416 We Will Meet Again

    In the Hall of Legacies.

    Enchantia observed the activities taking place in the corridor.

    As hundreds of blood cross pierced out of Kieron's body, the crystalline pool surged with excitement.

    Waves rolled forward and the glowing orbs radiated with blinding light.

    [[There is never a single dull moment as long as humans exist.]]

    Enchantia loved humanity for its attachment to cardinal sins.

    Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth.

    She loved humanity for its hypocrisy and a false sense of superiority.

    "You seem really excited."

    Kiba could feel her elation through the telepathic link between them.

    "Don't tell me you are getting wet from this."


    Enchantia was shocked by the innuendo implying sexual arousal.

    "As I said before, I'm not going to judge you," Kiba said while lifting a finger in the air.

    The items he has previously lost as Zed, when he exploded his arms to destroy Sealstone, glinted brightly and flew towards him.

    He clad back the bracelet and ring Claudia gave him. Furthermore, his storage ring rushed out of Alistair's body and floated in front of him.

    With rustling sound, rays of white light conjured around the storage ring, wrapped it, and then disappeared in thin air.

    Now that he was back as Kiba, there was no need of relying on storage ring. So, he transferred it to his storage dimension.

    Kiba gave a swift glance to Alistair. He snapped his fingers and Alistair lost consciousness.

    "Let's hope this little experiment works," Kiba thought with a smile.

    For him, Alistair was just another guinea pig to test out the first technique he ever created: Happy Moments.

    When Alistair regains consciousness, he would have a short gap in memories. As for what happens next, it should be similar to what he experienced during Happy Moments.

    Or at least, that's what Kiba wanted...

    Kiba's body blurred and he appeared in front of Red Tiger. The latter joyfully pounced on him, pinning him to the floor.


    Kiba was helpless as she once again licked his face. He could only smile and place his hands on either side of her face.

    "I'm glad we met again."

    He never expected fate would bring them together with roles reversed.

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    Red Tiger nodded to agree with him.

    "Would you do me a favor?" Kiba asked.

    Red Tiger eagerly nodded in answer. She was ready to do anything for her savior.

    "Leave the core region now," Kiba said, his eyes locked into hers.

    She was bewildered by his request.

    She was here to acquire resources and chances to evolve further. It wasn't only for her but for the future of her children as well.

    In the trials so far, with lots of hard work, she has acquired around fifty beads. Leaving now would make all her efforts go to waste and make her lose all the opportunities.

    Still, since it was his request, she could never refuse. She nodded her head without any hints of complain.

    "Thank you," Kiba rubbed her head. "You didn't ask why though, even though you have all the right to ask."

    Red Tiger shook her head. Her eyes stated the trust she had in him.

    She was sure if he was asking her such a thing, there must be a good reason. So, there was no reason to ask why.

    "Humans need to learn from her!"

    Kiba recalled how suspicious husbands used to be in Delta City whenever he asked for a dance with their wives. They would stare daggers at him, not trusting him at all.

    That was only for a brief dance with their loving wives!

    And here, Red Tiger was giving up her chances of a better future just due to his brief request! No questions asked!

    So how could he be not disappointed in humanity?! Humans were just too suspicious in everything! Not trusting an honest man like him at all!

    Red Tiger stared in confusion at him; bewildered by his statement.

    "It is nothing," Kiba said with a straight face.

    He then paused for a moment before continuing, "You don't have concern yourself with lack of resources. Later on, we will simply borrow whatever you need."


    Red Tiger was puzzled.

    The resources she wanted were rare and precious, something that could be only found in meteorites. They were not the types one would simply lend to her.

    Besides, from her experience, she found almost all humans as cruel and vicious.

    Could such people even part with their resources?

    She wondered if he used a wrong word by mistake, but seeing his smiling face 😊, she was sure he meant what he said.

    Red Tiger felt maybe good, selfless humans existed who would simply lend resources to the needy.

    "Savior must know a lot of good people!"

    She thought with sparkling eyes.

    Kiba waved a hand and his storage ring appeared. He stuffed it with energy and its size changed.

    Then, he put it on one of her claws. He further wrapped it with more energy streams in order to camouflage its presence.

    "In case, you meet some difficulties, use the medicines in the ring," Kiba has transferred most of his healing and recovery pills in it.

    Storage items could be used by any living being with proper consciousness. So he didn't need to explain its mechanism in detail.

    Red Tiger didn't refuse his kind intentions. She would have been hesitant earlier, but now knowing kind people who would simply give resources to needy existed, she wasn't concerned.

    Her savior could just borrow whatever he needs!

    "We will meet in a week or so," Kiba said while looking at one of her forelegs.

    It was there she has a crystalline thread tied, filled with small beads.

    Red Tiger once again nodded. She understood what he wanted her to do, so, with a claw from another leg, she slashed the thread.

    Sparks flew out with a screeching sound as her claw ripped through the thread. The beads crashed on the floor and exploded into a colorful mist.

    The mist enveloped her and she disappeared without any traces. The repelling force from the central zone has teleported her out.

    Kiba then grabbed the black band and clad it on his wrist. He rubbed the blue jewel on it and said, "Enchantia, now it is time for you to repay your debt."
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