417 Small Deb

    "Enchantia, now it is time for you to repay your debt," Kiba said.

    Enchantia observed him silently. It has been hardly half an hour since her initial conversation with Kiba after he transformed, so, she obviously knew what debt he was talking about.

    [[What is it you want?]] Enchantia asked.

    "Many things," Kiba answered with his eyes closed. "But for now, just ensure I'm not restricted in the core region."

    [[You mean in your present form?]]

    Enchantia clearly knew what Royal Will of the World has done in the core region. Wielders of power Cosmic were restricted from stepping in.

    While Zed was able to transform by destroying Sealstone in this corridor, there were many more Sealstones throughout the core region.

    In fact, even in this vast palace where most contestants were present, there were a total of two Sealstones. So, if he stepped into another area where a Sealstone was intact, his powers would be suppressed. That would mean he would revert back to Zed.

    Kiba didn't reply. Her question was more of rhetoric which didn't warrant a response.

    [[There are laws that I have to follow and respect.]] Enchantia reminded him of her obligations.

    "Stop making excuses."

    Kiba knew her well. She has no respect for laws otherwise none of this would have happened.


    Enchantia thought for a few moments before deciding to give in to his demands.

    She was doing it out of his earlier warning and not due to personal fear. She didn't fear him, in fact, she didn't fear anyone.

    Fear was something restricted to only living and mortal.

    Not to someone like her who has never been born and as such, could never be killed.

    Nor she was worried about any powerful entity.

    In the Hall of Legacies, she was omnipotent. Much less Kiba, even powerful entities sealed in Paradox Dimension would be hard-pressed to create any trouble for her.

    This was one of the reasons why the echelons of the World Government didn't dare be disrespectful in front of her.

    [[You better be thankful.]]

    Enchantia said as strands of energy erupted from the band clad on his wrist. The strands wrapped his body into an invisible, ethereal coating.

    A smile appeared on Kiba's face as he studied the coating. It was masking the power Cosmic coursing through his veins.

    This power was normally hidden.  Even when he used his strength, the nature of his powers wouldn't show up as it would generally transform into other forms of energies.

    But this couldn't deceive Royal Will of the World or ancient powerful entities like Guardian Spirit who were far too familiar with power Cosmic.

    Now though, Enchantia was able to do the impossible without any efforts.

    "By the way, help me a little more."

    Kiba said as space before him blurred. Two bright flashes of lights appeared and turned into two items.

    One was a glass container filled with a blue liquid. The glass walls rippled with vibrations as the liquid crashed on it, as if trying to break out.

    The other item was also a container, storing a dark rock. Unlike the blue liquid, the rock was serene, completely calm.

    [[This must be the reason why you are here.]]

    Enchantia didn't need to study the blue liquid or rock to identify their properties. As the matrix of Hall of Legacies, there was hardly anything she didn't know.

    With just a glance, she could visualize the metallic cone structure inside the rock and the hexagonal prismatic cells within, similar to a honeycomb, radiating an ominous glow.

    "Yeah," Kiba replied with a sigh. "Just tell me where can I find their source."

    He has a map he stole from Count Viper and the details he acquired in Delta City. So he could find it on his own, but it would take him days if not weeks.

    Now that Enchantia was here, he didn't see any need to waste so much time.

    [[You humans refer to that blue liquid and the prismatic cells as explosive nanites. In my former homeworld, they were called Evesium.]]

    Kiba thought for a second and nodded.

    Since he understood many languages from Celestial Elysian Plane, he could break the alien words into suffix and prefix, and guess their meaning.

    "Evesium... exploiting genes."

    [[The place you want to find would need your full strength. I believe just that very fact would destroy all your chances of saving that girl.]] Enchantia warned.

    She secretly hoped this would make him choose a Legacy Orb in order to heal that girl.

    "No need to be concerned about that," Kiba transferred the containers back to his storage dimension. "I have already made preparations."

    [[Preparations? There is nothing you can do to face their strength in your present form... Wait. You want to use the humans and other lifeforms in this World Fragment for that?!]]

    The crystalline pool surged with wild waves as Enchantia realized what he wanted to do.

    [[No wonder you asked that tiger to leave. You couldn't bring yourself to let her die.]]


    [[Sacrificing so many for one person... you are as cruel and decisive as I remembered.]] Enchantia remarked with obvious excitement in her voice. [[In a way, you have changed but also remained the same.]]

    "No one asked for your personal opinion," Kiba was getting annoyed by her off-topic remarks.

    [[You are so impatient.]] Enchantia laughed at his response.

    At the same time, a set of coordinates entered his mind. It was like a map was implanted in his mind.

    [[My debt is canceled.]] Enchantia reasoned.

    "Nope," Kiba shook his head. "You made me experience pain, and now you think some petty help would cut it?"

    [[... I never wanted you to suffer. All I wanted was to witnes some bloodbath under your hands and nothing else... I'm sure you know my intentions.]]

    "It doesn't matter," Kiba turned around and started walking out of the corridor.

    [[There is something that could clear the slate and make us even.]]

    "And what's that?" Kiba was curious.

    [[Information on your mother.]]

    "!" Kiba stopped.
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