419 The Strange Case of Items Dissapearing

    In the grand palace, while waiting for the trial to start, the contestants explored various parts of the palace. Beasts, birds, and humans alike tried to find any valuable opportunity that could help them in their journey.

    The rule of protection ensured members from same species didn't face off each other. But since it didn't restrict battles with other species, fights broke out between beasts and humans whenever they found a treasured item.

    Presently, a three-headed lion and a human stood hundreds of meters apart. In between, there was a circular slab upon which a pen-like item was placed.

    It was Tractor Beam -  a device with the ability to attract one object to another from a distance.

    The lion pounced forward and the human similarly charged straight to take the device. They both were equally fast as they closed into the slab.

    A human and a beast, just two meters from the high-tech device. Both of them were internally confident of becoming the winner.

    The lion swept a paw down to grab Tractor Beam while the human threw a wire to tuck away the device. The paw and the wire have reached above Tractor Beam when the beast and human heard a sharp screeching sound.

    Even before their minds fully registered the sound, a streak of golden light flew through the slight gap between them; at such an incredible and indescribable speed that made the golden light invisible.

    Just then, the paw and the wire crashed down to grab Tractor Beam. But much to the shock of two excited competitors, the paw and the wire landed on a hard surface.

    "Where did Tractor Beam went?!" The human contestant was shell-shocked.

    The lion turned furious and growled in rage. It was sure the human stole the item that was rightfully its. Not wasting another moment, it slashed its claws on the human to take back Tractor Beam.

    "Wait! You are misunderstanding!" The human tried to explain, but the only response he got was angry attacks.

    At the same time, two miles away.

    Kiba sped above a stairway that has no end. In his hand, there was Tractor Beam which he examined.

    "The cubs could use it as a toy."

    Kiba thought while transferring Tractor Beam to his storage dimension.

    Since Red Tiger left the core region on his request, he felt it as a natural obligation to compensate her. He also knew, based on her character, she wouldn't want anything from him.

    "It would take her at least two days to get out of the meteorite... And, I would need slightly more time to reach that place. So this should work for me."

    As of now, Red Tiger has only left the central zone. After that, she has to tread multiple areas to fully leave the meteorite. Something that was important for Kiba.

    "As for Sophia, unless I have overestimated her protective pendant's might, she should be able to face that for two seconds."

    According to his estimates, it would be enough if even 90% of people in the meteorite were targetted.

    "I don't know about Ashlyn though."

    Kiba let out a soft sigh while rushing forward. He knew there were multiple developments waiting before he actually carried out the task he wanted.

    Just reaching that place would take him three to four days at his full speed... Who was to say what would happen in between?

    Kiba cleared his thoughts and continued ahead.


    In a large hall.

    Over thirty human contestants joyfully stepped into the hall. The humans were from both genders, of various age groups.

    The powerful adults were offended by the presence of youngsters in this treasure-rich hall but they were helpless by the rule. What hurt them the most was that they removed all the traps and dangers with great efforts, and now, the youngsters would also enjoy their fruits of labor.

    The youngsters were happy for the same reason! They were going to get rich without doing anything!

    Could anything make a human more happy than free wealth!?

    That too, a windfall served by annoying adults while gritting their old teeth!

    "Kids, first let us adults choose!" A bulky middle-aged mutant said. He has multiple scars over his face that gave him an ominous look.

    "Dream on, old man!" A youngster said arrogantly.

    "Damn kid!" The bulky man was offended and wanted to smash this mannerless youngster into pieces, but he didn't dare.

    "Fucking rules! They are frustrating enough in society and now even here!"

    The adults could only swallow their anger. They tried to consider the brazen youngsters as a classic example of 'new-born calves not afraid of tigers!'

    A minute later, as everyone stepped into the insides of the hall, they saw multiple items placed in transparent glass boxes.

    Phased Plasma Cannon, Plasma Pods, Energy Shields, Modulator Node Array, Anodized Lifter Bucket, Advanced Healing Nanobots, and hundred more items.

    Each item was more precious than the other...

    Both young and adults looked at the items with starry eyes. They were almost drooling from the preciousness of the items.

    "As expected of a palace inside a trial zone!"

    "This must be elementary rewards for all of us!"

    "I just can't imagine what we could find in the treasure vault!"

    The adults heard the discussion among the youths and their expressions turned downcast.

    What rewards?! They are something we gained! There is no way we are going to share!

    Everyone tried to find ways to open the glass boxes. After some time, an old-man discovered a secret switch. He pressed on it and clattering sound ringed through the hall.

    "The boxes are opening up!" A young woman exclaimed as she saw the boxes moving up.

    Soon, they could get the items!

    While waiting for the boxes to open up, everyone stood before a box, ready to grab the item inside. Some items had multiple people waiting while some had none.

    They knew the first to pick the item would be considered as the winner! So they wanted to get the most valuable item!

    Adults refused to let the annoying younger generation take advantage. It was just a matter of seconds before they taught them a lesson they would never forget.

    The youths were thinking the same. It was time for adults to learn it was the age of new generation!


    The glass boxes disappeared and the items finally came out in open. Everyone let out gasps and they jumped on the items.

    Just then, soft winds caressed their faces and a bright flash of golden light greeted their eyes. Just like how lightning appears and disappears in an instant, the same happened with the winds and flash.

    And just like lightning, the winds and flash gave them a shock... but of terrifying intensity.

    Because, by the time people thought they picked something, they realized it was either empty air or the hands of other people. Just a moment ago, they were so close to the best of best treasures, but now...

    "Give my plasma cannon!"

    "That energy shield was mine!"

    "You took it!"

    "Damn you! You took it and now blaming me?!"

    "Don't lie, bastard!"

    "Son of a bitch! I'm warning you!"

    "Warn your mother!"


    "Did you guys also saw a flash?"

    "Yeah...and felt soft, sweet winds."

    "What happened?"

    "We were **ed! That's what happened!"

    "[email protected]#%"

    "What should we do?!"

    "What COULD we do?"


    The youngsters and adults who were hating each other till a few moments ago now started feeling empathic towards each other.

    "Don't feel bad," A young woman consoled a middle-aged man.

    "You too," The middle-aged man replied with tears in his eyes.

    Everyone in the hall were sufferers of a common tragedy. Old or young, male or female, they were victims of bad luck.

    Having no other choice, they began consoling each other. The arrogant youngster and the bulky man from before even hugged each other!

    Like a great person once said, disasters bring people together...

    And the strange case of valuable items disappearing throughout the palace brought many people close...

    For the time being, they forgot hatred, greed, and other negative emotions. They were united by a common emotion!

    "It feels so good to help humanity."

    Kiba was glad by the task he was carrying out for the greater good. He has helped build comradery between people who hated each other's guts!

    In Delta City, those who knew him best considered him bias towards women. They would say he would only treat women well, serve them special, and give them full attention.

    But Kiba was sure those people would have a change of opinion if they saw him now.

    He was helping everyone without any discrimination based on age, gender, and race! He was robbing... err, making items disappear without a hint of insincerity in his actions!
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