. His entire face has turned white by now, and the annoyed tone left him suffocated.

    He was a young assassin, trained for years to not fear death. But now, that his time came, his stomach wrenched.

    Survival was a body instinct that could never overcome the fear of death. No amount of training could prepare him for accepting death.

    "Why was I so stupid?!" Kieron's very soul trembled by the things he has done.

    He has called Zed a cheater after treading the bridge, provoked him in the first trial, and the final action... trying to kill Zed when he was on verge of collapse.

    No matter how much Kieron thirsted to live, he knew death was now inevitable. This realization of certain fate made him break down. Tears dripped from his eyes and fell on the floor.

    "Haah~ You are sullying the image of assassins."

    Kiba was disappointed by the poor display. He placed a finger on Kieron's forehead and asked, "Correct me if I'm wrong. During ancient times, the assassins were given violent deaths, right?"

    As the question entered into his ears, Kieron choked up in tears and snort.

    He knew the methods employed by ancient royalty and temples while killing assassins in public display. Those methods were used to employ fear in both political enemies and masses... their success could be seen by the lack of rebellions against the crown.

    "I'm sure you would appreciate such a death," Kiba's lips curved up into his unique devilish smile. "It would make your ancestors proud and contemporaries jealous."

    Kieron finally opened his mouth and muttered, "No...please, no! I don't want that! Anything but that!"

    Kiba looked at him warmly and nodded.

    "I'm so happy that you have decided to follow the steps of your ancestors," Kiba was proud of his choice.

    "No! I didn't mean that!" Kieron quickly clarified.

    At this moment, his pupils dilated and his heart sank.

    The blood flow inside his body turned chaotic, and in just a blink of an eye, his veins began bursting apart.


    The blood drops fused together to turn into hundreds of sharp crosses. With sharp sounds, they stabbed out of his body.

    "I didn't have nails or crosses with me," Kiba said with a note of apology in his voice. "But I'm happy to see your blood volunteering."

    Kieron could neither hear his voice nor even scream any longer.

    Every part of his body was stabbed with blood crosses. It didn't matter if it was eyes, mouth, throat, brain, or any other region.

    He felt raging pain and agony that was far worse than death, and yet, death didn't envelop him into her embrace...
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